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Does Your Color Scheme Need a Decorative Throw Pillow Makeover?

By: Decorated Life Team |

Choosing Throw Pillows for Your Color Combinations

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Your color scheme has a lot to do with the throw pillows you choose for your home. Color combinations can vary. It’s not only about color combinations but textile texture, patterns, size of patterns or scale as well as added decorative features like buttons, ribbons or tassels.

cushions - sarah richardson on design

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But make it interesting. Mix your colors, textures, shapes and fabrics will help you create an original story.

cushions - sarah richardson on design

Source: sarah richardson on design

Here is an article from on Creative Throw Pillow Designs.

Creative Throw Pillow Designs

Throw pillows don’t have to be conservative and dull. Throw in some fun into your decor with creative throw pillow designs. Not only throw pillows are available in any color and shade you need, they also come in various shapes and forms and feature further decorations from ruffles to rhinestones.


A throw pillow is an accent. It is of course a comfy accessory but it can also add depth and a finished look to your home decor. You can pick a color from your room design color scheme and take a throw pillow in a more intense shade of the same color, which would add more depth to the interior. But you can also play with contrasts and take  a different bright color that nicely contrasts your color scheme. Throw pillows are also a great field for color blocking.


Throw pillows vary in shapes and forms greatly. They are not only square, round and roll-like. They can be heart or star-shaped, triangle, polygonal and other. They also vary in sizes. It is especially common to decorate the bed with different-sized decorative pillows. Don’t be afraid to experiment with throw pillows of different shapes and if you don’t find the right one, you can always do it yourself.


Decorative throw pillows can be detailed with embroidery, stones, flowers, sequins, etc. So it is better to use lushly embroidered pillows in places like bedroom where you spent minimum time because due to their design decorative throw pillows are not too comfortable. Use throw pillows with smooth, pleasant to the touch fabrics in the living room and other high-traffic rooms.

cushions - sarah richardson on design
Source: sarah richardson on design
Your color scheme can impact color combinations you decide to use. If you have a white decor or neutral decor almost any color combinations can be used. If you have a set color scheme then color combinations that support and highlight your color scheme should be used. Here’s one for bright orange!
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