25 Amazing Barn Door Ideas in 2020

By: Summer Hirst |

Once limited to the farm, barn doors have made their entry in city living now. They add a unique style to homes and give them a rustic appeal. This is why several homeowners now use sliding barn doors. 

And the best part is that these doors can be used not just for the entrance to your home but for several other purposes as well. Let’s discuss some barn door ideas here that look good in modern city homes.

Bathroom door


Make the entry to your bathroom more rustic with this wooden barn door. The color of the door matches the floor color perfectly. The bathroom has a lighter shade of flooring, making it look more distinguishing. 

The door has a plank placed diagonally on it to give it a more barn-y look. The dark shaded door opens up to a light shaded bathroom. Who said bathrooms can’t look glamorous? 

Mirror barn door


Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most beautiful barn door of them all?

The mirror on this door serves two purposes – a) It makes the room look bigger, and b) there’s no need for an extra dressing table. If you’re low on space, this can be the perfect door for you – stylish and practical. The dark colored door frame is providing an accent to a white wall.

It can slide open to another bedroom, a changing room, a closet, or a bathroom – there are so many options to try. 

Double doors


Single doors not appealing enough for you? Try the double sliding doors. Double doors give the old-school look and are also practical if you live in a small apartment.

If you don’t have enough space to the side of the door space, you can divide it and get two doors instead. Plus, two doors let you have a more dramatic entry each time you open them!

Vintage barn doors


If you like antique things, you’ll like the vintage barn doors. They have been given a worn out look with chipping away paint. You can paint them in the right colors to match your walls and flooring. The handles also have an old school look.

Go through the portal of time and be a child visiting your uncle on the farm with these authentic looking vintage barn doors.

Fabric Barn Door


If you’re a big fan of barn doors but cannot install them because of any reason, improvise. This barn door is made of fabric. It can be used as a shower curtain or a changing curtain. If you already have a good bathroom door and don’t have the time and energy to invest in a new project, try the fabric barn door that won’t take much time in installation. Plus it looks gorgeous.

Crawl Space Barn Door


Whether you want to create a barn door for your furry pet (after all, why should humans have all the fun?) or for yourself, this tiny little barn door is perfect for small spaces.

Or you can create a cute little crawling space as an alternate entrance to your kid’s room. It just proves that barn doors can look good for all purposes.

Bathroom Cabinet


Behold, the bathroom cabinet barn door that’s perfect to store extra toilet papers, soaps, and some ointments. If you are planning for a bathroom makeover, make sure you install a barn door to accentuate the looks of the space.

The dark wood is looking wonderful against the white backdrop. The mirror and faucet are also dark brown to create the right theme for this bathroom. 

Recycled Tin Barn Door


If you’ve used tin for some old project and it’s been lying around ever since then, it’s time to put it to good use. In this door, corrugated tin is adjusted in wooden frames to give it a rustic look. It can be used as a pantry door or a bathroom door since tin doesn’t rot easily.

Plus, tin doesn’t cost a lot. So if you’re revamping your space on a budget, this can be a good choice.

Dutch barn door


Dutch doors have a split personality, quite literally. A Dutch door is very flexible in its usage. If you latch the two parts together, the door acts like one. But otherwise, it’s two doors in the space of one.

Dutch doors help you in keeping animals and children in. So just keep the lower part locked and your kids will be safe inside while you can carry on with your daily tasks.

Window barn doors


Wondering what kind of windowpane to install? Why not give it a barn door look. The doors slide away to let sunshine in. Ideal for houses as well as offices, these window barn doors can be made with recycled tin. You can install a mosquito screen on the other end if you have a bug problem.

Also, depending on your space, you can choose a single door or double door setup for your window.

Carved barn door


For those who like to live in luxury, presenting the carved barn door – a door that gives a royal look to your place. If you want your palace to look kingly, don’t settle for anything less. You deserve the most intricate and most sophisticated designs. 

Don’t settle for wooden browns when you can have these doors in absolutely any color! This teal door is looking lovely, especially with the teal colored beach art sign on the wall.

Colorful barn door


Speaking of colors, why stop at a single color when you can give several colors to your barn door. And since pink is one of my favorite colors, here’s a barn door that not once but twice pink.

This barn door is looking very modern and minimalistic. Perfect for your teen’s room, this door is not too bright and not too dark. Carrying just the right balance, it is stylish enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Barn door headboard


Think outside the box. Or bedroom in this case. Decorate your bed with a headboard that’s not traditional in any way. These decorative barn doors don’t open. Instead, they serve the purpose of giving support to your head and neck.

