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25 Unfinished Basement Ideas – There is SO MUCH You Can Do!

By: Summer Hirst |

Basements are like extra rooms. They can be used for storing things and if you’re a horror movie character, basements can be used to tie up innocent victims.

But jokes apart, basements can be used as storage and activity rooms. If you’re a dad with a weekend hobby, a basement is a perfect place to carry on your activities. The only problem is that basements are largely unfinished.

If you too have an unfinished basement in your home, here’s how you can provide it a more tasteful look.

Create an Organized Storage Area

Most people are guilty of using their basement as a disorganized storage room where things are just kept anywhere. If you organize things neatly in racks, this will give you more space and let you store even more things while making the basement look beautiful and spacious.

Even if you have a small basement, you can still have enough room for storage. Check out these racks in the basement. Different things are kept in spacious well-labeled boxes. Even a small space can look larger when things are neatly organized.

Create a Mini Bar

There’s a lot you can do in your unfinished basement. Creating a minibar is a great idea to utilize all that extra space. While a basement isn’t often the place where your guests visit, installing a mini bar in it will give them a reason to climb down and enjoy a couple of drinks.

All you need is a small corner of your basement. The LED sign saying Guinness draught is giving it a real bar feel. Of course, if you’re a Budweiser lover, you can change the sign accordingly. There’s nothing like enjoying a pint while chilling out in the basement.

Turn It Into a Gym

If you’re a fitness buff who’s always wished for their own gym, now’s your chance. Turn your unfinished basement into a mini gym and place some gym equipment there. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can still keep some basic gym equipment for daily workouts.

The wall in the back says Gym in bold letters, which is looking very cool and giving a very authentic gym feel. You can even hang a few boards there to chalk out your daily routine. Invite your buddies here for a gym session together and boost your workout goals together.

Get a Billiard Room of Your Own

Frank Costanza from Seinfeld isn’t the only guy who thought an extra room can be utilized as a billiard room. There are many people who want to enjoy a game with their friends and this is why putting a pool table in the basement will be a great idea. 

In fact, pair it with a minibar and you’ve got a perfect place for you and your friends over the weekend. 

And pool isn’t the only option for a game room. You can try table tennis, darts, air hockey, foosball, pinball, or arcade basketball. If you want to spend some time on recreational activities, there are a number of choices.

Build a Home Movie Theater in Basement

Let’s be honest, watching movies on the small mobile screen isn’t the same as watching them on the big screen. But if you’re not a big fan of the crowded movie hall scene, build a movie hall in your unfinished basement. You need a big screen TV, a home theater system, and comfortable seating.

Some strategically placed lights will also help you. That’s a movie theater that’s made just for you and your family. And of course, you’ll need to sound muff the basement so the loud sounds don’t disturb your neighbors.

Get an Extra Bedroom in Your Basement

A useless basement can be used as an extra bedroom. While there cannot be any windows that open outside, there can be a small ventilation gap that opens perhaps to the living room. If you have a small house and often feel a lack of an extra guestroom, this can be the perfect option for you.

Compact unfinished basements can’t be turned into home movie theaters. The best use for such basements can be in the form of an organized storeroom or an extra bedroom.

Create a Basement Laundry

If you don’t have a separate laundry room or even a laundry corner in your home, a washing machine can look quite unsightly. Why not place the machines in the basement so you can do all the weekend washing without being disturbed?

We all know laundry takes up a lot of extra work – determining which clothes are dirty, putting them in the right categories, and then folding them and organizing them. If you often find clothes muddled together, waiting to be washed, your basement will be the perfect place to hide the unfinished laundry from guests’ vision.

Get Yourself a Basement Library

We all know a bookworm who’s absolutely madly in love with their books and doesn’t mind showing off their love. The only problem is often the house falls short for a library. There’s so much to accommodate that a library falls behind in precedence. But not when you have a basement.

A basement can be the perfect place to arrange all your books. And you don’t even need a lot of space for it. You can utilize the storage under the stairs to build shelves for books and even some art pieces.

Put some bright lights and a nice seating chair to comfortably enjoy a book while sipping a cup of coffee.

