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Oxford White by Benjamin Moore

By: Stevie Miller |

Do you love the soothing, relaxing tones of cool colors? Is blue your favorite color? (It’s actually the most popular color in the world.) 

If your idea of paradise is cool and refreshing, like lush greenery, blue waters, or meditative grays, you might be wondering what white paint to add to your palette.

A cool white, with a dash of gray shading, Oxford White is just the thing for cool color palettes, silver metalwork, or a subtle contrast to warmer neutrals.

Let’s pop open the paint can and take a look at Oxford White!

What Color is Oxford White?

1 Oxford White Introduction

Oxford White is a white paint color that primarily reads as a clean white. It does, however, have a slight gray shading. 

LRV of 86.69

Oxford White has a light reflectance value, or LRV, of 86.69. 

Light reflectance value is a scale designed to measure how bright a color is, and ranges from absolute black at 0 to sheer white at 100. The higher the number, the lighter the color.

Off-white colors typically range from about 73 to 82, with numbers above 82 being true whites. Oxford White is definitely light enough to make the cut.

What Undertones Does Oxford White Have?

Oxford White has very slight gray undertones. Lower lighting situations or contrast with other colors can bring out its shading.

Is Oxford White a Warm Color or a Cool Color?

Oxford White is a cool white color, owing to its gray undertones. Since gray’s a cool color, Oxford White becomes cool too.

Where Can You Use Oxford White?

Oxford White, like any other bright white, can readily be used in any room of the home. Its cool tint isn’t enough to make a room too cold, and it can help draw light into dark and small spaces.

White kitchens are still wildly popular, and Oxford White shows up again and again as a kitchen wall color, or as a complete kitchen color. 

Styles that rely heavily on white, like modern farmhouse style, can make great use of Oxford White.

Oxford White is easy to “dress up” or “dress down” depending on the coordinating colors and decor styles you choose. It can look very formal and elegant, natural and relaxed, or neutral and minimalist. 

Let’s take a look at Oxford White in action and see how to use it in our own projects!


Oxford White adds elegance to this modern farmhouse exterior.


As a cool white, Oxford White is a good coordinating choice for this blue and gray entryway.

Living Room

Oxford White takes natural neutrals to the max in this foliage-inspired living room.

2 Oxford White and Cheating Heart in the Living Room

A charcoal gray like Cheating Heart will bring out Oxford White’s cool side.


A total kitchen makeover: brighter, bigger, and absolutely beautiful–all brought to you by Oxford White. It’s really that easy!

Black and Oxford White are a bold and sophisticated looking combination in this kitchen–but so simple to steal for yourself!

Dining Room

The vintage charm in this farmhouse dining room comes courtesy of Halo walls and Oxford White trim. 

3 Hale Navy and Oxford White in the Dining Room

Hale Navy and Oxford White create formal, elegant beauty in this dining room.

Home Office

4 Oxford White and Balboa Mist in the

This stylish modern office draws neutral calm from Balboa Mist and Oxford White.


This “wild grandma” guest room got a major makeover from Oxford White, and a much milder wallpaper on a single focal wall. 

Oxford White creates a backdrop for simple, bold colors in this bedroom’s decor.


5 Oxford White and Black Satin in the Bathroom

In this bathroom, Oxford White and Black Satin demonstrate why black and white is a timeless combination that will never go out of style.

Oxford White Coordinating Colors

While it’s true that Oxford White is a cool white, your coordinating color options for this white are still virtually limitless. 

Oxford White is a beautiful choice to coordinate with cool palettes. It’s a shoe-in for blue, green, and gray colors. 

Many popular colors are also tinted with gray, and Oxford White will play well with this trait. Consider gray-blended favorites like Palladian Blue, Balboa Mist, Evergreen Fog, and Sea Salt

A winning combination I always like to recommend is black, gray, and white–in this case, Oxford White. This trio will look chic and sophisticated while adding drama to any space. It’s also a perfect match for metalwork–Oxford White is a great complement for silver.

Need some inspiration for your Oxford White palette? Here are some coordinating color ideas to get you started:

How Does Oxford White Compare With Other Colors?

Oxford White vs Simply White by Benjamin Moore

6 Oxford White vs Simply White by Benjamin Moore scaled

Oxford White is a cleaner white than Simply White; when the two are side-by-side, Simply White appears to have a warm, creamy glow. Simply White is the brighter of the two, but only by a tiny bit, with a LRV of 89.52.

Oxford White vs Extra White by Sherwin Williams

7 Oxford White vs Extra White by Sherwin Williams scaled

Extra White is probably Sherwin Williams’ closest equivalent to Oxford White. These two colors are almost identical. Extra White comes across a little cooler than Oxford White, which makes Oxford White seem brighter–but it isn’t. Extra White has a LRV of 86, the same as Oxford White.

Oxford White vs Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

8 Oxford White vs Snowbound by Sherwin Williams scaled

Snowbound is a cool white that straddles the divide between whites and off-whites. It’s somewhat cooler than Oxford White. Snowbound has a LRV of 83, and looks darker than Oxford White when they’re compared directly.

Final Thoughts

Oxford White is a true white with just enough shading to qualify as a cool white. It’s easy to coordinate with other colors, and bright enough that you’ll never have to worry that it looks dingy. This white is the perfect companion for its fellow cool colors like blue, green, and gray. Will Oxford White be part of your next home refresh?