• Light Design and Modern Chandeliers – Rockstar WOW!

    New Chandeliers Light Design – The New Mood Lighting

    Light Design in lead crystal chandeliers have come a long way. They are not longer a status symbol but the new mood lighting. Lead crystal vintage tea drop chandeliers still look great but the new wave of light design for chandeliers with suede shades, chandeliers made of  red lead crystal, resin or glass.

    light design in chandeliers has changed


    Light design has completely opened up. Modern chandeliers are not stuffy but opulent, crazy and so much fun!

    Modern chandeliers are not only made of lead crystal or just for the sitting room. Light design has turned the look of chandeliers on its head so that ropes of pearls, jewels, ribbons, rusted or antique metals, candles, petals and beads can all look wildly fabulous and wonderful as mood lighting.

    If you’re making or re purposing your own DIY chandelier remember to drape, layer and use a combination of large and small scale items whether it’s gold, crystals, velvet or suedes. Think wedding cake!

    The atmosphere a great light design creates in a room should never be overlooked. Some of the best light design houses are creating amazing lead crystal modern chandeliers for every room of the house – including outside! From bathrooms and bedrooms to living rooms and outside by the pool.

    Light Design Today

    Modern chandeliers can be bright pink or red lead crystal. That’s the beauty to today’s lighting trends – there is no right or wrong there is only amazing design and great mood lighting for atmosphere. Your chandelier works well in any room, is a great focal point and works well in every type of decor from country to uptown. If you’re using incandescent bulbs you may need to read this article on the incandescent bulb ban.

    Do you like the modern chandeliers or prefer the old style lead crystal chandeliers? Let us know. If you liked this article on creating mood lighting using modern chandeliers please like us on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest, and share!

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