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Hunting for Custom Home Builders Who Care

By: Decorated Life Team |

Homebuilder Hunting – How to Choose Features For a New House

Choosing a new-home design with beautiful, functional features can be an extremely daunting task. You have to consider floor plans, color schemes, flooring, your kitchen requirements, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and then decide on a cast of custom home builders.

stone front

Source: The Design Files

Are you better with a single or double story home? What style should you choose?

You could select a contemporary facade or would it be better to go with something more traditional? And what about the interior? Contemporary fixtures, fittings and lighting or something more classic that won’t date?

fireplace feature

Modern Fireplace Feature – from Pinterest

Your baseline for a design and style is choosing and building a home you will be happy with in ten years from now. Choosing a space you and your family can grow into and adore. Yes, there is a lot of pressure! So, where do you start?

black-clad home with view

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We asked some of the most reputable new home builders for advice for choosing the right features in a new home. 

Do Your Homework

custom home builders

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Homes are incredibly personal. Begin your journey by doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions.

Is a home office important to you, what about window size, kitchen function or doors that give you instant outdoor/indoor living? This is not something you want to play by ear, and fortunately, there are very useful resources available.

Make sure you visit display villages and new land estates and spend time online and seek inspiration to help you narrow down your choices. Create lists on styles and features you need, love or absolutely must have.

custom home builders

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Set A Realistic Budget

You must decide early on what is a realistic budget for your new home. Experts encourage clients to know and understand their borrowing capacity before they get too far into their new-home research. Setting a budget can help you navigate through the plethora of house and land packages/options available.

pantry scullery

Source: Homes to Love

Talk to banks and mortgage brokers to get a clear understanding of savings, down payments or deposits required, application costs, state and federal taxes, and repayments. These will chew into your loan approval limit, so knowing what they are is important and should be on top of your to-do list. Find custom home builders who understand the process and are happy to help you navigate the it.   

Future Forecast Your Life

When deciding on the plan of your home think ahead, considering what you might need in a few years. Seasoned custom home builders can help you visualize your future needs, having done it so many times before.

stone fireplace

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Answering this dilemma will help you determine the size and style of the home you need now, along with features and upgrades you might want in the future.

Working out the right number of bedrooms and living spaces for your future, taking into account how you might use your living and dining areas right now, will help you to plan ahead to growing into your home and not outgrow it. 

custom home builders

Source: onekindesign

When it comes to a new home, everyone has a long wish list when it comes to features. Once you have your working budget, list the essential elements you are not willing to compromise on. Create a second list with all the ‘nice to have’ items you can choose from if you have budget to spare.

Land or Design First?

What comes first, the house or land? Each state is different, and lead times for new land parcels can be anything from a year or more, unless you buy in an established area. Either way, most home buyers purchase land first and then look for a home builder.

new home ideas

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Do some research, and talk to custom home builders before you buy your land. This helps you buy a piece of land that will fit your design and budget. It also helps you understand technical or engineering problems that  many professional builders can help you with. From the slope or gradient of your land, to the condition or type of soil. Each of these problems can increase building costs and eat into your budget.

First Impressions

beams and chandeliers

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New home designs are filled with high aspirations. Its not everyday you build a dream home. You might be tempted to go big, contemporary and bold. Try thinking long-term.

In the end, the more conservative the facade, features and color choices, the easier to update or resell your home. Facades that focus on the latest fashion and trends can date quite quickly and may not be the best investment.