• Chalk Paint Furniture – 4 Easy DIY Videos!

    Painted furniture is a great home decor technique you can add to any decor style. In this post we look at chalk painted furniture. Chalk paint, like milk paint, is incredibly popular. You know what that means – the price of chalk paint for premium brands has gone up!

    If you are looking for less expensive solutions you can find milk paints, additives, waxes, oils and brushes here and chalk paints, additives, waxes and brushes to buy here.

    Chalk Painted Furniture –  Painting Techniques

    The video below is by Alchemy Fine Living which shows you not only how to make chalk paint at a fraction of the cost using baking soda and latex paint but also how to paint and distress your hand painted piece.

    It shows one coat of paint being applied but don’t be limited. If the wood tones underneath are not exactly to your liking, try doing two coats of paint – either the same color or even two – maybe pink and green or black and white to really creates something unique.

    Waxing Furniture with Dark and Clear Wax over Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

    Adding clear wax between the different colors will keep the integrity of the colors and not muddy them. This will give a much better finished result and let the colors underneath peek through nicely.

    Below is another great tutorial on how to wax your painted furniture once you have hand painted it with chalk paint. It’s fast and easy when you know how. Waxing protects your pieces and creates a wonderful luster. Waxing is perfect for pieces that are in wet areas like kitchens and stops water marks, coffee and other stains.

    Great tips!

    Here are four ways to make your own chalk paint depending on your budget and the look you want.

    And the last video is all about applying and a DIY wax – that can protect and give your piece a beautiful finished off look.

    Your waxes really come into their own, adding protection, an aged look in all the curves and crevices and give your piece character. Clear wax, followed by dark wax is a great look. You can remove the dark wax, if its too dark with clear wax. This creates a beautifully aged look and worth the time and effort. If you can afford the expensive waxes, then the video below could solve your budget problem.

    Whether you decide to make your own paints or buy them, don’t forget to look at the latest deals on milk paints and accessories here and chalk paint needs here.

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