Try a Basement Coffee Bar

If coffee is your one and only true love, you can turn a corner of your unfinished basement into a coffee (or a coffee-cum-wine) bar. It doesn’t need a lot of work. Just build a cabinet under the stairs that go down to the basement. This cabinet can hold your coffee machine along with coffee beans or powder along with some macaroons and cakes.

Alternatively, you can also have wines and cheeses in this mini bar that’s built right under the stairs that take you down to the basement. Just one problem – when you wake up, sometimes walking down a few steps to get a daily fix of coffee can be too much!

Create an Art Studio for Yourself and Your Kids

Whether you like to paint in silence or your kids want to do some arts and crafts in their spare time, your basement can be the perfect place for that. Place your canvas and painting supplies in the basement along with a chair where you can sit when you get tired.

Or place a couple of chairs and a table with craft supplies such as colorful paper, sketch pens, scissors, and glue so your kids can have fun. You can also place a couple of cabinets in the basement to hold all the craft supplies. It’s the perfect way to practice your art.

Build a Basement Workshop Studio

Now, this is something a lot of dads have already been doing – using the basement as a workshop. Any workshop needs a workbench. You can build a custom workbench yourself. This will be the place where all your art will take place.

Also, install the right lights so you don’t get hurt in poor lighting. You’ll also need some closet space where you can keep your equipment along with your safety gear. Whether it’s an electric drill, a saw, or protective glasses or gloves, you need to store all these things carefully once you’ve used them.

Create a Stylish Pool in the Basement

I mean, sure, we’ve all had flooded basements and they somewhat count as pools, right? But I’m talking about a proper pool – one that you have specifically installed in your basement. Ideal for those hot summer days when you cannot wait to take a dip in your own private pool, except your yard isn’t big enough for a pool.

And you cannot have a pool inside your house – that wouldn’t be a wise decision unless you have a gigantic bathroom. So the next best thing to have is a pool in the basement. And the plus point is that since it’s below the ground and covered, it won’t heat up the water. So each dip will be cool and refreshing!

Create a Children’s Play Area

If you’re a family person with kids around, you might want to create a basement play area so your kids can play there while you can get some quiet time for yourself. 

There are a number of activity playthings you can install there. A camping tent or two – small swings, slides, seesaws, and others. To make it safe for kids, you can install kids’ play mats in the basement. These mats are available in an interlocking pattern that’s easy to setup. So you can rest in your room while the kids safely play in the basement.

Have a Second Living Room in the Basement

Why stick to just one family room when you can have two of them? If you have an unfinished basement that’s not being used for anything specifically, turn it into a second living room. While the regular living room can be to entertain guests, the basement one can be for you to relax and unwind.

Or the basement living room can be a hidden living room that’s open only to close friends and family members. More like a hideout where only special people are welcome. Make it more welcome and inviting by hanging a sign that says for special guests only.

Give Wings to Your Passion by Building a Music Room

If music is what keeps you alive, give it a whole new place for itself. Soundproof your basement and you’ve got the perfect studio where you and your friends can jam. Create some songs of your own and let your passion find its way.

Whether you’re young or old, music knows no boundaries or age restrictions. If it was your teenage dream to become a rock star, bring it to life now with your own place dedicated to music. Do you fancy drums? Or are you a guitar hero? Whatever your instrument is, now’s the time to get back in the music scenario.

Create a Study Room for Kids

If you have a little scholar living in your home, you can give them their own dedicated space by building them a quiet little study room where they can solve their formulae or understand chemical equations. Your unfinished basement needs very little for this setup.

Just make sure the lighting is bright enough for studying and place a desk with a couple of chairs. That’s it. Now your kid has a personal space of their own where they can sit and study without disturbance. It will also help them hold group study sessions with their classmates without any problems.

Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Small Apartment

If you’ve got enough space in your bedroom, you can turn it into a small apartment. Club a bedroom, living room, and a mini kitchen in your basement. A kitchenette can have all the basic appliances along with a small island. 

Boundaries can be set up to create a bedroom and a bathroom. This apartment can be rented out to get extra income or you can use it to house your college kids as they look for a job and move out. Since it’s an unfinished basement, you’ll need to check the wiring and other details before you set up an apartment there.

