22 Gorgeous Sofa Table Ideas for Your Living Room

By: Caroline Warnock |

You might be wondering, what in the world is a sofa table? It’s actually a piece of furniture that sits behind a sofa, whether between the couch and the wall or in the middle of a living room.

It stands a bit lower than the couch and is useful for adding reading lamps, plants, and other pieces of decor. Once you see these great sofa table ideas, I guarantee you’ll be running out the door to get your own!

Add a Wooden Table for a Beachside Feel


A common look for a sofa table is this smooth wood with cross hatch ends, bringing to mind a coastal and beach side decor. It’s a more functional option due to its three shelves and wide surface. 

You can get a paler or darker wood finish depending on your decor style; for the beach side look, what’s important is the cross hatch on either end of the table. 

Install Pipes for an Industrial Appeal


A great addition to a sofa table is adding piping detail like in this photo. The pipe runs along the top across the sides and back of the tabletop, and the legs of the table also look like pipes. It gives off a trendy industrial vibe with the mixed material use. 

This is one of the higher profile sofa tables, actually sticking up past the couch to create a block between both sides of the room. 

Include Stools for a Sofa Table Bar


Why not get your sofa table to double as a bar? It’s easy enough to do, just get a table that’s a bit wider and has space underneath it to push in some stools. 

Here, we see some simple wooden and woven stools that fit in perfectly under this modern sofa table. You can also change it up by getting some poufs if your table is low enough. It creates a more casual atmosphere. 

Get an Ultra Narrow Table for a Unique Look


A sofa table doesn’t have to be large and take up space. A narrow table like this one slots in wonderfully in the gap between the couch and the wall. 

It’s just big enough for a few frames, plants, and lamps; really, that’s all you need behind your couch. The bonus is that it saves you having to put up shelves on the wall for those items. 

A Low Profile Table is Modern and Simple


The mid-century modern decor style tends to have more low profile furniture to create the feeling of space. 

If your living room is decorated in this style, you can still get a sofa table, though. Simply choose one that is more low profile than most, and that would be lower than your couch as well. In this example, the pale wood has a lot of concealed storage to keep your knick knacks out of sight. 

Change Things Up with a Desk Instead of a Table


You don’t have to limit yourself to a specifically designed sofa table. Be unique and decorate the way you want. Don’t be afraid to change it up by using a different item in place of a table, like a bench or this gorgeous old-fashioned desk. 

It’s just the right height for this sofa and fits everything you might need on its two levels of shelves and in drawers. 

Add Carved Flourishes for Elegance


If you’re not a fan of the straight lines and minimalism of most modern decor styles, get a sofa table with more pizzazz. 

This table has curved legs and a carved profile, but the pure white color keeps it from being too over the top. It would look right at home in a beach house or elegant living room.

You can achieve this look yourself with a simple coat of white paint over an older table. 

Put Your Table on Some Columns


Another great way to step away from modern straight lines and the industrial themed style is to get a tabletop on two columns, like this great sofa table pictured here. 

The two tone of the white columns and pale wood of the tabletop are perfect for a farmhouse living room or country chic style. You can keep it weathered for a more cozy, antique look. 

Get a Repurposed Wooden Table for Rustic Charm


You can get a wooden table that’s entirely repurposed from pieces of reclaimed wood. This style is perfect if you’re looking for a heavier, sturdier table for the back of your sofa.

If you’re interested in this one but you can’t find the right table anywhere you’ve looked, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. You can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost and a one-of-a-kind sofa table.

Keep it Plain White for a Classic Look


We’ve explored some white sofa tables before, but this one takes top prize for the classic plain white table. It’s incredibly simple with only three smooth pieces of wood painted white.

This is the go-to table for you if you don’t want it to stand out or make a statement. It blends in with the rest of the decor while serving its purpose, holding only a lamp, terrarium, and picture frame. 

Paint Your Sofa Table a Bold Color


You can make a statement with your sofa table by buying one in a bold color, like this royal blue option. If you can’t find one the right shade to match the rest of your decor, consider painting it instead so it’s completely unique.

