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    If you have a pantry cabinet you need to make the most of every square inch because without space saving pantry organizers, you will never be organized enough to find what you are looking for. Depending on the age and style of your kitchen, you may not have all the space modern kitchens have. This is about creating space.

     walk in pantry cabinet

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    If you are remodeling you can add extra storage to your design, if not here are 7 ways to create pantry storage spaces that are functional, great to look at and will make life easier. It might mean turning a room, thin hallway or closet into a pantry. Its time to get creative.

    thin pantry shelves

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    Shelves that are only wide enough to store single items are great for thin spaces like corner nooks or hallways. It means you can see everything easily, and taking shelves to the top gives you extra store-and-stack for supplies or rarely used items like vases.

    Whether you have a kitchen pantry cabinet or a pantry hidden behind closed doors, there are some great pantry storage ideas to store more, keep food storage containers tidy, avoid expiry dates and buying more of something you already have!

    Pantry shelf measurements|

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    If you like the industrial look, I found a Trinity Five Tier NSF Extra Large Commercial Grade Shelving Rack in Chrome 40% off at Wayfair. Its perfect for my space and I like the open shelving for large cooking trays, vases and kitchen appliances. It fits nicely in a nook.


    It may or may not be on sale now, but use this link to go through other kitchen sale items. You never know what you’ll find. The next idea is perfect for storing cans. It uses every bit of space, allowing you to add more product in a small space.

    can storage

    Source: Amazon Organize It All Can Rack

    Maximize your kitchen space using pantry door racks, drawers, shelves and other space saving ideas.

    pantry shelving

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    Its important that you can see and have easy access to items in your pantry cabinet.

    Built-In Pantry Cabinet

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    1. Create Pantry Storage

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    To create your own food pantry, cleverly covert a nearby hall or closet by simply adding pantry shelving and frosted pantry doors to let in more natural light. You now have a shell for your kitchen storage solution.

    pantry BHG

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    Deep shelves sound great but they can be a trap to stacking too many items on each shelf. You will never find what you want, especially items stuck at the back. Instead use 9″ – 12″ – or 18″ deep and use adjustable shelving if you can.

    kitchen pantry shelves

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    Add a barn door like the one below if your door gets in the way. Barn doors look great, even if you don’t have a country kitchen.

    pantry door

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    2. Small Kitchen Pantry Ideas

    If you new pantry storage cabinet is small, add rollers to create a pull out pantry on a trolley or using drawers. Make it work with the space you have.

    pull out pantry

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    Built in pantry shelves with stack-able pantry storage containers, door racks or racks on rollers are some inexpensive kitchen storage solutions.

    small pantry

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    Even problem corners can be solved with these lazy Susan rotating disc shelves.

    pantry corner solutions

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    Too late for built ins? Use single or double lazy Susan storage discs like the one below, at only $12 (at time of writing) they won’t break the bank. You can use them almost anywhere but they work very well in corners where access is difficult.

    double lazy Susan - click link below for more

    Source: Amazon Non-Skid 2-Tier 12 -inch Cabinet Turntable

    3. Hidden Pantry Cabinet for a Butler’s Pantry

    This works well if you have a larger kitchen area. By creating a false wall, you are gaining an extra room for storage.

    Create your wall a few feet in front of an existing wall, using two cabinets to form part of your new wall, making it as large as you want or need. Add doors and you have created a small purpose made room, hidden away from guest and friends.


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    When you open the doors you have the perfect place for books, additional crockery, trays and a small kitchen office. When these doors are closed it looks like a door framed by two display cabinets. 

    4. Simplicity Using Uniform Kitchen Storage Containers

    Often the easiest way to save on space is to use the same storage containers so they pack and fit neatly together.

    Oxo 10 Piece Container set - click link below for more

    Source: Amazon OXO 10-Piece Pop Containers Set

    It gives your pantry a look of uniformity. Where ever possible choose see-through glass or plastic storage containers. For larger or grouped items, wicker or tin baskets look stylish. If you plan to have a table, for prep work or as an office, use your wall space for more shelving, and not your table space to store things.

    use wicker baskets for large items

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    Container Tips –

    1. Use clear bases – you can see what is inside each container without labeling them.
    2. Remove loose sealed containers. Tight secure seals keeps food fresher longer.
    3. Glass containers are preferable to plastic. They look great, are more durable and better for your health.
    4. Containers that fit together look neater and more organized.
    5. A universal lid that fits on containers of all sizes, will save you time, since your are not constantly looking for different sized lids at the bottom of a drawer.
    6. Dishwasher, fridge to over and microwave safe containers saves doubling up.


    If you decide to make your own storage jars, like the one above, you can use old sauce or jam jars. This is an inexpensive way of recycling your old glass jars (love that!) and they look fabulous.

    Follow these easy steps;

    Materials to Make Frosted Glass Kitchen Storage Containers

    1. Painter’s tape
    2. Etching cream
    3. Vinyl stick-on letters
    4. Paint brush
    5. Glass storage jars
    6. Decorative tape


    1. Make sure your jars are clean and dry.
    2. Mark off the area on the glass you want to etch with painter’s tape. The more are you etch, the less you can see inside. 
    3. Attach medium to large sized vinyl stick-on letters and decorative tape, pressing hard to make sure they are secure, and avoiding air gaps or bubbles.
    4. Make sure children and pets are away from the etching cream at all times. Wearing protective gloves and protecting your work surfaces, paint an even layer of etching cream on the glass area you have marked off.
    5. Follow the manufacturers instructions and allow to stand.
    6. When time is up, rinse the jars in a stainless steel sink with warm water, then remove letters and tape.

    Wine rack in butler's pantry

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    5. Pull Out Pantry Shelves

    There are lots of different ways to use pull out pantry solutions, like these large sliding drawers inside a pantry, a standing drawer on rollers or pull out drawers within a cabinet.

    pull out pantry shelves

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    pull out pantry

    Source: Classy Clutter

    pull out drawers

    And if that doesn’t work – then use the inside of your door to stack more food items. There is a solution for every situation.

    door rack

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    6. Using Your Wall Space For Kitchen Organizing

    When you have a small kitchen you learn to use every available space including the walls. Just use a little chalkboard paint and a wall or door and you have a great organizing tool.

    chalkboard wall

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    Learn how to make a chalkboard and plan your kitchen and household for the month ahead. This is a really simple but effective way to organize your kitchen.

    7. The ‘No Pantry’ Pantry Cabinet

    If creating a pantry is out of the question and you have the room, then why not indulge in a piece of furniture or open shelving to organize your kitchen?They are not always as expensive as you might think.. especially if you DIY an old piece.

    kitchen cabinet - click link for morekitchen cabinet - click link for more

    Source: Amazon kitchen Pantry, Distressed White Finish (also in black)

    open shelving

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