• 5 Home Decorating Ideas to Ditch For Good!


    5 Home Decorating Ideas to Ditch

    There are some home decorating ideas that thankfully have rocketed passed their used by date and can be graciously forgotten. I have been guilty of following a few of the old rules but have since broken most of them.

    matching wooden furniture

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    Recognize these?

    1. Wood Rule

    The Old Rule is that wooden furniture in a room should match. From furniture to floorboards it should all be the same type of wood. Rosewood, oak or pine, it should match. If you had different wooden floorboards, you would cover them with a large rug or carpet and hope no one would notice.

    Having the same wood meant you could afford a complete set. Very posh!

    If you had bits and pieces from all over the place, then your social standing was less than perfect. Today, the problem with this rule is that it is creatively narrow. It doesn’t allow for new pieces to be added without looking out of place. A room becomes frozen in time. So, it works for a while.

    The New Rule is mixing different woods make a room warm, interesting and gives it personality. Rooms look like they have evolved, not come out of a catalog. They also have the freedom to change without disrupting the entire home decorating scheme. Milk paint or chalk painted furniture is a great way to allow pieces to stand out with color.

    matching wooden furniture

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    2. Sofa Rule

    I have definitely been guilty of following this rule. The Old Rule was that the sofa was the most important piece of furniture in the living room. Which often meant it was the most expensive and stuck in the middle of the room to show it off. The problem was that the room’s decor was built around the sofa instead of around the room, it’s proportions and natural light.

    armchairs - no sofa home decorating ideas

    The New Rule is you don’t have to have a sofa at all if you don’t want one. Armchairs are perfect if they are interesting, comfortable and you have the right shape room for them. That doesn’t mean you have to discard your sofa, either. If you like it, keep it or move it to another room.

    3. Small Room Rule

    The Old Rule was to downplay small rooms; ashamed of their smallness. Often, these rooms are painted in white which looks stark and devoid of personality. A whole new take on small room home decorating is taking place.

    small room - home decorating ideas

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    The New Rule is that small rooms are perfect for drama. From painting them interesting, deep colors to create mood, using over-sized furniture, mixing floral and patterned textures or large scale wallpaper. Small rooms give a better sense of intimacy, function and economy. Because of their size, small rooms are less expensive decorate and change.

    Something that might get lost in a larger room can easily become the focal point in a small room.

    4. Rug Rule

    The Old Rule was that every room needed a rug. It’s true, rugs can anchor a room and create the space for furniture, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go rug-less. I made a huge mistake by buying a small rug and placing it in an enormous room. The room was carpeted and really didn’t need anything at all on the floors. 

    Follow the rule below and you will not make this mistake.

    only floorboards - home decorating idea

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    The New Rule is that just having bare wood, stone floors or painted floorboards can open a room and make it feel bigger. Without a rug to frame the room, the room is extended to the walls. Additional benefits is that bare floors also help with allergies and cleaning.5.

    5. Furniture Rule

    The Old Rule is that furniture styles should match. As mentioned in rule 1, having everything like wood, fabrics and styles that match means introducing something new feels disconnected and out of place.

    Sometimes vintage furniture sets come up for sale. Don’t go down the rabbit hole and match them with the same fabric or place them all in the same room.

    different furniture styles

    The New Rule is to layer rooms with different colors, styles and textures. That way your home decorating ideas take longer to date and you can freshen them with accessories and small ticket items so your room doesn’t get caught in one era or decorating theme.

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  1. It’s fun to break the rules sometimes 🙂

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

  2. Judy says:

    I love new rules, it makes a room more interesting and liveable and you can also show off your personality more. Old rules are too boring. Great post!

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