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22 Beds for Small Rooms Ideas in 2020

By: Summer Hirst |

If you live in a house with modest proportions, it just makes sense in saving as much space as you can. Since beds are major space-takers in bedrooms, it’s wise to find ways to save bed space. And the good thing is that you can do this in multiple ways. 

Standard large platform beds are the traditional approach. If you’re looking for something that saves space, you need to think outside the box and explore your options. Let’s look at some space saving beds that leave a smaller footprint in your home.

A bed that slides under a platform


The space in your room stays the same but now there are levels. A raised platform that serves as the perfect living room space. But move the chairs a bit and pull out a bed – and voila, now it’s your bedroom. 

It’s not just ideal for small apartments but if you have just one single room, this is the right solution. The room stays neat and tidy and serves a dual purpose. And it’s not just space efficient, it’s super good looking as well!

A bed that goes in the ceiling


What’s that thing in the air? Is that a bird? It that a plane? No, it’s a bed! Instead of going down under a platform, it goes up and merges in the ceiling. Definitely more expensive than the under-the-platform bed but also more stylish.

Imagine bringing guests home and telling them that their bed will descend from the sky! Nothing beats this bed. Even if you’re low on space, score style points with this luxurious flying bed that goes up and simply disappears!

A seat that turns into a bed


Why go for something that’s two-in-one when you can get three-in-one? This pull out bed goes half inside a platform while the other half can be used as a seat. The lower part of the bed is hollow and stores smaller seats that can be used as a dining space – talk about genius!

Picture 1 – when you want to sit back and enjoy a book. Picture 2 – When it’s time to sleep. Picture 3 – When you want to have dinner with family. All of this is adjusted in a single small room. Anything can be achieved by thinking outside the box.

A bed frame that folds like a Japanese fan


In the daytime – a simple mantle. But come night and it turns into a proper bed. Just pull it out from the wall and the folded bed will open up. A bit like the Japanese fan, this zig-zag design helps the bed to be folded easily to take the minimum space.

 Fold it back in the daytime and you have a full room to yourself. It can be anything – a home office, a living space, a play area for the kids, or just about anything you want it to be.

Murphy bed


A pretty common design in the US, it’s a bed that stands against the wall. It has hinges on one end and can be pulled down to make sleeping space. It can be closed to form a closet or a cabinet. In this case, it is being used as a mini library.

Show off your intellect by disguising your Murphy bed as a library or get on the glamorous side by turning it into a dressing table – there are so many options. But as the sun goes to sleep, it transforms into a full-fledged bed.

Create a sleeping loft


A sleeping loft doesn’t just save space, but it’s also like your very own treehouse. If you feel like a kid at heart, you can get a loft even if you have a huge house. And if you have a tiny one, it’s another reason to get a loft.

Play around in the living room all day and then climb up to your cozy space when it’s time for a nap. Everything below the loft can be a living area or a work office – or whatever catches your fancy.

Get storage in bed with a chest bed


Instead of merging your bed into the ceiling, wall, or mantle, a chest bed acts as a bed as well as a chest. There are multiple drawers fitted into the bed that can store everything from shoes, books, and electronic devices to extra linen, pillows, and other things.

Heck, even the headboard has storage. You can keep the headboard storage open or closed according to your needs. While it will take the same space as taken by a regular bed, it will eliminate the need for a cupboard or a closet.

Extra storage with an Ottoman bed


An Ottoman bed looks like a regular bed on the outside, but just like a chest bed, it provides extra storage. Except, it doesn’t offer organized sectional storage like a chest bed. It can be lifted to find extra space below. And it’s great to keep all the blankets and comforters.

Plus, it’s really easy to lift. The mechanism is designed in such a way that it’s not heavy to lift. If vintage-looking chest bed doesn’t appeal to you, the Ottoman might. It looks like a regular one but is secretly really large – pretty much like your heart on Christmas.

A bed that turns into a couch


That’s a regular sofa in your living room. But when it’s time to accommodate a couple of people extra, just pull out the base and it turns into a bed. Ideal for small homes where you don’t have an extra guest room.

Host a party and there will be some guests for the night. Where do you make them sleep? This couch-turns-into-bed is perfect for those occasions. And it’s a pretty simple design too. The mattress is right there. Just pull it out and you’re good to go.

The L-shaped couch bed


Pretty much like the previous option, this one turns a sofa or couch into a bed. The difference? It’s L-shaped. So while it will give you a double bed, you’ll have space for a side table as well. Keep your books and electronics here. 

Since it’s a couch, you don’t have to place a mattress on it. Just put on the bed linen and you’re good to go. While it works pretty much like the sofa-cum-couch bed, this one looks more stylish and appealing. And since it’s L-shaped, it fits perfectly in corners.

Bunk bed


When we were kids, some of us got to sleep in bunk beds, especially those who had siblings. While a bunk bed is generally costlier than a double bed or two single beds, it saves a lot of space. Plus, it’s more fun!

If you have kids and you love Peppa Pig, this is the perfect bed to have. Heck, even if you don’t have kids, it’s a good bed if a friend wants to crash in your apartment – it’s convenient, space saving, looks great, and it reminds us of our childhood.



