How to Paint Furniture - Metallic Silver Paint Looks

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How to paint furniture so it's metallic silver paint has a rich luster that looks expensive is what this post is all about.

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Here are some of the best tutorials for shiny and aged silver paint looks. Painted furniture always looks great and I love these painted furniture ideas using silver paint.

Not every shiny silver piece may fit in your home, but a beautifully aged piece might.

Is Spray Painting Furniture Best?

one kings lane Product_MDR12646_Image_1

Spray painting furniture is the easiest method to create your silver painted furniture. You prime your piece and spray with metallic silver paint. Make sure you sample the paint color on a test card before you buy it, to make sure its the metallic silver look you want. Source: One Kings Lane

What About Latex Metallic Silver Paint?

You can also use latex metallic paint. Metallic tinted latex or enamel paint should be applied with a brush, roller or paint sprayer. They can be more expensive but they often give a better quality finish.

How Do You Use Silver Metallic Paint? Tips and Tricks

Metallic silver paint needs particular care if you want to get results like this.

lilyfield painted furniture
Source: Lilyfield Life - Metallic Silver Paint
silver painted furniture

Source: Painted Furniture Ideas   If you're learning how to paint furniture, here is a video from Happy Black Chic using Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint Silver, that walks through the entire process.

The final result looks great. You can also get Martha Stewart's spray paint in gold, copper and rust.  

Which is the Best Silver Paint for Painted Furniture?

There are a lot of silver paints and each one has its own special look and sheen. Some are easier to work with than others.  The paint you use is important - some can look a little thin and cheap. 

antique bisque and silver leaf Reflections+Coffee+Table
Source: Joss and Main

Here is a list of some of the better quality paints!

You can see what some of these paints look like, side by side, at Painted Furniture Ideas.

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How to Paint Furniture Metallic Silver?

Painting furniture with metallic silver paint can be incredibly easy or very time consuming. The piece below from Oliver and Rust uses Glidden Gripper Primer in "gripper grey", Martha Stewart Metallic Specialty Paint and Annie Sloan dark wax. You will probably need one small jar of MS Metallic paint as it spreads easily and goes along way.

Glidden Gripper Primer in gray must be made up at the store as 'gripper grey' is no longer available.

oliver and rust 003ee97b65c9fa17dac4a2cef7e3daa7
Source: Oliver and Rust

If you prefer an aged look, less shiny and more depth, the aged metallic look is next.

How Do You Get an Aged Metallic Silver Paint Look?

Creating an aged metallic silver paint look by painting wood furniture can take time and paint, as you layer different silver paints until you get the finish you want. Its recommended that you spray paint furniture for a faster and even result. There is a faux version further down this post. Its faster but the results are no where near as beautiful as this piece.

little miss penny wenny
Source: Little Miss Penny Wenny

This beautiful silver painted dresser from Little Miss Penny Wenny was once cream with a green undertone. Time for a makeover.

Fast Aged Silver Painted Furniture

This technique from Petticoat Junction has less steps; fewer layers of paint for a less aged look in much less time.

petticoat junction a8513eaf67acc46690c4c2c7dd301392
Source: Petticoat Junction

Another beautiful piece from Petticoat Junction is this trolley. The toner ages your furniture and cuts the shiny silver look without hiding it. For a shiny look, don't use any toner.

petticoat junction furniture-makeover-using-martha-stewart-metallic-silver-paint_thumb

How to Create a Faux Silver Painted Furniture?

There are always shortcuts to get a look. This look from BHG adds paintable wallpaper to the front of this chest to add texture and interest. The wallpaper selected looks like pressed or tooled metal.

bhg faux silver painted furniture
Source: BHG

Cheap Silver Paint or Expensive Metallic Silver Paint?

Depending on the quality of the silver spray paint or silver furniture paint you choose, your furniture could look incredibly expensive and glamorous or like plastic silver covered furniture.

Cheap silver spray paint may look attractive but it may not give you the result you want. You might cover your cheap look with a glaze or clear wax, but it pays to investigate and know the look you are going to get from the start. 

Get samples if possible and look at dried samples before you decide or buy. Try this look on lamps, ottoman trays or bedroom nightstands.