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    Christmas is almost here! Time to sparkle!

    If you haven’t finished your Christmas decorating and you are still looking for a few simple DIY Christmas decorating ideas, keep reading. These classic ideas never date. They are easy to do, and need only a few materials. Some items you might have handy, others you will need to buy. None of them are particularly expensive.

    by stephanie lynn WoodenClothespinSnowflakeOrnaments

    By Stephanie Lyn.. Snowflake Ornaments

    This Collection of Christmas ideas has ideas on trees, sweater wreaths, monogram wreaths, Christmas crafts, how to make your greenery last, how to make chicken wire Christmas trees, ideas for Christmas presents, outdoor ornaments, ornaments for Christmas Trees, preserving boxwood shrub, garlands and so much more…

    But I have to confess…they are from a 36 page 100 idea book full of tutorials I put together in 2015 from all over the internet, linking back to original articles and tutorials

    Faux Antler Wreath

    Faux Antler Wreath

    Please don’t hate me! The Christmas decorating ideas are as wonderful today as they were only 2 short years ago.

    Click here to download the PDF or just keep reading to get a short version of what is in the Guide.

    10 Fast and Easy Christmas Crafts

    10 Fast and Easy Christmas Crafts

    Festive Message

    Before, during and even after Christmas there’s a lot of baking, eating, decorating, finding and wrapping presents. Beyond all the glitz it’s all about Peace, Joy, Love and Hope in the world. Enjoy every day! You are already blessed!

    Festive messages of peace, joy and hope

    Festive messages of peace, joy and hope: HousetoHome.co.uk

    Silver Tip Christmas Tree

    When it comes to Christmas trees here are so many to choose from. Do you love this Silver Tip Christmas tree? Or maybe you prefer a simple tree made from chicken wire or worn wooden pieces for the mantel.

    silver tip Christmas trees

    silver tip Christmas trees: Its Overflowing

    No matter how big your home, how small your budget or how many of you to gather around the tree, remember this is the time of year to give thanks.

    Gorgeous Christmas Tags to Make

     jones classic-christmas-tags

    Source: Jones Design Company  page 16 of the Christmas Guide

    Yes, once the tree has been decorated your tree, its time to move on to wrapping presents.

    Nothing beats well wrapped Christmas presents! Go simple with kraft paper, white and black gift cards (page 16 of the guide) or add lots of color, ribbon and stamps. There are lots of great ideas to wrap, tag and stack your Christmas presents to look amazing under your Christmas tree.

    creativity exchange Free-printable-holiday-chalkboard-tag.-Designed-by-The-Creativity-Exchange

    Whatever your choice, go simple, and have fun as you create your packages.

    Preserving Boxwood Shrub

    Boxwood shrub brings the ideas below to live with that wonderful green texture. Create a boxwood shrub Kissing Ball or a boxwood shrub Christmas Wreath. You can find more ideas on page 18 or click the link below to go to the tutorial at Crafting Rebellion.

    craftingrebellion - christmas wreaths

    Source: Crafting Rebellion

    Food is next.. let’s start with a few treats! I’m rushing I know, but I’m baking and worried my gingerbread men might be burning.

    Delicious Treats to Make

    Just a few colorful treats can make all the difference to your Christmas decorating! Like these simple trees from Shelterness. You can find other treats to eat in the post Best Small Everyday Thank You Gift Ideas.

    Shelterness - Christmas Treats to make

    Source:  Shelterness

    Shelterness - Christmas edible treats to make

    Source: Shelterness

    Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids

    Here are Christmas decorating ideas for everyone including these fun Christmas crafts for kids.

    making home base - Christmas for Kids

    Source: Making Home Base

    Christmas Table decorations

    With a few simple Christmas crafts you can transform your home using a little gingham or some moss for a simple, elegant Christmas dinner table setting.

    Christmas decorating ideas

    Source: House to Home (UK)

    If you like these Christmas decorating ideas, click the link below to see 80 more great Christmas decorating ideas.


    Decorated Life Christmas Decorating Idea Guide 2015

    Decorated Life Christmas Guide 2015

    Click the image to Download Your Copy… once downloaded click to open.


    If you like it and want your friends to have a copy – share this link http://bit.ly/1ckW5Es

    I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what you think of the first Christmas Decorating Idea Guide.

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