This doesn’t just give a rustic look to the bedroom but makes you feel as if you’re sleeping in the barn itself – very romantic! And the lights add to the charm.

Industrial barn door


Get an industrial look with this solid metal barn door. If you don’t want to keep it plain, add design to it using rivets. Riveted metal barn door design will enhance its industrial look.

But keep in mind that it’s going to be a heavy door so it should be used in places where it’s not going to be opened or closed very frequently. Perfect as a door to an additional storeroom that’s not visited often.

Glass pane barn door


Perfect for the kitchen entry, these glass pane barn doors will let you know what’s cooking. A perfect addition to a modern home, these barn doors will attract the attention of visitors and keep the home looking beautiful. 

And there are a number of glass panels to choose from – clear glass, stained glass, frosted glass, and a lot more. You can even customize the door and get bigger or smaller panels.

Asian Barn Door


If I have learned anything from Kung Fu movies, it’s that a) They’re awesome, and b) Asian barn doors look sophisticated and Zen. These doors are called Shoji in Japanese.

Shoji doors are made of lightwood and translucent paper. They are traditionally made of bamboo and washi paper but if you cannot find the right material in your city, you can work with any light wood and strong translucent paper.

3D Barn Door


Don’t stop at what’s “normal” or “regular.” This 3D door is protruding outwards and looking very different. The protruding bars fold inside when the door is opened. While it might be difficult for a weekend DIY project, one thing’s for sure, it will be the center of attention wherever it’s installed. If you want to give a completely different look to a dull living room, this barn door has the potential to do that single-handedly (although you’ll need both hands to open it!)

Door with Storage


Why let all that space go waste when you can build storage right into the door? This barn door has shelves built into it so you can keep your things there. And if it’s a living room barn door, then you can keep photo frames and other art pieces in the door.

You can even show off your achievements by keeping your trophies here – it’s an innovative amalgamation of looks and practicality. 

Fireplace barn door


If you have a fireplace, it makes sense to have a fire screen so the embers from the fireplace don’t ruin your floor. Besides, fireplaces are usually kept closed during summertime using fire screens. 

When you design a fire screen, you can use the barn door idea so it can slide to open. It will look beautiful and also keep ashes from creating dust on the floor.

Scrap wood door


If you’ve been working on a lot of DIYs recently, you might be having a number of planks lying waste. Reuse them into this amazing door design that’s made using useless wood panels. All planks of different sizes and colors? No problem at all – create an art masterpiece by combining all of them in one barn door.

Art doesn’t have to make sense – sometimes eccentric things can be more beautiful than others.

Raw cut wood


Get a rustic look for your home with a single raw cut wooden panel that acts as a barn door. Of course, it won’t exactly fit the doorway but as long as it is big enough to cover it, it’s perfect.

Place a houseplant next to it to get a forest-like feel. This design goes well with wooden floors. It can be the perfect attention grabber in your living room.

Aztec barn door


Are you mesmerized by The Sun Stone and how it houses an entire calendar in it? Do you fancy Aztec designs? Show your admiration by getting this Aztec barn door. Aztec designs are very intricate and detailed. 

If you like being artistic, try some Aztec designs. Perfect for someone who’s an artist at heart, this Aztec barn door can be great for a bedroom or living room.

TV Barn Door


I don’t know if you remember this or not, but earlier telly devices used to be thick. In fact, they were black and white in the beginning and came with sliding doors.

Travel back into time and feel the nostalgia with these TV barn doors. Slide them to open and slide them to close. And there’s no remote to do this for you – get up and do it all manually, like people used to do it earlier.

Nightstand Barn Door


Combine the practicality of a nightstand with the beauty of a barn door. Slide to one side to open the cupboard to reveal some night time munch goodies.

The nightstand is big enough to hold your phone, your book, a wallet, and a lot of other things. But that’s not the only nightstand idea we have. Check out some more nightstand ideas (link to the previous post) here.

Chalkboard barn door


A barn door that’s a door and a signboard. Ideal for a chalkboard artist, this barn door will give you all the room to practice your art.

Write down the meal plan, to-do list, ingredients, shopping list, or just draw some flowers here – there’s so much you can do with a chalkboard barn door. It’s a unique way to utilize space. Wow your guests with your creativity.

Barn Doors are Popular

Barn doors look amazing and are very functional, which is why they are quickly gaining popularity. After all, they are big space savers. Swinging doors need a lot of extra space to work right. Barn doors, on the other hand, can simply be slid to give way.

And they aren’t just an outdoor thing anymore. Install them outside or inside, make them big or small – they can be used absolutely anywhere. Don’t limit yourself with these ideas. Barn doors can be used in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and just about anywhere.