10 Christmas List of Things Not To Forget Christmas Day

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Christmas Day should be relaxed, and run as smooth as silk, but without a Christmas list you are bound to forget one or all of these little things. We've all had that sinking feeling when you go to grab something, and your mind scans through the last few days, 'Did you buy it? Where did you put it? Why isn't it here? Who moved it?' with the shocking realization that no one moved it because you totally forgot to buy it!

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Here is a list of the most common things people never have enough of on Christmas Day.

1. Joyful Batteries

Battery Operated Fairy Lights

I know batteries are lifeless, small cylinders, dull and inanimate but they cause so much sadness when they are not around. You need batteries for all your Christmas battery operated lights.

And have you ever given a child a toy for Christmas and realized that this particular toy says 'batteries not included'. After realizing that the toy isn't broken, sad faces appear, followed by crying and possibly even throwing the toy aside. 

batteries for toys

What about all the battery operated gifts like humidifiers, essential oil diffusers and radios? Stockpile batteries in a variety of shapes and sizes, or get specific batteries for toys or gifts and add them to the gifts.

2. Tea, Coffee & Milk

If you love tea or coffee with milk, never be without them, especially Christmas morning! Be prepared to go through a lot of tea, coffee, cereal and milk if guests are visiting for a few days.

raw milk

Source: Nourished Kitchen

You can even be ahead of the game and stock rice milk, almond milk, soy milk or different types of milk for anyone on a vegan diet or with an allergy to dairy. 

breakfast cereal

Source: Rachl Mansfield

3. My Essential Ingredient

From gravy to cranberry sauce, that special herb, sweet sherry for the sauce, double cream or even turkey, there is one thing that gets forgotten during the Christmas Day celebrations. There is always one essential ingredient you think you have and Christmas dinner will not be the same without it. You can't make this potato dish without... 

Scalloped Potatoes Recipe -- creamy, cheesy, irresistibly delicious, and made lighter with a few simple tweaks | gimmesomeoven.com

Source: Gimme Some Oven

Lets take this one step further, have you ever finished dinner, washed up and when putting leftovers in the refrigerator discovered a huge plate or platter of something that for some reason was invisible? Too much food? Maybe, but it was the first time you tried this recipe and you are so proud of the results. Except, no-one will ever know. And that is why this Christmas list is so important. 

4. Napkins

red christmas linen napkins

Red Christmas Cotton Craft Oversized Napkins

Beautiful table settings, with beautiful tablescapes need napkins for your dinner guests. Do you remember where they are, are they ironed, did you wash them, are they at the dry cleaners waiting for you in a nice, neat bag?

Linen napkins different colors

If you don’t want to give your guests sheets of kitchen paper towels, buy some fresh new napkins or get your Christmas napkins dry cleaned or laundered, and get this off your Christmas List. 

linen napkins

Linen napkins in gray

5. Plates

Christmas is one of those times that you need enough plates to get your guests through all the different courses.

white traditional plates

Eva Plates- Nordic house

This is only important if you are not planning to wash between courses. This applies to bowls, cups, wine glasses and flatware. 

6. Unexpected Guests

You need enough snacks, Christmas treats, chocolates and even finger food for anyone who drops in over the festive season. You always get a few unexpected guests, well, this year be prepared. While dinner is the main event you need enough food to keep everyone happy, unexpected or expected, all guests are welcome! 

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Brownies!

Source: Your Cup of Cake

7. Extra Wrapped Gifts

It can happen, a neighbor drops in with a Christmas gift and you have nothing to give them in return.

Reindeer candy bar wrappers

Source: I Heart Nap Time

From hand made treats to a box of chocolates, have a few wrapped gifts ready for those crazy occasions.

8. More Sellotape

Ever wanted to wrap a few last minute gifts and found you had run out of sellotape? The only way I got around it was by using a lot of ribbon to keep the gifts wrapped. Not enough time to buy some, order it online and get if off your Christmas list.

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Source: Pinterest

9. Spare Christmas Cards

Its a shame to run out of Christmas cards and leave someone off your list! Keep a few spare Christmas cards that you can fill in and give at a moment’s notice.

25 beautiful handmade cards - this would be great to use up little pieces of scrap paper

Source: pinterest

10. Wrapping Paper

There is always those last few gifts that need wrapping. There is nothing that says last minute like non-Christmas paper so put it on your Christmas list.

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But if you run out, use a sprig or some decoration to make it look festive and fun. Enjoy all your preparations.. that is part of the fun!