Build a Basement Fireplace

Get a wall-mounted electric fireplace to get warmth and a nice little cozy space of your own. Even if your unfinished basement is small, you can still install an electric fireplace there. These fireplaces can be mounted in the staircase wall. Which means it doesn’t need a lot of space.

Of course, if you do have enough space in your basement, you can build a comfortable nook where you can sit and enjoy the “fire” while sipping on hot cocoa. In the pic, there’s an electric fireplace along with a complete library where you can sit and enjoy your favorite book.

Create a Home Office for Work from Home Assignments

This idea will work even if you have a small basement. Whether you’re a writer or run an online business, you’ll be working from home. With the internet affecting our lives, there are a number of Millenials who depend on the internet for their living.

If you’re a work-from-home kinda person who offers online services, you’ll need a quiet corner in your room that you can designate as your home office. If you don’t have an extra room for that, you can use your basement as your home office. This will make sure that all the noise of everyday life is left upstairs while you work on your ideas in your basement.

Create an All-Purpose Flex Room

A flex room is a room that can be used for a number of things. Add a couch and it’s a living room. Add a small bed and it’s a bedroom. Add a TV and it’s also a media room. Place a counter and it’s a coffee bar. A flex room can be used for just about anything you want. Have an extra guest and don’t know how to accommodate them? The flex room’s at your service.

If you cannot build a small apartment in your basement and you cannot decide what types of unfinished basement makeover you want, the flex room will be perfect for you. 

Build a Basement Conference Room

If you want to invite your employees, colleagues, or associates for a business conference, a basement can be the perfect place for that. Plus, a basement conference looks mysterious and gives the feel of a spy meeting.

All you need is to add some bright lighting, a table, and some office chairs. A screen will help too, as you might need to showcase your ideas in the digital form.

A conference room can be made in a small basement as well. A basement will give you the peace and quiet you’ll need in a regular conference room.

Get Your Very Own Casino

If you and your friends are fond of card games, it’s best to put a poker table in the basement and call it your mini casino. You can also play other games such as blackjack. And when you’re alone, care for a game of solitaire?

There’s so much you can do in your own mini casino. And you don’t even need chips to play. It’s your own universe. Play as much as you want. Wins and losses are divided among friends. All you need is the right table and a few chairs to sit around it.

Create a Basement Yoga and Meditation Room

You need very little stuff for this. If you’re into yoga and meditation, your basement can be the perfect place for it. Cut yourself from the entire world as you enter Zen mode and practice breathing exercises.

Get yourself some yoga mats and put a statuette of Buddha to get the real feel of meditation. You can even install a tiny fountain in the basement because the sounds of water are stress relievers and can help you in your meditation.

Turn the Unfinished Basement Into a Sewing Room

I’ve heard about many people who quit their regular jobs because they started earning from their sewing hobby. If you’re an Etsy seller or have a website of your own, you’ll need your own space where you can sew in peace.

Sewing is a calming hobby, or so I’ve heard. Create your own dresses and make beautiful gowns for your clients. There’s so much you can do if you know sewing. In fact, sewing is so vast in itself, there are so many subcategories under it. If you’re a lover of sewing, you’ll need a separate space for your machine. And your unfinished basement can be ideal for that.

Create a Video Game Room in Your Basement

Whether you’re a PlayStation 4 Pro fan or an Xbox One X buff, you know video games are for life. And you don’t want anyone to disturb you when you’re on a mission. Killing terrorists isn’t easy and you know it.

Video game lovers are simple people. They don’t need a lot of room. Give them their game and a decent seating place and they won’t move for hours. If you can relate to it, try building a game room in your basement. You wouldn’t want to leave it, I promise.

So Many Options – What to Do?

When it comes to finishing an unfinished basement, there are so many frikkin’ ideas that it’s easy to get confused. Sure, you need a gym but a coffee bar is cool too. And yes, you’d definitely want an extra bedroom but the kids’ activity area is just too irresistible.

You need to measure your priorities and basement size and then decide the kind of setup you’ll need. And if you can’t decide, just remember you can pack a number of things in one flex room.