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All White Decor – Mix Up Your Color Palettes!

By: Decorated Life Team |

White decor is still very popular on the decorating hit list of so most people. Why is that? Apart from looking clean – people often want a blank canvas to help them unwind each night. With so much going on – white is nice! But add white to other color palettes like slate grey, oatmeal or a touche of lime and you have a new uber look.

Look at the latest from Splendid Sass called Design In Hollywood.


Stark white walls and floors and ebony lacquered doors are the backdrop for this Hollywood Hills ranch style home.  The gallery like interior was created by interior designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements, a mother and son team, and Briggs Edward Solomon.  ENJOY!
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All white decor color palettes with touches of black and grey flannel is pristine, clean and stark. The truth is color looks 30% brighter against an all white wall, white wallpaper and white decor. And natural color palettes fit in so beautifully.
Nautical Cottage Blog has photos of a simply delightful beach house which uses the same white walls, similar color palettes and all white decor to create a fresh and inviting home.

This gorgeous holiday house on Ontario’s Lake Simcoe in Canada belongs to stylist Jenn Cranston. It’s been cleverly furnished and decorated on a budget.

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The all white with rattan is simple and relaxing

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Love the white gravel backyard with the shade sail

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Cute & simple kitchen with open shelving

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Personally, I like mixing it up.. adding other color palettes to all white walls. Splashes of color, texture and wood add warmth to white decor. Miles of white walls and white wallpaper is meditative but without layering in some warmth it can be stark.

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Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

So add small touches of warmth – even small accents, layered until you get a beautifully balanced room. Please leave a comment!