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Kitchen Hardware Trends in 2023

By: Joanne Derrick |

When you choose your new kitchen cabinets, or if you’re thinking of an update, then you’ll need to think about the detail. As small and insignificant as it may seem, your kitchen hardware carries a lot of design weight.

A plain white kitchen can be made more traditional or more modern according to the handles you select. So think about what it is that you’re trying to convey and pick your accessories accordingly. 

One thing’s for sure you’ll be spoilt for choice so take a look at this year’s source of inspiration.

Always Believe in Gold

 Always Believe in Gold scaled

Whether you have a traditional style of kitchen or a sleek, up to the moment modern design, gold handles will show that you know where it’s at!

Gold has been a popular finish in hardware and in home design in recent years, and has pride of place in 2023. If you’re selecting gold handles then also match your faucet and any other hardware.

Gold Cabinet Knobs

A metal knob on your kitchen cabinets is just too cute. But even cuter in gold. Continuing with the gold theme, as well as long handles, button-like knobs are also in fashion.

Where a handle can have a modern feel, a knob says country and sweet, conjuring up thoughts of stretched aprons and apple pies.

And matched with greens, blues and teals, the color will pop. At opposite sides of the color wheel, these two tones will bring out the best of each other.

Sleek Silver Handles

 Sleek Silver Handles scaled

As much as we’re seeing some new hardware finishes, one that never goes out of style is a brushed silver finish.

It has both an antique, Bohemian character as well as being modern particularly when in a sleek, long bar shape. Silver tones will match with any kitchen and are on the cooler side of the color spectrum.

Black is Back

 Black is Back scaled

For the swiftest of kitchen updates, then replace your hardware with black metal knobs and handles. From window frames to light fittings, black is what it’s all about. 

Black will work with any color kitchen but is probably best left to more modern or simple styles. It might not look so good with an ornate farmhouse finish.

Farmhouse Chic Metal Handles

 Farmhouse Chic Metal Handles scaled

Still trending in 2023 is the cup handle for your kitchen cabinet. This style can be traditional with a wood or shaker style kitchen. With a black or gray kitchen, you’ll have an industrial feel. 

For a traditional look, choose cup handles in brass. For more modern, select a chrome or silver tone.

Barely There Handles

 Barely There Handles scaled

This year’s super trendy kitchen cabinet handles are the barely-there look. Made from thin metal these are unobtrusive and make for a sleek look. 

So if you want to be ultra modern, choose this style for a plain, stylish kitchen. They are just a little more practical than the no handle look but add a touch of edge.

Leather Kitchen Cabinet Handles

 Leather Kitchen Cabinet Handles scaled

If you’re all about natural looks and sustainability then leather handles are a wonderful way of embracing the look.

Attached to your door with metal studs, these are an unusual but very of the moment feature. They look especially good with white cabinets.

Pretty Glass Knobs

You will be seeing many more of these in kitchens this year. Plain glass knobs are a delightful new addition to the design world and will work with many existing kitchen designs.

Take a look at the variety of patterns available, from plain and smooth to intricately cut designs which add a real burst of interest and modernity to any kitchen.

Ceramic knobs

Something we’ve seen for some time on other pieces of furniture but which is now appearing on kitchen cabinets is hand painted ceramic knobs. 

Beautifully individual, you can replicate the same design or mismatch patterns and even colors. Most suited to those who like a cottage look in their home, this is an exciting way to update any traditional or plain style kitchen.

In Summary

In 2023 we’re seeing some updates on the traditional with the likes of painted ceramic knobs, as well as twists on classic modern finishes like black and gold handles and knobs.

If you like a sense of tradition then a silver finish is key for your kitchen. For the ultimate modern look, choose gold or glass handles and knobs. 

Take a look at the hardware for this season and imagine how that could look in your kitchen for a striking update.