Best Tile Ideas for Floors and Walls

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Best Tile Ideas for Your Floors and Walls

Replacing floor and wall tiles is a great way to freshen the look of your rooms without doing a complete makeover. Using different tile designs, colors, textures and tile sizes can visually change the size and space of a room, tricking the eye to make your space appear larger, fresher and modern.

Hexagonal copper and stainless steel mosaic tiles.

You want tiles that are durable, look great and create a modern contrast, but still have a timeless look. Its possible – even with budget-friendly options.

warm lustre wall tiles

Quality always comes first. No matter whether you choose a style that is classic or modern, when it comes to choosing new tiles, you want materials and designs that will stand the test of time. 

clever tile design for impact

Here are some of the best tile ideas for both walls and floors. Whether its entry, bathroom, kitchen or living room, you can choose tiles that are dramatic, elegant, chic or modern.

Scandi minimalist tile style

Decorative Tile for Walls

 bathroom tiles

Tiles are one of the most versatile wall materials you can use. Practical as a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen, and highly functional for your bathroom. The green tiles above work to create an infinity wall. It looks like it never ends, making the shower recess look long.

Even if you choose white tiles, choose a design that still can hold its own. Uneven and imperfect but the tiles below look quirky and unique.

tile backsplash.

One of the best tile ideas is to use tiles as a feature for visual impact; its uniqueness adds value to your home. From entry walls to dining rooms, use your imagination and your budget to guide you.

herringbone subway tile splashback

Since tiles can be cut to any size, you have a great deal of control when it comes to creative design and using less expensive materials with more expensive tiles to create borders or patterns. You can use a mix of colored tiles for your backsplash, create a pattern on the entry wall, or a geometric design in the bathroom.

rustic wood and tile backsplash

Use similar color tones to make your tiles look like one seamless design that add and enhance the unique style of your home. 

dark grout against white tiles

Practical Tile Ideas for Walls

 Different Ways To Lay Subway Tiles

Trending tile designs are made of stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass, steel and copper. Durable and practical for everyday use, they are also easy to clean and wear well over time. Consider the visual impact of your design and the function of the final piece.

geometric pattern splashback

If you’re working on a kitchen backsplash, choose tiles that are easy to clean. Ceramic, porcelain and glass work well but there are now copper, mirror and metal tiles that work beautifully too, if you want to create a feature.

metal mosaic tile splashback

Wall and floor tiles can transform a small bathroom, making it feel larger. Using tiles horizontally will make a your room appear wider or longer. Vertical tiles, tiled all the way to the ceiling, will make the room appear taller. Large timber like porcelain tiles make it feel longer and wider than it is by using tiles in a clever way to trick the eye. 

 timber-look porcelain tile

Stone can be wiped down easily, but grease can get trapped in the stone’s natural grooves making cleaning more difficult.

Budget-Friendly and Functional Tile Ideas for Floors

imitation wood in ceramic

While wall tiles are mostly aesthetic, floor tiles need to be tough. Durability is a factor, but depending on the size of your rooms, the costs can really jump. 

French grey kitchen

Ceramic, porcelain, and stone are all available in a range of options, like imitation wood, with different durability ratings according to usage and traffic. 

Clad in black hexagon floor tiles

For most home owners ceramic is often the preferred choice. Unglazed ceramic is available with a warm, earthy red state, but you can find other color options with different glazes. Ceramic is also budget-friendly because it is highly durable and requires very low maintenance.

Gray slate herringbone tiles lead to a a gray glass paned front door illuminated by a bronze carriage lantern while framed vintage keys in shadow boxes are mounted the white wall of this stunning gray and white foyer.

Aesthetic Options for Floors

patterned tiled entry

If you can stretch your budget to include some of the more glamorous floor tiles, the design options for tile flooring become limitless. 

Black and white tile

Stone is incredibly durable, and ceramic and porcelain are less durable, so make sure you read the tile ratings. Ceramics are rated according to the PEI scale. For any area with high foot traffic choose a material with a class 3 or higher, just to be on the safe side.

Mix and match your tile colors to suit the overall aesthetic of the room.

 tile that looks like concrete

If you have antique or showcase furniture, make sure your floor design works with, and not against those pieces. Will your floor be the feature of your room or a bit player to complement the room and your decor?

Terra-Cotta flooring

Decide this early on and your wall and floor tiling choices will be simple and problem free.