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24 Small Nightstand Ideas in 2020

By: Summer Hirst |

They say little things can make a big impact. That’s true, especially when it comes to furniture. Sometimes, even a small thing such as a nightstand can also make your bedroom look fabulous.

A nightstand doesn’t just hold your glass of water and mobile phone, it holds the potential to give a completely new look to your room.

If you want to change the look of the bedroom but don’t want to go for big renovations, changing the nightstand can be the perfect idea. 

We have enlisted some nightstand ideas that can add to the appeal of your bedroom.

Plain and Simple


A quick solution to your nightstand problem – a simple old stool. Ideal for small bedrooms, this nightstand won’t take much space. Keep a table lamp on it to accentuate its looks. But of course, you’ll need some space on it for your phone (or books if you’re an avid reader).

Two simple shelves on the stool will provide adequate space for your current book and all the recent ones you’ve read. If there are no shelves on the stool, you can use burlap twine to make strong and sturdy shelves that look very stylish.

Vertical Shelf


If you’re looking for something that’s different and yet doesn’t take too much space, take a look at the vertical shelf. Who said a simple plank cannot give a designer ambiance? Install a plank vertically beside the bed and see how amazing it looks. 

Of course, a vertical shelf cannot hold your things (what with the gravity and everything), you’ll need to install horizontal shelves here. You can install 2-3 horizontal shelves. And if you don’t need to keep many things, even one shelf will work.

Floating Nightstand


A floating nightstand is a bit like the vertical shelf, except it doesn’t go all the way down. Ideal for books and photo frames, it gives a stylish look to the bedroom. Add a lamp on it to give it a more glamorous ambiance. The lamp will also help you read your favorite book before you sleep.

And if you install this nightstand at a height, you can adjust a small stool below it as well – especially useful for small homes. 

Wrought iron and Wood


Ah, the good ol’ wrought iron and wood combination – always a great piece for all types of interior decors. The dune finished wood gives it a rustic look and the wrought iron frame offers it stability and robustness.

Perfect for keeping a breakfast-in-bed or a morning cup of coffee, this nightstand has all the space for your books, phones, chargers, and small knickknacks 

The wooden look blends perfectly with the wooden floor and gives a unique vibe that’s both modern and minimalist and yet traditional and sophisticated.

A Little Girlie


I know, I know. Associating pink with femininity is sexism but there’s something about pink that draws the attention of women. The color is so soft and soothing that it just steals your heart, am I right girls?

If you’re anything like me and want a nightstand for your girl cave where you spend time to relax and think about solutions to all the world problems (and also cuddle up with your favorite novel), this nightstand is just perfect.

Pink in color with tiny little golden legs – goes well with a white and pink room.

Nightstand with Night Lamp


A floating nightstand, except instead of placing a night lamp on it, you get the night lamp built on it. It’s permanently fixed so it won’t wobble and fall over.

Of course, you can build a night lamp using wood or even wrought iron depending on your preferences. Ideal for the morning coffee (or bedtime tea if you’re a tea lover). 

Twin Floating Nightstands


You’ve got the entire wall to yourself, why stop at just one floating nightstand? These twin nightstands will give you double the space. In fact, you can go for three nightstands as well. It’s your space – use it the way you like.

It has plenty of room for your books, a jar of cookies, and even a couple of house plants. And the top nightstand can be used to keep things out of reach of children – I’m sure all new parents will find it useful.

Multipurpose Nightstand


A nightstand that’s not just a nightstand but also a mini library, a coffee table, and a place for your houseplants. It’s an all-in-one solution.

Caramel wooden finish is giving it a wholesome look that goes with all types of bedrooms. It maximizes your storage space and can hold every little thing you need when you’re in bed – your books, glasses, a night lamp, and a warm glass of milk.

A Tall Nightstand


Utilize the maximum wall space by getting a nightstand that’s tall and spacious. With a number of drawers, you can keep your stuff organized. One drawer for chocolates, one for books, one for earphones and useless wires (we all have that), and once for knickknacks. Of course, you can decide what you want to do with your drawer space.

This nightstand is perfect for someone who’s as messy as me. Since everything is closed, the room will look tidy. 

Teeny Tiny


Absolutely cramped up for space? Check out this teeny tiny nightstand that won’t take much space. Even if you have just a few inches to spare next to your bed, this tiny little nightstand will fit there. If you’ve been avoiding getting a nightstand because of tight space, now you have no excuses.

It comes with a small little cute drawer that can hold your phone because let’s face it – we all check some messages quickly before going to sleep.

Extension to the Bed


If you already have a nightstand and need extra space, you can try this neat little table that acts as an extension to your bed.

For people who just doze off while reading tweets on their phone, this table will be excellent for you. Just drop your phone on it while you nod off. It has the perfect space for a book and a phone – the two most popular pre-sleep partners you can have.

