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Outdoor Ideas For a Small Space: Create a Patio Lounge for Entertaining

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Its time to start researching and pinning outdoor patio ideas and get ready for outdoor entertaining, creating a backyard retreat. Casual, formal, whatever your entertaining style here are some ideas to help you, particularly if your porch, patio, balcony and veranda are on the small side. There are definitely ways you can make it look larger, fresher and still fit plants, people, storage and seating without looking or feeling cramped. If you have a small patio area, here are some great ideas you can use to update your outdoor area.

outdoor patio ideas

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Outdoor Patio Ideas for Small Patios

If your patio or porch is small, painting it one color helps to make it look like one seamless area. Use the same paint color as the rest of your home and then add neutral decorating tones. Without crisp definitive lines of where walls and floors meet, your patio, porch or balcony look bigger.

small outdoor area in neutral colors

If your space is nothing special, more a blank canvas, start by creating borders to show where your patio or porch starts and ends. This can be done with a hedge, a row of plants, seating or fence, something that helps to define the space. What about adding louvers to a partition to allow more light and dimension to the space?  

Outdoor space with fire pit and surrounding rocking chairs.

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Limiting the number of items in the area gives your patio a feeling of space. Too many things in a small area can feel cramped and overcrowded.

Even if you have a teeny tiny area with a non existent patio or porch, you can create one using some of the elements below, as your space will allow. There is no reason not to have a wonderful space your can enjoy.

tiny patio perfection

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Outdoor Chairs, Sofas and Swings

If floor space is an issue, elevate your seating using a swing. This helps you seen more floor space, extending the floor line, not stopping it. Choose thin legs for chairs, sofas and tables, highlighting floor space, not thick heavy furniture legs.

Stunning apartment patio ideas


If none of these are possible, try placing furniture right up against the wall. That way your outdoor space will appear larger, with more room in the middle to move around.

modular seating


To increase the number of people that can sit on your small patio, use sectional sofas or couches. Creating outdoor bench space against the wall with built in storage solves two problems, seating and storage.

built in benches

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Outdoor rooms need outdoor decor. Using furniture with weather resistant fabrics is a good start. These fabrics have UV protection, are stain resistant and fade resistant. Making them cooler to use, while still keeping their colors year in, year out.

Outdoor Patio Ideas – Plants and Rugs  

What about outdoor accessories like rugs and plants? Plants can be used to create a cozy border that is great for color as well as privacy away from neighbors or street traffic. You can create a vertical wall, plant herbs or flowers. Unless you have a large patio or porch, thin flower or herb boxes will give you the visual impact without taking up too much space.

Small Patio Ideas


You can use concrete slabs, laid neatly side by side or add real or artificial grass between them to create a patterned patio floor that is easy to look after and maintain. 

patio plant border

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If you have a patio, porch or balcony with a wood floor, a rug could be a better option. Whether you buy or make an outdoor rug, a rug helps to define an area and give the space texture and color.

outdoor patio rug


There are many rugs designs available. As important as the rug patterns are the care instructions. Read the care instructions before purchasing or creating your outdoor rug. You want a rug that won’t fade, is mold resistant and can be easily washed and stored during the winter months or else you will need a new rug the following year. Your rug becomes your virtual room area, and your seats ground the area, creating imaginary walls.

How to Decorate a Small Patio

Outdoor Patio Ideas – Firepits and Lights  

String lights are a great option for small patios and porches. Spread them out to define your patio or porch area. Hang your string lights through trees, onto a roof top, a fence or posts to secure them.

tiny patio with string lights


Add candles or hurricane lamps to create a magical atmosphere.

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Fire pits make your patio usable all year round because they create such a warm inviting atmosphere.

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They help define the space, create a feature and ground the space.

You can build one or buy a small, contained fire pit to move around or build into the ground.

tiny garden with firepit

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These outdoor patio ideas are here to inspire you, helping you to enjoy your small patio or porch all year round and making it easy to invite family and friends over.