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Minimalist Boho Bedroom Ideas that Combine Style and Simplicity

By: Advaita Raut |

Ever thought you’d hear boho and minimalist in the same sentence? Minimalism is ruled by simplicity, whereas bohemian decor, a folksy style born in 19th-century Paris, emphasizes creativity and freedom of expression. 

Although both decor styles appear to be on opposite ends of the design spectrum, combining their best elements can result in a seriously good-looking room with positive vibes. 

When you combine the sleek principles of minimalism with the free-spirited coziness of bohemia, with its lived-in appeal, it can transform your bedroom into a balanced yet lively haven.

Doubtful about how to achieve this look? We have some cool ideas to help you style up your bedroom!

Neutral Color Palette for the Walls

 Neutral Color Walls

Although bohemian style thrives on the principle of ‘more is more,’ choosing a neutral color palette for your walls is one of the first steps towards balancing your bedroom with minimalism. Consider your walls to be a blank canvas, and let the other elements of your design and decor shine on their own. 

Minimalist boho bedrooms look great when the walls are painted in beige, ecru, cream, or white. This helps to keep the colors in check and creates a more subtle, cohesive, and cozy look. 

To make your bedroom appear more even, organically warm, and welcoming, choose a warmer color tone even within your neutral color palette, such as a warm beige instead of a cold white. 

You’ll be able to incorporate any natural light that filters into your bedroom and use it to elevate your minimalist boho atmosphere if you keep your walls simple and even-toned. 

Minimalism also requires that you use simple color tones in the bedroom to create a peaceful atmosphere, especially since this will balance out the addition of boho-style’s maximalist elements.

Be Selective With Decorative Items

Although it may be tempting to go on a shopping spree and buy every pretty bohemian-inspired item for your bedroom, take a beat and resist the urge. Circle back to your main goal of achieving balance in your bedroom. This will assist you in being more mindful of the decorative items you choose for your bedroom.

Minimalism dictates that any item you choose for your bedroom, while decorative, also serves a functional purpose. 

Keeping this in mind, choose these items that have a boho vibe but are minimalist. For example, if you intend to decorate your bed with throw pillows, don’t go overboard with tens of pillows, which will make your space appear cluttered.

Instead, select a set of three to four pillows with a variety of textures and styles, for example, a geometric throw pillow, a tassel-fringed cotton pillow, and a rectangular floor cushion with tufted accents. And there you have it! An effortlessly styled bed that combines the pleasing elements of boho-chic and minimalist design. 

Another option is to choose a single, statement-style rattan ottoman for the room rather than several plain ones. You can also install a wicker basket that is both decorative and functional (for tossing your laundry in!).

Pick an Accent Color and Build on It

Neutral minimalist walls need an accent color to complement a minimalist boho atmosphere. This is a good way to ensure that the styles on both ends of the spectrum are visibly represented in your bedroom. 

An accent color can add warmth to a space that is otherwise neutral and austere. Choose specific boho-inspired items in your accent color of choice and place them throughout your room for a unified look.

While selecting an accent color is a fun way to experiment with your room’s color quotient, be mindful of the color you choose. Boho-inspired furniture and decor typically pair well with browns, reds, cheerful yellows, blues, and greens (teal/mint/sage green) so selecting a color from this range may help elevate your bedroom aesthetic to a desirable level.

Finally, choose one accent color and experiment with its various shades and tones to add depth. Avoid using more than one color palette in the same room because it will appear busy and will cancel out the minimalist boho look we’re going for.

Layer With Natural Textures

Bohemian design encourages the use of natural textures and materials, which means that wood, rattan, hemp, chenille, and burlap are used liberally in a bohemian-inspired room.

Use natural textures in inventive and creative ways to elevate your boho aesthetic while remaining true to the concept of minimalism. To balance the vacuum created by a minimalist space, consider uncluttered walls with statement macrame wall hangings, crochet plant hangers, or cozy chenille rugs.

In your neutral space, you can also get creative and add minimalist wooden furniture, such as a sleek coffee table and a rattan overhead lamp.

The interplay of natural textures adds warmth and a lived-in feel to the simplicity of a minimalist space. However, avoid crowding the space with too many elements; instead, choose two or three statement pieces for a streamlined look.