Circular Nightstand


Everything in our rooms is either a square or a rectangle. Take a look around and you’ll see that the bed is rectangular, the tables are rectangular, and the paintings on the walls are squares.

Chuck the same old shapes and go for a circular nightstand. Complete with sliding doors, these tables have adequate space for a number of things.

Keep a glass of water on your bedside along with a stylish lamp to help you finish that novel you started. The circular nightstand offers the same space as a square nightstand but with more style.

Foldable Nightstand


A unique and innovative idea that gives you double benefits. This foldable nightstand can be folded into a small shelf where you can keep a couple of books, your phone, and a coffee mug.

But when it’s time to work on a late night assignment, it can be opened up and there will be enough space for your laptop, notebook, your phone, and even a couple of snacks.

You can even install a charging station below it for your phone and iPad.

Piano nightstand


Small and simple, a piano shaped nightstand provides you the much-needed curves in an otherwise square-ish layout. If you are a piano player, this nightstand will reflect your passion for music.

The space on this nightstand is enough to hold your phone and an occasional mug of coffee. It can also be the perfect place for the book you’re currently reading.

Hairpin leg nightstand


If you love sleek and minimalist things, let me present the hairpin leg nightstand to you. It’s a bare minimum nightstand that can hold a phone and a book. It’s not elaborate enough to store many things but if you’re not after storage, it can be a good choice.

It’s sleek and stylish and is perfect if you don’t want to divert your focus away from other things. So if you’ve got a beautiful fluffy duvet that’s looking great on your bed, this hairpin leg nightstand will be the right option.

Lockable nightstand


You don’t really need to have wads of cash to get a lockable nightstand. There can be anything that you don’t want to land in the wrong hands. For example, if you always keep a gun handy to defend yourself from possible intruders, it should be locked up.

Or if you munch on chips, chocolates, and Oreos when your significant other isn’t looking, the lockable nightstand can be really useful.

4″ Nightstand


So you have like a really tight apartment and nightstand is absolutely out of question? Think again. This small tray of a shelf can be fitted on the wall next to your bed. Big enough to hold a coffee cup and a phone, this 4-inch nightstand is perfect for people who just cannot spare even the space for a side stool.

The corner nightstand


Make full use of that corner space with this nightstand. Installed in the wall, this nightstand comes with a pullout drawer that can provide you enough space for a book or a diary.

The shelf space on this nightstand is enough for your phone and a table lamp. The dark color of this nightstand looks great against a white wall. And the table lamp has a dark base that looks great with the nightstand.

Built into the Bed


A nightstand built right into the bed can look beautiful since it matches completely with the look of your room. 

This nightstand has 4 drawers that offer a lot of storage room. And the top of the nightstand can hold a table lamp, your phone, a coffee mug, and even your breakfast plate. 

The bed headboard is extended as a base behind the nightstand. This gives a uniform theme to the room and makes it even more attractive.



Want to add a modern touch to your room? Try this nightstand that’s stylish and different. This zigzag look might make you think it’s not very practical but take a second look.

While it creates two shelves to hold things, you can keep your books, diaries, and wallet in the space made by the zigzag pattern. And since it’s pretty small in size, you can also keep a stool under it to get extra shelf space.

Upcycle nightstand


Upcycling saves money, resources, and time. And it looks beautiful. The two briefcases are looking amazing – a bit like a pirate’s treasure chests. Place a tray atop and you have your very own nightstand.

Storage space is no problem at all – the briefcases can carry a LOT. And the tray on top is just perfect for the small things (your phone, wallet, and wristwatch, etc.) you need to keep there before you fall asleep.



Perfect for the lady who loves being stylish from her Gucci bags to her designer nightstand. If you want the nightstand to steal the focus in the room, this is the perfect idea.

The parallel lines are hypnotizing and will surely hold on a gaze for at least a few seconds. The pull out drawer adds practicality to this beauty. Who said beautiful people don’t have to work hard? This nightstand is something that serves a dual purpose.

Golden Beauty


Golden is the color of royalty. If you want a bedroom that looks luxurious, don’t settle for any other color. Install a golden lamp and get a cushion with golden prints to add to the entire theme. White and golden is one of my favorite combinations.

If you’re planning to get a golden theme, make sure you don’t add too many dark colors. Golden looks classy primarily with white.

Multiple drawers


This simple nightstand gives you a lot of power to keep things organized. Your wristwatch can go in one drawer and your wallet and coins can go in the other.

One drawer can be for a phone charger and earphones and the other one can be for the book you’re reading. This is the perfect way to make full use of the available space and to keep everything organized.

Keep Everything Near You As You Sleep

A nightstand helps you have everything near you when you sleep. If you check your phone before you sleep, a nightstand can help you keep your phone away from you when you sleep.

And with such space saving and beautiful nightstands, there is no reason not to get one. Heck, you can upcycle old things to create a nightstand if you don’t want to buy or make one. Check out our ideas or come up with your own – a new nightstand can be a quick weekend project.