The blue table in this photo stands out and adds a splash of color to an otherwise pale and tame room, tying in to the other blue accents. 

A Thin Sofa Table is Modern and Unobtrusive


This mid-century modern living room is furnished with a simple wooden sofa table with a very thin profile. It creates more space and seems almost weightless. 

Not all sofa tables are made heavy and sturdy and this one is a prime example of that. 

Put Your Sofa Table on a Pedestal


There are so many sofa table options out there, and this one still manages to stand out from the crowd. It’s thanks to its pedestal style base, which is different from most standard tables.

It doesn’t allow you to store anything underneath it, but it makes a strong statement on its own. If you’re a fan of symmetry and eye-catching detail, this is the one for you. 

Use a Narrow End Table Instead


This one is a bit different than the other sofa tables on the list, but still worth looking at. It’s actually an end table instead of one for behind the sofa.

But it’s an end table that is completely dependent on the sofa due to its thin shape. As you can see, it’s just big enough to fit some reading material, a coffee mug, and phone. For a sofa table, what more could you ask for?

Add Cubbies for More Storage Space


Short on storage space? A sofa table can be the best option if you get one with cubby holes like this one.

You can store books, games, blankets, whatever you need to make your life easier. The wicker baskets in this sofa table look great with the white wood. It gives off a beachy vibe, but this table would look great in any living room. 

Use a Varnished Slab of Wood for a Unique Table


This is a truly unique table because it’s a single piece of wood for the whole table, with a simple varnish coating. It’s completely one of a kind, and the warmth of the wood adds charm and flair to the whole living room.

It definitely stands out, though, so keep that in mind if you’re leaning towards a similar table for your own space. 

Add a Metal Frame to Mix and Match Materials


Mixed media is a staple of mid-century modern decor. This table with a wooden top and thin metal frame is the way to go if you’re decorating in mid-century.

It’s thin, sleek, and functional, and it doesn’t have any unnecessary features. The poufs in a black and white bohemian pattern are a nice addition under the table. 

A Symmetrical Table Adds an Extra Shelf


This table is perfectly symmetrical, by which I mean that you wouldn’t know which way is up and which way is down. The benefit is that you get an extra shelf at the base, and it’s extra sturdy with no danger of tipping over. In this example, it’s not in the back of a sofa, but it’s just the right height to be used as a sofa table. 

Keep It Weathered for the Farmhouse Style


A simple pale yellow table is a nice accent sofa table, right at home in a farmhouse living room. The table is very weathered, which is probably a deliberate choice for the rustic appeal of the furniture.

You can either look in antique shops for a weathered sofa table, or create the weathered look yourself as an afternoon DIY project. 

Build an L-Shaped Table with Crates


If you have an L-shaped couch, why not also get an L-shaped sofa table? Now, that’s a bit harder to find, I know. That’s why this table built from crates is absolutely genius. You can make it as long or short as you want by combining crates for the table top and the legs.

The result? A gorgeous, unique, and rustic sofa table that can rival any purchased at a high-end furniture store. 

Create Your Own Sofa Table


It’s quite easy to build your own sofa table with just a few materials you might already have lying around. You can get this exact look by following Remodelaholic’s tutorial here.

This example is in dark wood, but you can choose the grain and finish you want for your living room. It would be pretty great to show your guests the fashionable sofa table you built. 

Go Sleek with a Dark Wood Finish


You might be worried about having furniture that’s too dark for your living room. The good thing about the sofa table is that if you put it between the couch and the wall, the dark wood is less stark. Instead, it just looks sleek and minimal as a darker accent in the living room.

Final Thoughts

A sofa table is a great addition to a living room because it adds an extra surface for plants, picture frames, and books.

It can simply blend in to the couch, stand out as a statement piece of furniture, add storage options to your space, or even be used to divide the living room in separate sections.

Whatever you want to use your sofa table for, there are many varied styles to choose from. Even better, if none in the store appeal to you, you can build your own just how you want it!