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Decorating on a Budget – Fabulous Living Room Ideas on a Budget

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Decorating on a budget isn’t always easy. But even if you’re not on a budget, no-one wants to waste money if you can create stunning looking rooms for less. The great news is that you can. There are a million great ideas to decorate and get unique looks that look different but still keep your home inviting, relaxed and comfortable.


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Whether you DIY your home decorating, get someone to help you with less expensive but very clever ideas or wait for bargains at sale prices, home decor ideas on a budget can be the most fun and inventive because they have been ‘created’ using inspired action like cutting up a map, framing and placing them on your mantel or creating a feature wall from brightly colored painting, wall plates or decals.

how to decorate on a budget

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Most of the ideas here are simple, but if you are feeling up to it… I found a great video on how to reupholster a plain wooden chair!

Decorating on a Budget

5 budgeting ideas to inspire your creative juices from adding shelves to creating a feature wall or adding nature these living room ideas that will suit your budget.

use wallpaper on the back of your shelving

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5 Budgeting Ideas to Add Flair in your Home

by Jerry Smith

It is a common, and often mistaken idea, that you need expensive furniture and lavish home decor to give your home real flair, but often the best dressed homes contradict these ideas completely.

The creative touch is more about using your personal imagination and finding ways to display simple, everyday things in a totally different way.

decorating ideas on a budget

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Creating space, by de-cluttering, doesn’t cost you a dime. In fact, eliminating adds more than a sense of tidiness around your home; it gives other decorative works space to breathe and shine. Less is in fact, more.

Budget restrictions often make you careful to avoid unnecessary furnishing expenditure; using things you have around you in a new and different way – almost without spending a penny. But the result of moving things around, adding new ideas to old things and using old things in new ways rather than buying new things is a great way of expanding your home’s personality.

Here are 5 budgeting ideas to add flair to your home.

Budget Decorating Ideas – Add Shelves and Drawers

Simplicity is pure elegance from a designer’s perspective. Minimalist doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out; but it often means using clever storage ideas to create more open space in your living areas.

bookcases and shelving ideas

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Can you add shelves or drawers to a wall, corner or under stairs?

Using hidden drawers and shelves through out creates more space and allows the eye to see your room without the clutter.

A book case for books, CD or your music system, either open shelved or hidden behind cabinet doors, can also display art, vases, photos or other favorite things. But don’t just think storage; add display lighting or colored wallpaper to make your book case or cabinet a feature.

Drawers in the lower half of your wall shelf allows other items to be stored and out of sight until you need them. Replace hardware. Updating your hardware can change the look of your drawers instantly.

drawers with pulls

In the kitchen, run your cabinets to the ceiling, adding storage and giving your kitchen smoother and cleaner lines.

Wall shelving and drawers are often lacking in children’s rooms and perfect for keeping toys or study materials out of the way and in perfect shape.

Shelves can be used in every part of the house offering both space saving benefits along with offering a tidy display.

Artistic Decor

Combining designs and various motifs can bring flair to the smallest corner of your room. Creating design vignettes are visually appealing. They are like short stories, while being part of a whole bigger picture.

natural motifs in frames

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From small things like cushion covers to sofa covers, a simple rustic barn door or using black trim on all you doors – uses color, texture and design to add aesthetic charm in more ways than one.

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Terracotta vases, local porcelain, hanging wall plates or trays, a glass collection, mirrors or a photo wall gallery all add to your interior decorating at low cost. Like real estate; its all about position, position, position.

Wallpaper and Rugs

There is nothing like a feature wall of wallpaper on a living room wall to create an artistic motif.


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Or an interesting rug in the center of the room for perfect color and design balance. Both are inexpensive ideas but perfect for making simple design statements. 

thrifty decor chick

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 Create a Feature Wall

A wall feature in the living room consisting a few artworks or photographs, bold captions, design works, a few write-ups etc. can make an interesting focal area.

create a feature wall

Use the same idea in other rooms like your bedroom. A collection of monochrome photographs with nostalgic motif or landscape can be ideal to evoke a sense of calm and peace. 


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Plants, Moss and Orchids

There is nothing more beautiful and vibrant like a home with a great collection of flower plants, orchids, indoor plants and vegetation.

budget decorating with nature

Even a cozy two bedroom home can get a complete makeover with appropriate placing of a collection of indoor plants. From the little balcony adjacent to the living room to the main door to the tiny spot beside the living room sofa – plants offer a natural beautification incomparable to anything.