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29 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas in 2020 – A Charming Style

By: Caroline Warnock |

The farmhouse design is a style that focuses on the past and how our pre-technology farming generations decorated their homes. 

It’s all about mixing comfort and practicality by using natural materials like reclaimed wood, stone, and wicker. The color scheme is warm, with a lot of cream, beige, and whites; it’s rare to find bright, bold colors in a farmhouse.

The key with this style is to not go overboard; use only some of these ideas, or you risk straying into country kitsch territory. 

Use Reclaimed Barn Wood


Farmhouse living focuses on reusing materials and what better way to show this than by using reclaimed barn wood for major pieces like this coffee table or accent wall. The reclaimed wood wall is done really well here by using different wood grain boards for a mismatched appeal.

Don’t worry about getting your wood finished or varnished. Make sure it’s well-sanded so you don’t get splinters, but the natural wood of this coffee table needs no embellishment. 

Keep Your Wood Beam Ceiling Exposed


If you’re lucky enough to have a natural wood beam ceiling, keep it exposed for the classic farmhouse look. If you don’t, consider installing some thick wooden beams across your ceiling to create this rustic charm. 

You can add only a few lengthwise or install them in a lattice pattern like in this example. Be careful with this approach, though, because if your ceilings aren’t high enough you risk making your room appear smaller. 

Add Some Vintage Pieces


The farmhouse style is all about capturing the appeal and look of an older, simpler time. Why not look for some vintage pieces from that era? Hit up your local antique shop or flea market to pick up some great vintage items that will work in your living room.

The rocking chair, antique fan in the bookcase, and old fairgrounds poster on the wall are all perfect examples of this decor idea.

Hang a Window Frame as Decoration


You might be surprised to find out that window frames actually make for great decoration. Instead of hanging up a painting or photograph, consider using a weathered window frame. They look particularly great paired with flowers or a wreath, like we see here.

You can take out the window panes to eliminate the glare and add a seasonal wreath—change it up during autumn or the holidays for a nice festive twist. 

Slipcovers Are Practical and Relaxed


The idea behind farmhouse style is practicality and comfort. Slipcovers are really popular because couches are expected to get dirty in farmhouse living and you can easily slip them off and throw them in the laundry. 

The best part about this look? It’s really easy to get it for your own living room without breaking the bank! Measure your couches so you can get slipcovers that fit and you’re one step closer to your dream look.

Go for a Weathered Finish


A common element to all these farmhouse living rooms is the weathered appearance of the furniture. Getting a brand new, matching furniture set is a big no-no here. Instead, find different pieces that have already been through some wear-and-tear. 

You can also create that distressed and weathered look yourself by following a DIY tutorial like this one. It’s actually simpler than you might think! 

Use Wicker Baskets for Storage


If you have any storage needs in your living room, use wicker baskets. You can keep them exposed on shelves or under a side table instead of putting everything away in drawers. 

The beige color of the wicker complements the white color scheme really well, and the use of natural materials is a big bonus in this decor style. Go for different styles of wicker baskets to mix things up. 

Add a Rattan Chair for Country Comfort


You might not be familiar with the term rattan chair, but it’s essentially a wicker chair. Rattan is the name for the material used to make this type of furniture, while wicker is the process of weaving these natural materials (bamboo or willow can also be used instead of rattan). 

Rattan makes for a very sturdy chair and is actually quite comfortable as well, especially if you add a thick pillow or two. 

An Exposed Wall Is the Perfect Accent Wall


Add some country charm to your living room by exposing a brick or stone wall, or building your own if you don’t have one. The wall with the fireplace works best for this look, because it will just look like an extension of the chimney. 

Because the stone wall is darker, make sure to keep the rest of your room in light colors to keep it bright and cheerful. You don’t want it to look like a dungeon! 

Decorate in Warm, Neutral Colors


The best color palette for this style is light and fresh, but that doesn’t mean your room needs to be white. Look for warm pale tones like oatmeal or warm grays, or add some pale blue accents which go very well with the distressed and natural look of your furniture. 

In this room, the light beige and oatmeal tones of the couch make the white of the room seem warmer and more welcoming.

A Shiplap Wall Adds a Farmhouse Vibe


Shiplap is a common farmhouse feature. This type of wood paneling is an easy way to make your living room look like a farmhouse from a past era. Pick wooden boards with a few scratches for a feeling of age and wear-and-tear. 

Shiplap can be installed vertically or horizontally for different looks. You can also use this paneling style for only one wall, the whole room, or even for your ceiling—the choice is yours. 

Hide All Signs of Technology


The farmhouse style is supposed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and a bygone time, and a sure way to ruin that vibe is to have a flat-screen TV hanging on the wall. Try to hide the technology from your living room by installing these great sliding barn doors in front of your TV.

If you love this concept, read this article for some great ideas on how to hide your electronic items in all parts of your home.

Install a Cozy Fireplace


Farmhouses in the past almost all had fireplaces for warmth on cold nights. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a fireplace and making it the cozy centerpiece of the room. 

Build a nice wooden mantel and add some decor or plants on either side of the fireplace. By arranging your seating strategically around it, you can create a comfortable and inviting communal area to hang out with your loved ones and guests.

Get Some Chicken Wire Cabinets


An authentic way to bring the farm into the living room is to install some chicken wire cabinets. As you can see in this example, the chicken wire is purely decorative. It adds a subtle farmhouse touch.

If you’re struggling to find cabinets like this in the store, you can make your own quite easily by buying some white chicken wire and stapling it to the inside of a cabinet where the glass panes normally are. 

