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Smart Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

By: Decorated Life Team |

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

Kitchen remodeling costs can quickly skyrocket into thousands of dollars, and well-over budget if you are planning a complete overhaul of your kitchen space. But in this DIY world we are living in, there are scores of budget-friendly remodeling ideas that can capture your look and desired style without emptying your bank account in the process.

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Here are some simple ways to reduce the cost of your remodeling project.

DIY if You Can

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DIY kitchen remodeling will save you up to 60% of your project costs. This saving is mainly made of up labor costs. While you may not have the required skills (qualifications or licenses) to complete major renovations, there are many projects such as painting or appliance installation, you can tackle without a professional.

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You’ll certainly appreciate the money saved using your DIY muscles. Sometimes adding one piece like a kitchen island or beautiful tiles can give your kitchen the feature it needs.

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Plan Ahead

Failing to plan for kitchen remodel can be an expensive mistake. If you wing it, buying items as you need them, you’re bound to miss out on sales and discounts and spend considerably more. It can also leave you with appliances, light fixtures and finishes you don’t like.

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When you plan ahead, you can make changes to the budget and selections before you commence work. This will give you the kitchen you can afford, and really want.

Repaint, Don’t Replace

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New cabinets always seem like a great idea for a kitchen remodel but you can save so much money by adapting your existing kitchen cabinets if they are in good condition.

In most cases, that means painting your cabinets. You can use milk paint, chalk paint or kits made specially for kitchen cabinets. Cabinet replacement can easily cost thousands of dollars, even when choosing basic models. Repainting kitchen cabinets costs a fraction of new cabinets.

rustoleum cabinet kit

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Set against the latest appliances, color schemes and wall colors, your old kitchen cabinets often look surprisingly new.

Shop Smart

You’ll find everything you could possibly want or need for the kitchen available in scratch and dent or second hand stores without the second hand quality. From appliances to tiles, flooring and shelving, you can find some amazingly inexpensive items that will make your kitchen cheaper and more creative.

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Scratch and dent and secondhand appliances cost a small fraction of the new purchase price and you can often secure a warranty with your purchase. This will help you keep costs low. Browse the aisles and classified ads, online or in-store to find these deals.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

Moving everything around is a good idea if it improves the flow of your kitchen and home. But you should try to maintain the current pipe and utility layout because moving your plumbing will add on average, $5,000 for each appliance you move. Wouldn’t you prefer to save that money and use it on better appliances?

custom.. must have between a microwave and a wall oven = a stainless steel wrapped shelf

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Final Thoughts

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to improve the appeal, style and value of your home. A kitchen remodel will get rid of any damage, improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. With some planning you can afford a kitchen remodel you thought might be out of your budget. Use the tips have to keep costs of kitchen remodeling low. Restyle your kitchen so its up to date and improves the way you use your home.