• Home Decorating Trends 2014 – Yellow!

    Home decor never stands still. Here we are, in the middle of 2013, and suddenly there is a whisper of decorating trends for 2014. Is it ever too early to peek around the home decorating corner? Of course not!! Get ready to bring on your best yellow color scheme.

    yellow accessories - one kings lane

    Source: main photo – Pinterest, Accessories – One Kings Lane

    Even if you don’t decorate, it’s always fun to see what other people are creating, imagining and designing. Will these decorating trends come true? Who knows? One thing I have noticed, a lot of the yellow items I wanted to showcase from One Kings Lane were sold, before they have arrived

    The selections above and below are still available and wildly discounted. Which is great if you want to skip over to One Kings Lane later to look.

    Now, let’s look at yellow in your home decor. The home decorating advice here comes with easy room decorating ideas and a health warning… more on that later.

    Yellow Color Scheme Trend

    The home decorating swing for 2014 is for a yellow color scheme. Yellow. People love it or hate it. Done right, I love it. Done wrong, well.. just get me out of there.

    yellow color scheme - adorable-home

    Source: Adorable-Home

    Yellow is a home decor color you can be bold with. The upside is it always makes a statement. The downside is, its not always easy work. If wall paint is too hard, use it as an accent color instead.

    Yellow painted walls have a nasty way of showing the color underneath it after a few years. Notice how some yellow walls turn green with time? The undertone is peeking through. So, read up on undertones and how to choose paint colors if you want your home decorating to survive the test of time.

    Accent Decor

    Yellow dining chairs will transform any pale gray walls. And a yellow roller blind will help small apartments that feel like caves, light up with warmth. Use yellow textured fabrics, maybe a throw, beautiful pillows or a slipper chair.

    yellow accents - apartment therapy

    Source: apartment therapy.com

    Think stencils, cushions and other accents instead.

    yellow color scheme by interiorarchive.photoshelter

    Source: interiorarchive.photoshelter.com

    Its fresh, classic and inviting. What makes or breaks any yellow color scheme is getting the shade right. This is the difference between amazing home decor and something quite dreary.

    yellow stenciled fireplace - pinterest

    Source: Not Just a Housewife

    Fabrics are great, but don’t forget using stencils in your yellow color scheme like the fireplace above.  Stencils aren’t as hard as you might think and can be used on walls, floors and furniture. Place yellow on muted, white or even deep rich paint and create a feature.

    Scared of Commitment – Easy Room Decorating Ideas

    Yellow home decor does that to some people. Gently does it. Experiment if you are a commitment phobic.

    Try yellow candles, yellow margarita tumblers, yellow glass San Pellegrino Limonata bottles or vases with bright yellow flowers. You can use a yellow lamp or maybe a yellow lampshade with contrasting colors that match your current color scheme.

    Or yellow lacquered trays which are useful anywhere. From custard to sunflower there is a yellow that will speak to you.

    Want pops of color; create your own ottoman or paint some furniture.

    gray and yellow bedroom - diyhomedesignpins

    Source: diyhomedesignpins

    The great thing about yellow is that it works the best when it challenges its surroundings. Your room decorating ideas suddenly look better. Like milky yellow with clear blues. There is at least one yellow that will speak to your muted gray or chocolate color scheme. Soft and pale or strong and mango vibrant. Sharp yellow against dark purples or rusts.

    Yellow is incredibly versatile. Use it with gray, pink, blue, white and brown to get amazing results. Don’t let your existing color scheme get in the way of great room decorating ideas.

    navy and yellow bedroom - apartment therapy

    Source: apartment therapy

    Yellow can be a little schizophrenic

    Crazy Yellow Fever – No Sudden Moves!

    Yellow, like most geniuses, needs grounding. That’s why it works so well with black. It’s easily persuaded by its surroundings, often dramatically changing its personality with different amounts of light.

    One minute it can appear warm and fun, the next cool and aloof.

    Used in classical English and French decor to country decorating. Bright or dark, tailored or eccentric, depending on who, I mean what, is beside it.

    yellow and red living room - pinterest

    Source: Pinterest

    Next to red, yellow takes on a reddish hue. Coupled with green, a citron-ish hue suddenly appears. You never really know which yellow you are taking home.

    Yellow Tips and Room Decorating Ideas

     If you like any of these yellow beauties, blame One Kings Lane.

    yellow accessories - one kings lane

    Source: Main photo – pinterest, Accessories – One Kings Lane

    • The best advice if you haven’t used yellow before; start small, it can be tricky. Pillows, an ottoman or footstool, vases, lamps, plates will give you a look without making a big investment.
    • Yellows that are pale, soft and muted are easiest to tackle. Bright yellows can take over. Limit large scale pieces in yellow to one.
    • Paint walls in soft tones or stronger shades for accent pieces.
    • Yellow is a primary color, and goes well with most colors.  It looks great with pink, green, purple, gray, blue and orange.
    • Try using different shades of yellow in the same room. Ground it with another color. I mentioned black, but so many other colors work too. This connects the various yellow shades and gives the eye somewhere to rest.
    • Balance yellow with another color.
    • Offset yellow walls with neutral furnishings. Paint the trim white for a crisp soft look. Use pops of stronger colors if you want it to really sing.

    Yellow – from the most acidic to the yolkiest tone.

    There are so many amazing yellows in decorating trends for 2014. If it’s time for a decorating shake-up, yellow could be your color. It looks good with other palettes and really shines when you play with it.

    More decorating trends for 2014 are coming. Next week it’s floral patterns. That’s classic, vintage and pop and how you can use them. Join our newsletter and get more great free stuff.

     If you want to keep reading, look at the articles below. Have Fun!





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