• Cool Porch Decorating and Design Ideas


    Decorating your porch is a brilliant way to extend your home or apartment.

    Outdoor Decorating

    patio console table

    Bringing inside – out is a great way to blend the two lives of your home together. Or maybe you would prefer to use your porch as garden decor by adding wonderful flowering pots and outdoor furniture. Either way – visually your home looks larger and more interesting! And that’s a good thing, right?


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    I’ve lived in apartments with enclosed porches and turned them into dining rooms. Candle light flickers beautifully off dewy windows in winter and in summer the breeze would rush through open windows.

    Too many people ignore their porches or balconies leaving them bare or even worse to store old bikes or shoes. Maximize your space. Porches are great to decorate and easy to create a warm space that you can enjoy for hours. Somewhere to entertain, read or meditate.

    There are so many great decorating ideas  – here are just a few for you to consider.

    Security and Privacy

    If you live in an apartment block porch security probably isn’t an issue – but what about privacy?

    closed in

    Either way, the last thing you want to do is spent time and money selecting gorgeous cushions, rugs and pot plant holders to find them missing in action. Not cool! Installing light sensors can help but left out alone – things will go astray unless you are happy to take things in and out as you need them.

    If you have security issues buy heavy items that are unlikely to get moved or stolen. Large, heavy pots are difficult to move. So is a large solid dining table. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just heavy! Don’t forget privacy either! Use shutters, curtains or garden decor to keep your privacy in tact.

    Porch Decorating

    patio entertaining

    patio entertaining

    How you decorate will depend on:

    1. whether your porch it is enclosed,
    2. the style of your home or apartment,
    3. security and neighborhood issues,
    4. if you are decorating the front or back porch and
    5. whether you intend to entertain.

    You can decorate using the color scheme of the house or choose a theme such as a nautical or cottage theme that will tie your porch to the surrounding landscape – urban or rural.

    The best thing about decorating porches or balconies is you can add a ceiling fan or heating if you need to, so you can use your porch in summer and winter comfortably. Add an outdoor fireplace and now you are talking my language!


    dining table for patio entertaining

    Pinterest: dining table for patio entertaining

    Entertaining is probably more suited to the back porch – but I wouldn’t rule out high tea on the front porch either. That can be a very cozy affair. Both have their place depending on your personal style as well as the style of your home. I went to a friend’s wedding where all guests dining tables were set out on the rambling porch around the house. It was wonderful.

    But if you’re planning to use your front porch or back porch for regular entertaining you should make life easy for yourself – does this mean drinks, dinner, coffee and cake. How far can you go before you should move the party inside? And how quickly can you set up? Life’s too busy.


    storage and work area

    Source: Pinterest – patio storage and work area

    Porch storage means different things to different people. For some it means storing tennis or gym shoes in an old chest or in a pile ready for next time. But I think you should use porch storage for things like cushions, cutlery, rugs and other bits to make life a little easier if you plan on using your porch for more a mud room.

    grand patio entertaining area

    grand patio entertaining area

    Use your outdoor spaces like porches and balconies to extend your garden decor or increase the visual indoor space of your home or apartment. I’d love to hear some of your ideas and how decorating your porch has made a difference to your lifestyle. Don’t forget to love us on Facebook  and join our email list for more free home decorating tips.

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