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Paint Colors – Sea Green Color Madness

By: Decorated Life Team |

Sea Green Color Palette Make Beautiful Interior Paint Colors Easy

sea green color walls

Some paint colors never go out of fashion. I believe you can add the soft sea green color to that list. It’s refreshing and tranquil and blends well with many interior paint colors from grays to whites.

almost a neutral

Sea Green Color Change

This gorgeous blue green interior paint color is soothing and very stylish. Whether you use it as an accent color or paint entire walls in this sea green color, it has a timeless look that works with many decorating themes.

sea green feature wall

Source: Pinterest

For color accents, add to the back of bookcases or to your kitchen cabinets to create a WOW factor. But you can do so much more with it.

pale sea green cabinets bhg

Source: BHG

From the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom, this is a flexible color. It has a habit of changing its look with different amounts of natural light, or different colors and styles of furniture in your rooms. While white and gray are a perfect match for a classic beach decor look, warm wood tones or sharp blacks will entirely change your look.

sea green and wood

If you have large areas of sea green, break them up with white or warm wood accents. Like the floating shelves below. Click the image below to make these floating shelves. Use this idea in your laundry, mudroom, hallway or bathroom!

seagreen bathroom

Source: HomeDepot

Sea Green Accent Color

If you are not sure about changing wall paint color or painting major pieces of furniture to sea green, try adding hints of sea green color to your room.

Navy, seafoam, gray

Source: Pinterest

It goes perfectly against dark gray, navy or coffee-colored walls, creating a lively contrast. It also goes well against white walls for a crisper decorating look, and add color pops of daffodil yellow.

sea green color wall paint

Source: Amazon

Sea Green Soft Furnishings

Gray can sometimes look a little too .. gray… clinical and dull. Sea green goes very well with gray walls, uplifting and bringing out the best in your gray. Add touches of it around your room with accessories like cushions, glass ware and linen to give your gray walls some life. It also works well with traditional and classic gold accents found in lamps, mirrors and tables. 

pale sea green walls

You can take this cool soft look anywhere, including the kitchen or bedroom.

Sea Green Walls & Features

With so many shades of sea green color, you can easily find the right one for your space. Here it works in a backsplash to break up and accentuate white kitchen counter tops and cabinets.

sea green backsplashSource: Pinterest

sea green tiles

Source: amazon 

sea green bathroom cabinets

Moving it to the bathroom, this color transports you instantly to the beach; coastal magic that works anywhere from country cottage decor to smart apartment living.

sea green color island and subway tiles

Source: Pinterest

Sea green is a wonderful contrast against warm woods. They play off one another beautifully. Add some aged or distressed painted chalk painted furniture for a more rustic or country look.

warm woods and sea green

Whether you paint your walls in sea green color, paint a sideboard, or use it on fabric and accessories, this color is worth thinking about. Remember to add warm colors and tones to balance out sea green cooler characteristics.

sea green wallsBetter Homes & Gardens

Traditionalists with white walls or blue and white themes can easily add sea blue-green to color palettes to  add interest and introduce another easy-to-live with color.

soft sea green subway tile backsplash

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