Use a Steel Pail as a Vase


This style focuses on finding household uses for farm objects, so why not use some steel pails or milk jugs as vases? Hang it up if there’s a handle, or spice up your pail with a decorative bow.

Lavender is a great plant to put in your pail vases. Not only does the purple color work wonderfully with a warm, neutral color palette, but it smells fantastic and has a calming, soothing effect on people.

Build a Milk Jug Base Coffee Table


Go for ultimate farmhouse charm by getting a coffee table mounted on a milk jug. For the best effect, you’ll want a weathered and peeling milk jug, like in this example. The pale-colored jug looks great with the wood of the table and adds just enough charm to the room. 

If you want the step-by-step guide to make this totally cute coffee table yourself, then check out this blog.

Plants Create an Outdoors Feeling


Show your love of nature and the outdoors by adding a lot of greenery to your farmhouse living room. Don’t be afraid to go for some different varieties, like big-leaved potted plants, small succulents on shelves, and hanging ivy plants to cascade down in a corner of the room. 

The green of the plants matches the oatmeal and white of the room and adding just a couple can make any room feel fresh and inviting.

Install Sliding Barn Doors in Smaller Spaces


What better way to evoke the farmhouse charm than by installing barn doors in your living room? This is a great option if you have a smaller room and you need to maximize floor space. To open, simply slide them along the wall. 

You can get barn doors made from reclaimed wood—look for actual barn board and vintage-looking sliders for the true farmhouse style.

Get Big and Comfortable Sofas and Chairs


The main focus of this decor type is on comfort and practicality. What says comfort like big, cozy sofas and armchairs that you can practically sink into after a long day’s work in the fields? 

Look for study pieces that can withstand the test of time. You should also test your furniture before buying. If you don’t think you could curl up and fall asleep in your living room chairs, then keep looking. 

Wire Baskets Are Great for Holding Decorations


If you have any coffee table centerpieces or small items on your shelves, consider displaying them in wire baskets. This helps organize your living room while also showing a style that is no-fuss and practical.

Use a Trunk for Storage


Use an old trunk in your living room for true farmhouse charm. Not only does it make a great coffee table, but it also doubles as a storage space for extra blankets and pillows. 

Look for an authentic wooden trunk with black vintage hinges or a worn, stamped pattern. Your local antique shop should have a few options to choose from—this is a common item to find while antique hunting.

Barrels Make Great End Tables


Steel drums or wooden barrels are great as end tables. You can leave it as is, paint over it, or even use it as a base for a wooden top like in this example. If there’s writing stamped across it, leave it there for maximum authenticity. 

You should avoid using this type of end table if you’ve also used a milk jug coffee table, or you risk your decor coming off as kitschy.

An Old Ladder Doubles as a Hanging Rack


You can use an old ladder to hang some blankets. Lean it against the wall, and drape your blankets over the rungs. In this example, we see that the ladder is nothing fancy, just a basic, weathered ladder that anyone can build themselves. 

Although you want some reclaimed barnwood to make it, make sure that the ladder is sanded to avoid getting splinters or tearing your blankets. 

Use Reclaimed Farm Items as Artwork


Nearly any farm item can be used as artwork. We’ve previously seen pails as vases and milk jug coffee tables, so how about some wagon wheels as wall art? 

In this example, the wagon wheels have been made into mirrors with individual mirrors between each spoke. You can also get a bigger wheel (wooden or metal) and hang it above a fireplace for a true farm vibe as well as a nice conversation starter.

Have an Open Basket for Pillows and Blankets


In the farmhouse look, you don’t have to hide everything away in drawers. Keep your blankets and pillows in plain sight and stack them in an open basket haphazardly for a casual look. 

This is a great way to make your guests feel at home, knowing they can just grab what they want to get comfy on the couch. Be sure to keep at least a few pillows on the couch as decoration, though. 

Hang a Chandelier as a Centerpiece 


Don’t be afraid to get a fancy, ornate chandelier as a centerpiece of the room. Although the farmhouse look is about practicality, the chandelier is a true old-fashioned addition to any living room. 

Look for a hanging brass chandelier with exposed bulbs like in this example, and make sure your light bulbs give off a warm glow instead of a cold white light. It doesn’t need to be shiny; tarnished brass is a great option.

A Rug Adds Warmth to Wooden Floors


Farmhouse living room floors are usually wooden, so you’ll want to add a big area rug. This will make the room look warmer and more inviting. You should look for an intricate detailed rug like a Persian rug or a close-knit cable rug in oatmeal tones. 

Better yet, combine both rugs like in this example, where the Persian rug is stacked on top of the larger one. 

Use Simple Stools as End Tables


A simple bar stool in metal or wood can make a great end table. It creates the impression that you grabbed whatever was closest for convenience in your living room, instead of going out of your way to buy a proper end table. 

That mix and match appeal and unplanned use of different furniture pieces is the spirit of farmhouse living, so embrace it! 

Add Knitted Pillows to the Couches 


Nothing says comfort like a thick, cable-knit pillow and blanket combination on a couch. It just makes you want to curl up on a cold day with a mug of hot cocoa. Get your own knitted pillows for the couches to add some texture and comfortable appeal. 

Don’t stop at one pillow for each end, either! The farmhouse couch is usually covered in pillows and at least one blanket.

Final Thoughts

It’s quite easy to decorate your living room in the farmhouse style; the risk is that if you do too much the result can be tacky or corny. Focus on furnishing in natural materials with a lot of wood, and decorate in neutral colors. Flea markets and antique shops are a great place to start. 

When looking for accessories, only a handful of these ideas here and there is perfect. If you adopt all of these ideas, it might become too overwhelming. At the end of the day, farmhouse living is about simplicity and comfort, so keep those goals in mind.