Elegant Christmas Table Decoration You Can Put Together in Minutes

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Large Christmas table decorations are not always practical. They get in the way, often taking up valuable table real estate reserved for food, glasses and beverages. They can also take up time and budget. Here are Christmas table centerpieces that are easy and can be put together at the last minute, adding elements you already have to create your own unique Christmas table.

Simple.  Classic.  Natural.  There are a number of ways you can approach this. The first one is to use a garland as your table runner. It adds texture for your other elements, greenery and a beautiful scent to your dining room.  You can place this directly on your table or on a fabric runner.

The best Christmas table decor ideas that

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Cedar Garland Christmas Table Runner

Use a 10′ cedar garland (cost around $10), 3 pillar candles, 1 stem of red berries and 1 cinnamon stick for each place setting.

  1. Unroll cedar garland and create a long wave pattern down the center of the table. Drape the garland over each side of the table if you can. If your table is longer, use two garlands but one is fine if space is an issue.
  2. Place a candle at the center of the table and the other two at either end of the garland, so they sit in a curve, hugged on one side by cedar. If you want your candles to have the used, drippy look use a lighter on the edge of each candle. Leave the lighter there for a few seconds until the candle melts, moving around the candle until the perimeter of the rim has melted. If you are too close, the flame will leave black smoke on the candle.
  3. To create place setting decorations, cut a piece of cedar for each place setting roughly 6-7 inches long.
  4. Place a snip of berries, cedar piece and a cinnamon stick together and tie together with rope or ribbon.

Wreath Christmas Table Decoration

wood slice chargers, mini green wreaths and brass candlesticks, classic green and gold holiday tablescape #Christmastablescape

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You can achieve a similar look using wreaths or a runner on a white table cloth or sheet.  Add your wreaths, in a line, starting at in the middle of the table. Place three wreaths side by side to create a long runner like base for you to add candles, decorations, ornaments, figurines or ribbons.

use a white tablecloth

Source: Maison De Pax

Add these pieces layering them for interest, color and height. These next three more steps will make the difference between a Christmas table decoration that is ordinary or amazing.

First, add something unexpected, for a touch of whimsy or elegance. These bells are a large statement and add something special to this natural tablescape look. Second, add a strong contrast. If your table is farmhouse or rustic, your contrast could be modern metallic. For a modern tablescape, add something vintage or antique. If your table style is is elegant and simple, add wood for texture or something bold and Boho-Chic.

Lastly, add at least 2 more things around the room to make it look seamless, bring your look together and transform the room. You could add a sign or other Christmas wall decor, or maybe a smaller tree.

Large, Tall Christmas Table Centerpiece

christmas table

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For this single statement piece above you need a planter or large vase, florist's foam, fresh sprigs of greenery, incense cedar, cinnamon oil, florist's picks and green or red apples. The composition is fairly straightforward if you have all the elements. Here are the steps.

Cut florist’s foam to fit into your planter or vase with about an inch visible above the rim. Soak the foam in lukewarm water then secure in the container. Create a foundation layer by inserting sprigs of greenery in the foam. Add a second layer, contrasting the first layer by using incense cedar with small golden berries. Dip florist’s picks in cinnamon oil, then insert the picks into the apples. The picks seal the apples so they last longer and also gives your arrangement a beautiful festive aroma.

Finally, add apples to your arrangement and additional greenery to any empty spots.

Tall Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Centerpieces

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A clear tall vase becomes the foundation of a grand Christmas table centerpiece. While fresh flowers are lovely, you can add rural touch by filling your vase with branches, moss, pine cones and lights.

Another take on this, especially if you have a tall vase and not a lot of items to add in the vase, is to wrap the vase with wired ribbon, birch bark or a birch print ribbon. Place scrunched newspaper in the vase and top it with preserved moss, LED Christmas twigs or LED willow branches on top where the ribbons end. 

Cake Stand Table Decoration

Christmas centerpiece using a red striped runner and a cakestand with candles on top

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Simple plate or platter pieces like your cake stand or dessert tray can be transformed by adding soft, glowing ivory, red or white pillar candles, and surrounding them with holly, berries or other decorations. 

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While white might be the simplest color to decorate, you can always cover the base with ribbon to disguise it. Hope you enjoyed these simple Christmas table decorations.