If you have a small apartment and you work from home, you’ll need a separate space for your office. But if you don’t have enough space for a bed AND a work desk, don’t worry, you can get the office-cum-bed. 

This design creates a desk at the bottom and a bed at the top. So you can finish your work and when it’s time to call it a day, just climb up the stairs and get a good night’s sleep.

And since there will be enough area for the desk, you can add storage space there as well – it’s a great idea!

Hybrid beds


Why stop at a certain type? If you like regular beds, platform beds, and you also want storage space, combine them all into a hybrid bed. Of course, you’ll need stairs to go to the platform bed. Why make them regular stairs when they can have storage in them?

When you begin experimenting, there are no rules. This particular model is a twin bed, storage, and a desk! And if you have your own ideas that can add on to this design, you’re most welcome to try them out. But this one certainly takes the cake as of now – combining so many things into one useful unit.

A bed that’s a chair and a couch


Take a look at this masterpiece that starts off as a couch and then turns into a chair. Open it further and it turns into a bed. Depending on your needs, it’s three things blended in one.

When you have to entertain guests, use it as a couch. When it’s time to sit back and enjoy a book, open it into a lounge chair. And when it’s night time, open it up and sleep on the comfy bed.

It’s a simple and minimalist design and won’t take too much effort in creating it. if you like minimalist designs, you’ll love this modern approach to a couch bed.

A room below your bed


Take the regular Ottoman bed and put some extra features in it. Instead of simple storage, build an entire mini storeroom under it. Lift up the bed and there are cupboards and neatly organized pull-out drawers. 

Of course, the bed will be a bit higher than usual but that’s not something a little step ladder can’t handle. Keep everything packed well under this high Ottoman bed, if that’s what you want to call it. And the outsides are space saving too. Build shelves in them and they’ll act like a perfect little mini library.

A loft bed with storage


As I wrote earlier, sleeping in a loft bed feels like sleeping in a treehouse. But then, getting down every time you need something means that you’ll be taking trips around the house every few minutes.

The solution: a loft bed with storage. You can climb up and sleep cozily in the loft but there’s also storage. So when you need a nightcap, it’s right there in one of its drawers. There are books right there along with a glass of water. Of course, you’ll still need to get up when you need to use the bathroom, though.

A complete kids’ Area in itself


A kid’s bed that has a play area under it, study area where they can complete their homework, along with storage built under the study desk. Color the unit in bright colors to give it a more kid-friendly appearance.

There is a shelf on the sidewall that will hold your child’s favorite books or comics. The area below the desk can be perfect to hold toys and games once they’re done playing with them. With just a little imagination, you can turn a simple corner of the room into something wonderful.

Three double beds in the space for one


It’s a twin bunk bed. A double bed down and a double bed on top. But wait, there’s more. Pull out another double bed from below – it’s three beds in one! When you have multiple guests over and you don’t mind each other’s snoring, this is the perfect solution.

For people with small apartments and a large circle of family and friends who love visiting every now and then, this is the perfect furniture piece. If you like the traditional look, you can get it made in Mahogany. 

Perpendicular bunk beds


Save space with these simple perpendicular bunk beds. Use up that corner space that’s idling around doing nothing. Two parallel bunk beds with a perpendicular one perched atop. And I’m not using fancy words just to show off my mathematical prowess, this bed does speak in 90-degree angles.

There is a small flight of stairs on the side to get on the top bunk. The entire setup is simple and minimalist. But if you want to make it attention grabbing, you can paint the bed in bright colors.

A bed that goes into the wall


If your bedroom is small, you won’t be able to turn a wall into a cupboard. Instead of losing out on that storage space, simple turn the bed headboard wall into a cupboard. And what about the bed, you may ask… push the bed into the cupboard – simple.

In this design, instead of having side tables, there are entire cupboards on the sides that go to the top. This doesn’t just save space, but it also looks very stylish.

A bed over your wardrobe


You must have heard about the walk-in closet. Now you’ll have a climb-over closet. Just climb over the closet to go to bed. There’s so much space that you can use it in whatever way you like. Having a wardrobe and turning it into a bed means the same space, double benefits. 

Use it for storage, clothes, or for whatever way you like it. This unique style will not just make efficient use of the extra space, but also look stylish. Choose the colors carefully and you can have an attention grabber right here.

Still need more space? Keep an airbed


If you still run out of space, keep an inflatable bed ready. Whenever you have an influx of guests, you’ll never be out of sleeping space, thanks to a handy inflatable bed.

These air mattresses or air beds can be inflated with special pumps and it takes just a moment to do that. Plug in the pump and you’ll be having a ready new bed in just a minute. There are portable air beds as well that can be carried in cars too.

Use your creativity to get the right type of bed for your small room

There are multiple ways in which you can create a space saving bed that’s not just space efficient but also stylish. Whether you have a small apartment or you’re just looking for different options for beds, these ideas will make your bedroom look different than others.

With space saving beds, you’ll get the comfort of a nice and cozy place and the peace of knowing that everything is organized.