Use Natural Light to Your Benefit

 Natural Light

Nothing creates a more welcoming atmosphere in a home than natural light. The great thing about natural lighting is that it can emphasize both minimalist and boho design elements. 

Natural light brings serenity to any space, which is essential in a place like the bedroom. It also contributes to the buoyancy of bohemian design by inviting positive vibes into the space. Make provisions to add and maximize this staple element to your bedroom for a relaxed, airy atmosphere.

You can enhance the effect of natural lighting by using accessories such as a full-length mirror, neutral-toned walls, and sheer, breezy drapes that allow plenty of light to filter through. Consider placing vines and indoor plants near the windows for added impact.

Choosing the Right Bedding

 Boho Bed scaled

Bedding creates a strong focus in any bedroom. This is your space for rest, so incorporate elements of bohemia (aesthetic) and minimalism (functionality) to create a perfect haven for yourself.

While minimalist design emphasizes clean lines and functional spaces, bohemia encourages an unpolished, snuggly bed look. 

To accomplish this, choose organic cotton or linen bedding fabrics that have a fresh and airy feel, inspiring minimalist vibes. Balance it out with a boho look by adding and layering it with textural elements. Consider layering with tassel-edged duvets, ruffled pillows, embroidered cushions, or cozy knit blankets on top.

Place these extras in such a way that they appear natural and relaxed rather than austere and systematic. For a cleaner look, use neutral colors for the base bedding, such as gray, teal, or oatmeal-hued tones, and layer them with your accent color of choice.

Casual Furniture for an Unpolished Look

 Low Furniture scaled

Low-key, casual furniture adheres to both bohemian and minimalist aesthetic principles. This style of furniture incorporates clean, sleek lines and contours that are not cluttered, while also appearing laid-back, relaxed, and inviting.

Low-arched furniture also contributes to an airy, breezy appearance by allowing air to circulate freely throughout the room. There is also more visible space for decorative items like plants, artwork prints, and wall hangings so that they don’t compete with one another.

To achieve this look, choose casual, low-lying beds and an accompanying rattan chair with a snuggly cushion. This will create a day space where people can lounge and socialize.

To finish the look, add large-potted planters, a minimalist lamp, a freestanding cloth rack, or a small ottoman. Don’t overdo it with pillows and other trinkets to keep your bedroom uncluttered and simple, in keeping with the minimalist-boho trend.

Add Plants to the Mix

 Boho Plants scaled

Plants are an essential component of any bohemian space and help add organic beauty to a neutral minimalist bedroom. They’re also a great addition if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hi-tech minimalist furniture or boho decoratives.

Choose low-maintenance indoor plants that add to the aesthetic of the bedroom. Monstera and philodendrons are examples of plants with strong personalities. Choose delicate ferns, calatheas, or succulents for a burst of freshness in your bedroom if you prefer smaller plants.

Suitable Lighting to Elevate the Atmosphere

 Cozy lamp scaled

The right lighting will help tie together all of the elements of your minimalist boho bedroom and create a cozy atmosphere. When it comes to lighting, use natural textures as much as possible.

Rattan or wicker-wrapped chandeliers, for example, add a soft glow to the room and complement minimalist boho designs. Beaded pendant lights, wooden cage lamps propped up on the bedside table, and rope lights, on the other hand, go a long way towards creating a charming boho-chic atmosphere while remaining rooted in minimalism.

Lastly, a string of simple yet twinkling fairy lights wrapped around the window or bed frame can also help create an inviting atmosphere. 

Add Mirrors

Mirrors effectively add the illusion of space while also magnifying natural light in the room. While a standalone bohemian bedroom may advocate for the placement of multiple, small mirrors throughout the room for a cluttered yet lived-in feel, if you’re looking for a minimalist boho design, go for a statement mirror piece that combines aesthetics and functionality. 

A freestanding floor mirror with rattan borders or a wood-framed floor mirror can add a touch of style to your bedroom. Choose a round mirror with a hand-woven frame above your dresser if you prefer smaller face mirrors.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism thrives on the principle of incorporating selective yet valuable objects in a space. An infusion of a boho style helps to contrast the austerity or orderliness associated with minimalism, making a space more inviting and warm. 

This is an especially good combination to have when designing a tranquil space such as a bedroom, where you can lounge and relax. 

With the above tips, you’ll be able to build yourself an evolved space that balances minimalist maturity with the solace and quirkiness of bohemia!