Indulgent Spare Room Ideas You Will Love

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When you need more space, you want fresh spare room ideas that will save you from moving, remodeling or building. Whether its a new guest room, an office or an indulgent meditation room, no matter how big or small, there are a lots of ways to enjoy your spare room. 

day bed for power naps

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Most people use their spare room as a store room. That is such a waste. Yes, you need places to store seasonal or extra items but your best plan it to declutter and build clever storage into every room.  

The first thing to do is work out what kind of new space you want. Once you have done that, you need a plan to remodel your room without spending too much money or turning it into the best room in the house. These spare room ideas will help you to do both.

Indulgent Spare Room Ideas 

Meditation or Yoga Room

Here you can serve drinks, complete with your own drinks refrigerator and ice maker. Just close the doors when you don't need it, and it goes back to being a reading or morning room. If you are planing on using the space as a reading room, make sure you have good overhead and reading lighting to read any time during the day or at night.

The fastest way to transformation is with new wall paint. To make the job go faster and for a professional look use an indoor paint sprayer. Its a very handy DIY paint tool and there is little mess.

 neutral room


Paint your walls, paint cabinets or furniture pieces like old chests. The paint covers all surfaces with fine even paint that lasts. Neutral wall paint colors like gray or blue are easy colors to live with.

2. Restyle Old or Vintage Pieces

Decorating a room from scratch can be expensive. Instead of replacing all your furniture, re-upholster, stain or paint pieces to give them a new fresh look. Sometimes a good wash with soapy water and some linseed oil or wax is all that's needed. The idea is to go for less, not more, so the room is functional but also free of any clutter. 

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Old chests can double up as night stands for a bed or for stationary, craft or paint tools. A single bed can be remodeled into a day bed against the wall with throws and cushions for reading or for your daily power nap.

Vintage signs, tin wall holder or a large vintage style clock can add features and focal points to your room. 

3. Eliminate Unwanted Items

Make sure there is nothing extra in the room. If its a morning room with a bar, creating a jug of martinis every other Friday night, remove your boot sale vase collection or the broken crockery you have been planning to decorate your coffee table. 

spare room ideas - home office


Let is go. Remember to use the mindset that you are moving. Start afresh with minimal furniture. If you are letting go, here are some ideas on recycling old household items.

4. Use Minimal Decor

Most rooms look better with less decor, not more. Select your pieces frugally. The best decor is often the simplest. 

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Create decorative pastiches using small collections of things you love and want to see everyday but only a few pieces are needed to give you that clean minimal feel. You best spare room ideas will leave the chaos outside.

Lighting is important. From copper fairy lights weaving in and out of a book case, or a standing or reading lamp, its important to have lighting that helps you create mood and that is naturally peaceful and decorative.

5. Remove Unnecessary Appliances

To keep the integrity of your newly transformed indulgent spare room, remove your household vacuum cleaner, iron, sewing machine, golf clubs or tennis racket. Find new homes for them in your newly upgraded garage or high powered she shed. These are a few spare room ideas to inspire you to create your own.