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Laundry Room Countertops: From Practical to Stylish Ideas

By: Advaita Raut |

You’d have to agree that laundry countertops are one of the most underappreciated home features. They are used for a variety of purposes aside from being a convenient nook for laundry-related paraphernalia. 

This is where you separate your whites from your darks, where you might try a last-ditch effort to remove a stubborn stain before tossing it into the washer, and the place where you fold your laundry.

What we mean is that the countertop is an area in the laundry room that handles the majority of the load (no pun intended). As a result, keeping this space organized and spruced up can go a long way toward making your laundry room feel more like a cozy nook than just a room where you do your chores.

Wondering how to do that? We have some ideas to get you started!

Elegant Antique-Finish Countertops 

If you’re a fan of the antique-vintage look, your laundry room is the perfect place to try it out. This look is best achieved with a dark, wood-stained countertop with an enclosed counter that neatly tucks away your washer and dryer. 

Install a matching open wooden shelf above the counter and decorate it with adorable laundry knick-knacks like vintage washboards and wringers, or store antique glass jars with detergent or softener. 

This antique look works well with toasty terracotta or herringbone tiles, which add warmth and charm to the space rather than making it seem cold and boring.

Marble Countertops for a Classy Touch

Marble countertops are an excellent way to add a luxurious touch to a small laundry room. The marble you choose does not have to be stark white; instead, it can have a light pattern that breaks up the monotony of a white washer and dryer. Consider patterned or subway backsplash tiles to complete the look.

Another feature that will elevate this look is the addition of white cabinetry above the countertop, which will serve as a convenient place to store all laundry items. If you have matching marble flooring, the result is a stylish, luxe-inspired laundry room with personality.

Quartz Countertops: a Low-maintenance Option

Quartz is a well-known kitchen material. But did you know they can also be a great addition to your laundry room? Its natural, non-porous properties make it an excellent choice for laundry countertops. 

Accidental spills and stains in the laundry room will not harm this resilient material, making it a low-maintenance option. Not only that, but its natural, raw beauty elevates the space, instantly adding a luxe appeal. 

While this is a top-notch laundry countertop option, keep in mind that installing quartz countertops typically necessitates the services of a stone fabricator, making them relatively expensive to install.

Island-Style Laundry Countertop

You’ve probably heard of kitchen islands, but installing one in a laundry room is a unique idea that you should consider if you want to spruce up the space. If you have a large laundry room, adding a freestanding island-style table in the center of the room is a good way to utilize this space.

Both the traditional counter above the washer/dryer and the island can have matching marble countertops. To finish the look, contrast the lower cabinetry with blue shaker cabinets.

With this island, you now have a convenient place to complete other chores, read a book, or do homework with your children while you wait for the laundry to be done.

Moody Black or Dark Gray Countertops

Moody black themes and dark gray fixtures give a space a wonderful contemporary yet sophisticated look. There are two ways to style this look. 

One option is to combine matte black countertops with light wood shelves and black fixtures, use filament lights on the ceiling, and incorporate an apron sink into the counter. For an upscale, rustic-chic look, use cool subway tiles with black grout lines as a backsplash.

Alternatively, you could go with a dark gray countertop with a black washer and dryer hidden beneath. Add to this sleek and modern look by pairing matching gray cabinetry with subway tile walls.

You can also make a statement by pairing hexagonal tile or black and white checkered flooring with the dark-hued countertops.

Butcher Block Countertops for a Rustic Feel

Butcher block wood countertops are a durable and cost-effective option that adds a charming finish to your laundry room. They are widely available and relatively simple to cut and install, making them an excellent choice if you want to upgrade but don’t want to spend too much time, energy, or money.

Make sure to seal the countertops after installation to prevent the wood from warping, which is a possibility in humid areas.

Because of their water-resistant properties after treatment, butcher blocks serve as a functional space for pre- and post-laundry chores. They are also versatile from a styling standpoint. You can combine various designs with them, such as contrasting white cabinetry or matte black shelves for a dramatic effect. 

For a uniform design that catches the eye, consider using the same butcher block to add floating shelves on top that can be used as a nifty storage and decorative space.

All-White Laundry Room With Blonde Wood Countertop

Bring natural light and cheer into your laundry room to make it feel more than a space for your chores. An all-white laundry room is an ideal way to introduce space into a tiny laundry room while still winning in terms of design.

Countertops made of oak or blonde wood work best in such bright spaces, adding a softer touch to an otherwise stark space. Light wood is also durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear, so it’s a win-win situation.

You can use this light wood to create a rustic, farmhouse-style space by styling it with wicker baskets, cute laundry frames, and a slew of knickknacks.

Alternatively, for a sleek, minimalist appearance, keep the space clean and streamlined. And if you prefer a more opulent version, install an elegant crystal flush mount lamp from the ceiling.  

Stained-Wood Powder Blue or Muted Green Countertops

Dreamy blue and green colors are popular these days, so why not incorporate them into your laundry room? To add warmth and texture to the countertops, choose a stained wood look with these colors. 

Pick from shades like sea foam, mint green, powder blue, or peppermint to liven up the space. Complement the colors with vintage signs, low-maintenance indoor plants (succulents, maybe?), and white shiplap walls as a backsplash. 

If you have a window in your laundry room, consider adding bamboo Roman shades to keep the theme going.

Patterned Countertop for a Wow Factor

Choose striking, geometric patterns for your countertops to create a bold look. They add a unique twist to an otherwise mundane space, and their busy design is ideal for hiding any unsightly spills or stains. To keep the room looking spacious, pair these statement countertops with a wide apron sink, solid-colored backsplash tiles, and neutral flooring.

Final Words

Laundry countertops are where most people spend the majority of their laundry day, so why not make them as appealing as possible? The availability of various designs and materials these days provides you with a plethora of creative ideas for styling up the room and adding some personality to it. 

Choose your material based on your priority, whether it is durability, style, or both — fortunately, many materials offer the best of both worlds! Once you’ve spruced up the laundry room, trust us, you’ll have found a new favorite spot in your home!