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Keeping The Right Tools Handy

By: Decorated Life Team |

The right tool for the right job is an old saying but so true. The right tools are a must to help you maintain and repair your home. Whether your home is brand spanking new or a few years older, updating it so it can keep its fresh look means taking care of it before it gets tired.

hammer and plier storage

Keeping the right tools and making sure you know how to use them is the place to start. Whether your children need something repaired or you need something put together or installed, with the right tools you are halfway there.  Here are common tools every household needs.


Most homes have the odd set of screwdrivers. They seem to go missing in action, like odd socks in the dryer. But since most projects need screws and a screwdriver, its good to store them in one place and have a selection. From screwing kitchen cabinets to door handles you need a good set of screwdrivers.

Screwdriver storage solutions

Sets of Phillips and flathead screwdrivers are easily available in a different sizes for different screws heads. But there are also specialty screwdriver sets. Try to find an all-inclusive set that covers all your needs.

  • Combination Phillips and Flat head set – includes both flat head and Phillips head drivers
  • Insulated Screwdriver Set – screwdriver blades are insulated to protect you in case of a live circuit
  • Specialized Tip Set – clutch tips, Japanese Industrial Standard tips, torx tips or security tips
  • Precision set – small, even micro sets for watch, clock, gun repair work, craft or electronics 
  • Interchangeable Tip Set – Tips that can be swapped in and out 
  • Magnetic Set –  used for steel screws to help guide the screw.


When it comes to fastening nuts and bolts, the wrench is the tool you’ll reach for. The most popular wrenches are an adjustable crescent wrench along with a socket wrench set. These will help you tackle most jobs with a few flicks of the wrist.

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Many like to work with the socket wrench. It has a ratcheting mechanism, which allows you to remain on a nut and continue tightening, getting the job done faster. The crescent wrench needs you to refit the wrench after each turn. It can be frustrating at times, but it gets the job done.


Got a nail? Now all you need is a hammer. A good old-fashioned 16 ounce claw hammer should do the trick, help you pull out nails and demolish items like bathroom tiles or cabinets or putting hardwood or laminate floors in place.

If you need something more robust, stock your tool kit with a ball-peen or mallet.

Utility Knife

A quality utility knife is the backbone of every good tool kit. When selecting a knife for your kit, find something lightweight, with a sharp blade for precision cutting and easy to handle.

utility knife

Some utility knives come with fixed blades. The retractable blade utility knife is popular, and more compact for better and safer storage.

Tape Measure

Ever needed a tape measure and you couldn’t find one for love or money? Ever measured something and got it wrong? It can be a costly nightmare.

A tape measure. A simple tool. 

 3-Foot Folding Ruler

You might need more than one with different lengths; making it easier to use and carry about. Twenty five to fifty feet is probably the most you will ever need. Any bigger and they become heavy, bulky and difficult to use.

self locking tape measure

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can use a tape measure with in built mechanical features like automatic locking and self closing. Of course, you can also get phone apps that measure distance, but make sure its reliable.


When you need to grip something into place, grab the pliers. In some cases, a pair of needle nose pliers will be the perfect tool for getting into narrow spaces and grasping a small wire or string.

In other cases, you’ll need something bulkier, like vise grip pliers. They have a locking mechanism, which is very handy when you need to keep one hand free.


Cordless Drill

These come in so many sizes, shapes and weights that you might have more than one. It drills holes, it drives screws, and you don’t even have to plug it in. Small mini drills are perfect for those jobs that are hard to get to and a little more delicate. Large robust drills are better with difficult, tougher materials.

Clever Ideas for storing DIY Supplies

If you want something practical, choose a model powerful enough to handle a wide range of tasks using changeable bits. Does that mean you can get rid of some of your other tools? Maybe. Keep them away from tiny hands and off the floor if at all possible.


Table Saw

If you’re working with wood, a hybrid table saw is practically a necessity.

It will allow you to make precision cuts with ease and quickly than using a handheld saw.

This selection of tools is basic but fundamental to any repair job. Keep them handy and you will make your repair work easier and faster.