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Charming Penny Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas for a Vintage Feel

By: Advaita Raut |

Why settle for drab old tiles when you can penny tile it? Fashion trends are cyclical and the penny tile design is an excellent example that proves this. The humble penny tile has made a huge comeback in recent years, and its retro-style look (it dates back to the 1900s!) ideally complements any home design.

It can be used in a variety of ways to spice up the design tempo of a previously mundane space, or it can be laid out elegantly for a more anchored vibe. Its charming mosaicked pattern is a big plus for anyone who wants to get creative with their home decor.

Penny tiles are a great choice for bathroom flooring because they effectively elevate the atmosphere without overpowering it. They look great with contrasting grout tiles, shiplap walls, or matching penny tile walls. 

If this sweet penny tile has piqued your interest, keep reading to discover the most inventive ways to use it to decorate your bathroom!

Neutral Penny Tiles With Wooden Accents

To ease you in, let’s start with something neutral! Combine a white or ecru-colored penny tile floor with similarly toned white subway tiles or shiplap tiles to create a neutral yet stylish look. Depending on your preferences, the penny tiles can be round or hexagonal. 

The penny tiles’ close-knit design contrasts aesthetically with the classic look of the wall tiles, bringing balance to your bathroom space. Introduce wooden accents and earthy tones to give this space more personality. 

Add a charming wood-stained bathroom cabinet, a wooden footstool, and a beige-and-mocha bathroom rug to close this look.

Polka Dot Penny Tile With Black Accents

Add a splash of charm to your penny tile flooring with the timeless polka dot design. This striking polka dot pattern can be combined with matte black accents throughout the bathroom, such as a black vanity, cabinet, or plumbing fixtures. 

Go a step further and choose gilded fixtures and pulls for a more opulent feel. Add a simple yet elegant mirror and some ambient lighting to complete the look.

Mediterranean-inspired Penny Tile Bathroom

If you’ve always wanted a Mediterranean-style bathroom with a light, airy feel, here’s your chance. 

Penny floor tiles are great because their small size breaks up the overpowering boldness of solid colors, resulting in a more toned-down yet striking look. This is exactly what you can achieve by accenting your penny tile flooring with blue and turquoise. 

Complement these blue-toned accents with a bright Mediterranean blue vanity, while the rest of the bathroom is clad in white. This kind of combination will have your bathroom mirroring breezy ocean vibes, as if straight from a Mediterranean picture book. 

Black Penny Tiles With Contrast White 

Nothing says contemporary like a bold contrast of black and white elements. Choose black penny tile flooring with white grout and white shiplap walls for a clean, contemporary look. 

The black flooring element adds depth to the bathroom, and brings in character and oomph to an otherwise functional space. 

If this is too intense for you, you can break the dichotomy by adding a white oak or light wood vanity with matte black pulls. A black-edged mirror and a white claw-footed bathtub will round out the look.

…Or Black Penny Tiles With Wainscoting

Another way to make your bathroom look more dramatic is to pair black penny tile flooring with half-and-half wainscoting. The wall would then have half-wall black tile molding with white all the way up to the top. This not only adds elegance but also creates the illusion of space.

Powder Blue Chic 

If your style leans toward airy, feminine aesthetics with pastel hues, this is THE look for you. Penny tiles are intrinsically delicate and charming, so why not use a complementary hue to add a pop of color to your bathroom? 

Introduce a cool pastel shade, such as powder blue, to your penny tile floors, and match your vanity and other bathroom accents for a girly chic look that stands its own. Elevate the look with delicate gold fixtures and a dull gray marble countertop.

Grey Penny Tile Bathroom With Marble Walls

The close-knit pattern of penny tiles contrasts beautifully with the abstract veneer of a marble tile. Combine these two in your bathroom for a stunning interplay of light, design, and luxury. To achieve this look, use gray tones. 

The abstract designs on the marble exude a luxurious appeal, while the silver-streaked penny tile floor makes the space more inviting. 

Add contrasting elements such as a white soaking tub and sink, black and gold fixtures, or a rich wood-stained vanity to offset the gray patterns. 

Hexagonal Penny Tile For a Rustic Chic Look

Hexagonal penny tiles are the OG penny tile design that will have you swooning over its vintage appeal. Introduce this retro-style flooring into your bathroom and surround it with rustic, farmhouse-style fixtures. 

You have the option of adding an ecru or beige hexagon penny tile floor with black accents. Combine it with a vintage claw-footed soaking tub, a rustic wood-stained vanity that shows off its raw texture, and an oval antique mirror. 

Add a subway tile backsplash and antique fixtures for an utterly charming bathroom space.

Sage Green Bathroom With Mosaic Flooring

Sage green is a popular color right now, and you can easily incorporate it into your bathroom with matching penny floor flooring. To create an eye-catching look, paint the bathroom walls sage green or mint green and pair them with green-and-white-speckled penny tiles. 

If your bathroom is too small for the first option, you can opt for plain subway tile white walls and sage green wainscoting for a more spacious effect. 

Copper-toned Penny Tile Floor

If you enjoy drama and opulence and want to incorporate these elements into your bathroom, nothing beats a little shine. Copper-colored penny tile flooring draws attention to your bathroom floor and creates an innovative, industrial-chic look.

Paired with the right kind of lighting, this copper flooring will shine and how. To complement the flooring, you can add plain gray marble with a few metallic accents. Choose glass shower doors and white marble fixtures for a subtle contrast that doesn’t overpower the space.

Minimalist Penny Tile Bathroom

For a consistent and minimal design that doesn’t seem too busy, consider a complete penny tile-clad bathroom. This design essentially covers up your entire bathroom in penny tiles, from the floor to the ceiling. 

Opt for black penny tiles with white grout for a cohesive and trendy space. Offset the mosaic patterns with a white freestanding soaking tub, a simple and elegant marble vanity, and frosted glass windows. 

Simple Blue-and White Penny Tile Design

Something about blue-speckled penny tile floors makes you feel like you’re entering an exotic hammam or spa. Choose this simple yet charming design if you want to feel this way every time you enter your bathroom for a shower. 

The ‘pennies’ in the penny tiles do not have to be the same shade of blue. They usually have a variegated gradient, so the blue stands out subtly among the other tones. For a lovely contrast, pair this ocean-inspired tile with a white herringbone tile wall. 

You can add more blue accents to the bathroom if you want, or go with a neutral-colored vanity and bathroom fixtures.

Large Penny Tiles for a Spacious Effect

If you have a small bathroom, you might be concerned that the mosaicked design of a penny tile floor will make it look even smaller. A great way to avoid this is to use larger-sized penny tiles, which add character and the illusion of space. 

To further expand the space, make sure the rest of your bathroom is clad in neutral, expansive patterns like marble or shiplap.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about penny tile flooring is the amount of creativity and freedom you have when designing your bathroom. Before choosing a penny tile design, consider the size, aesthetic style, and narrative you want to create in your bathroom. 

Penny tile floors, like other design elements, stand out best when paired with complementary accents, so keep this in mind while choosing your vanity, bathroom fixtures, and bathtub designs. 

Ultimately, the right kind of penny tile flooring is the one that will put you at ease and inspire comfort in your bathroom space!