• Outdoor Rugs To Shuish Up Your Garden!

    Posted on April 27, 2012 by Christine in Garden.

    Outdoor rugs and carpets! Yes, outdoor rugs and carpets are taking off. What I love is that they are perfect for so many indoor and outdoor areas like the porch, pool, patio, small courtyard, terraces or balcony.

    Coastal living - porch entertaining - outdoor rugs

    Source: Coastal Living – outdoor rugs

    Indoor outdoor carpet are embellishment for gardens or terraces – even outdoor kitchens. The colors, patterns and textures are so luxurious they look great with almost any outdoor seating and decor.

    warm outdoor carpet

    Source: Pinterest

    These carpets are designed to introduce a feeling of pleasure to your outdoor living spaces – providing you with unlimited decorating potential.

    Apart from looking great – the latest indoor outdoor carpet styles are mold, mildew & moisture resistant.


    This means they won’t:

    1. rot or smell,
    2. fray or zipper,
    3. is stain resistant
    4. and insect resistant.

    Exclusive, stylish and extremely comfortable to walk on with your bare feet – outdoor rugs are such a great choice to finish off your outdoor entertaining space.

    outdoor rug

    Fab- outdoor rug

    Outdoor Rugs – Safe and Anti-Slip

    Indoor – Outdoor carpet is fantastic for places exposed to the elements and changing weather conditions. Moisture can be a problem and outdoor rugs and carpets are made specifically to deal with moisture as well as the perfect solution to slippery areas.

    Outdoor rug

    Outdoor rugs are too easy to clean because all you need to do is hose them off. On a porch or around an outdoor fireplace, indoor outdoor rugs are not only incredibly practical but they help to create the ‘room’ effect of any external entertaining area.

    Fab - outdoor rug

    Source: fab.com via Christine on Pinterest

    They come in a wide variety of stylish and funky colours and patterns and are ideal to use indoors or outdoors in any weather condition.

    Fab.com have a great range of outdoor rugs from Grant Design in Atlanta for sale. Because they are rugs and not carpet installing them is not an issue – the only issue is selecting only one rug. Here are more outdoor rugs on Pinterest.

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