• Is White Paint Still THE Best Wall Color? Living Room Ideas


    White Paint Rules! Living Room Paint Ideas

    White painted walls might seem like an easy way out, but even with the trends towards pale blue and gray paints, white walls are a classic and will never go out of style.You can keep them white, stencil, stripe or paint a feature wall to change the look of your entire room. Here are just a few ideas on how to change the look of your white rooms, how to choose your white colors, how to cool them down or warm them up.

    add gray or blue to your white decorating

    Source: BHG

    Decorating white walls is one of the simplest decorating techniques to get right – or wrong. It’s also one of the easiest colors to  change the entire look of your room by updating or changing your accent colors. So, white is still practical, on so many levels because it looks refreshing and is a great contrast to other decorating.

     blue and white classic decor

    Source: House Beautiful

    White walls can look so spectacularly cool – and brilliant against either pale, muted shades and colors or against strong bold colors.

    add pops of color

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    They can also look flat and cold, and create shadows, often makes rooms look smaller and even dinghy. 

    You want it to scream Rockstar – not morgue. Having most of your furniture in similar or muted tones will make you rooms feel lighter and larger. Pops of color will add the contrast you need and pops of wood will add warmth.

    pale woods, blues and white

    Source: Brit.co

    When decorating white walls, some great living room color ideas include:

    1. Using color to offset the four walls of white.
    2. Add a large mirror with a warm wood or colored frame.
    3. Add various wood tones to your room for some extra warmth. Apart from floor boards or ceiling beams, add chairs, a coffee table or console table.
    decorating with white

    Source: Beneath My Heart

    4. Gray or blue accents are popular colors to add to mostly white rooms.
    5. Black and white paintings are classic and go with almost anything. This can be a gallery wall of family photos, street signs or art work.You can use dark woods against white or pale, muted woods for a completely different look. You can go with dark accents….

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    Or a pale modern look, that is still soft and inviting.
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    thehuntedinterior blogspot

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    A gallery wall, using frames, photos on canvas or wood and mixing it up with some decals is also a great addition to any wall.

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    .. but first you need to work out which white paint you should use for your walls.

    warm your room with strong contrasts

    Source: BHG

    Best White Paint Colors

    white paint

    Source: Justin Bishop

    Popular white wall paint colors for living rooms include:

    1. antique white paint
    2. eggshell white paint
    3. linen white paint
    4. bone white paint
    5. china white paint

    Off-white paint colors are often the easiest to live with and decorate. One white loved by so many is Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White: Good warm white wall color with no gray, green, blue undertones.

    Benjamin Moore Decorators White

    Source: Remodelista

    There are many high quality paint companies offering a huge range of white paints, so take your time looking at the paint color charts for paint color combinations.

    apartment therapy white walls

    Source: Apartment Therapy

    Never buy in the store without buying sample pots, painting large boards and moving them around your living room to see which white really suits your living room.

    How to Choose Paint Colors?

    pops of color

    Source: Brit.co

    Choosing the right white paint color depends on the amount of natural light in your living room, your existing furniture (if you are keeping it), the style of your home and, of course, your personal taste and the mood you want to create.

    Bedroom Paint Ideas

    navy and yellow accents

    Source: BHG

    White paint with a blue or green undertone can make your rooms feel cold and sombre, so go for a white with some yellow or red undertones. Warm your white bedroom with –

    1. Wood accessories
    2. Pops of color 
    3. Warm muted accents.

    These should help keep your bedroom looking and feeling relaxed, warm and comfortable.

    Bathroom Paint Ideas

    White bathrooms with pristine white walls are a classic!  Here are some ways to decorate them.

    White walls and lots of storage

    Source: FabYouBliss

    1. Add soft blue accessories.
    2. Black trim makes a wonderful statement.
    3. Paint the floor! You can paint or etch concrete floors, lime floorboards or add a painted rug.
    4. Add a rug for some added color and texture.

    Other white color schemes include:

    black trim

    Source: Its Overflowing

    1. black and white
    2. navy and white
    3. pale blue and white
    4. gray and white
    5. sea green and white and
    6. muted, soft browns and white.

    sea green and white

    Source: Apartment Therapy

    An article from SFGirlByBay In My Dreams, I Live Here: London Town – shows exactly how you can turn white up or down by adding or subtracting color; in this case – pink.

    i think i’ll have loads of fresh white paint and a smashing bit of modern pop adorning the dining room walls, and a pretty staircase too, via marie claire maison. and the living room will be an elegant and eclectic mix of old and new like this one from Eklund Stockholm New York.

    decorating with white walls

    the bedroom will be bright and cheerful, and i’ll stash my bicycle for flea market runs in there, just because it looks pretty cute, via stella nicolaisen. and a cozy throw or two will keep me warm on those winterly london nights, from ohleander.


    Of course, the coolest thing when decorating white walls is that everything goes with it… Sounds easy enough…

    Which white will you pick?

    To get the full lowdown on how to choose your white based on undertones, click here to learn the tricks to picking the right wall color. This step is vital to create the right mood and tone for your room. Then, pay attention to the other elements in the room, how much natural texture already exists – from wood tones to architectural features like fireplaces or moldings, before adding more… and what to do if you have none.

    black and white classic decor

    Source: Ten Scenic Drive

    Basic White Paint Tips.

    1. Choose a shade of white paint that is soft rather than stark or brilliant.
    2. One third magnolia mixed with two-thirds white is a great way to get a more muted, natural or muted effect.
    3. Choose up to three shades of white for the same room to avoid the flat one tone look.
    4. Live with it for a while so you can get a sense of the rooms good and bad points.
    5. Observe direction and amount of natural light.
    6. Color can be added through furniture, textiles, paintings and decorative objects.

    But don’t stop there. If you don’t like the shade of white paint you have selected it – here are some cool wall stencil ideas to change the look completely by overlaying another color using a stencil. Decorating with white is not a life sentence.

    Here are more more simple decorating techniques to give you a great decorating look with white walls; even if you are decorating white walls or decorating with white!


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