• Bedroom Decorating Ideas – How Do You Use Your Bedroom?

    Best Bedroom Designs Beyond Sleep

    Great bedroom decorating ideas are everywhere, so.. you would think bedroom makeovers are easy. Well, they can be very tricky because these days, bedrooms often double up as some another room! If this is you, then this post has you covered; from the color to choose to get the best night’s sleep, small bedroom decorating ideas, adding a bedroom office or exercise in it, need more storage, reading nook or entertainment area. So, how does your bedroom measure up?

    modern bedroom furniture

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    Bedroom decorating should look great. And the perfect bedroom has good storage, wardrobes, good task and mood lighting and bedroom chairs. Start by choosing paint colors for bedrooms, so that you will easily relax and drift off to sleep. The muted bedroom wall colors above and below are perfect. They also work well for decorating.

    romantic bedroom decorating ideas

    Source: romantic bedroom decorating ideas from BetterHomeandGarden.org

    If you have a smaller bedroom or apartment, your bedroom may need to double up as an office.


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    Paint up an old cupboard for filing, your computer and stationary. A good armchair and some decent lighting and you are away.

    jennifer pearl interiors - small office spaces

    Source: Jennifer Pearl Interiors

    Small rooms need additional decorating ideas that include clever storage. Like the desk below that has one large drawer that opens up for your keyboard, the desk top has grommet hole for electrical cord access, and the small drawer has metal runners and safety stops.


    amazon desk

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    This can be extra storage area under or behind the bed or a bookcase to hold shoes, bags and bedlinen. So once the color choice is made, move on to how you will use it. No matter what size, you can always carve out some extra space for…

    small bedroom decorating ideas

    Source: BHG

    1. to watch television,
    2. eat breakfast,
    3. talk on the phone,
    4. read a book,
    5. write letters – with or without a computer,
    6. sleep or
    7. exercise.

    storage bench

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    at the picket fence reading nook

    Source: At The Picket Fence – reading nook to get away

    Deciding you want or need to fit one or more of these in your bedroom will help you design and co-ordinate your bedroom decorating; beyond the basics to give you a better functioning bedroom that you will use more often.

    bedroom storage

    Source: BHG

    So, will you carve out a space for a reading nook, add a television to your wall or hide your computer in an a moire?


    Source: Emily A Clark

    The black and white wall gallery above blends the black television and white chest of drawers making this space not only functional but also look great.

    This is where using modern bedroom designs and planning go along way; blending your bedroom decorating needs with your bedroom theme, great colors and textures.

     audio video console

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    Bedroom Makeover

    A simple way to get more from your bedroom is to get pen and paper and;

    1.  work out how you would like to use your bedroom in the future. Check with the above list along the way for a few ideas.
    2.  now list any pieces of furniture you need apart from the bed to make all this functionality happen.

    benjamin moore coventry grey
     Source: Pinterest benjamin moore coventry grey

    Your bedroom furniture will include:

    1. bed side tables,
    2. wardrobe space,
    3. chest of drawers,
    4. seating – armchair or sofas,
    5. a desk for writing or a computer,
    6. table for a television, and
    7. bookcases

    Next, pencil out a floor plan of your bedroom. This will give you a visual of what your bedroom makeover might look like. The more time and detail you put into creating your floor plan, the more success you will have to translate it into real life.

    barbie and the closet

    Source: Barbie and the Closet

    Once you have the worked out the practical aspects, of how you can use your bedroom space more effectively, its time to add some glamor using bedroom wall decor, paint or bedroom wallpaper ideas, storage and bedroom themes to get a look that is pulled together.

    good lighting

    Source: Pinterest – bedroom task lighting

    Now you can play with color, decorating ideas and themes add fabric texture, vintage furnishings, romantic lighting and wall decor to create an amazing bedroom theme just for you.

    So many people use their bedroom as somewhere to sleep. But isn’t it wonderful to use it as a real sanctuary?

    If you have any great bedroom decorating ideas or tips please leave a commentLike this article and share it! We love spreading ideas – everyone deserves to live a Decorated Life!


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