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22 Walk-In Shower Ideas – [Trendy and Inspiring]

By: Caroline Warnock |

Are you planning a new bathroom or remodeling your current one? Has it always been your dream to have a glamorous walk-in shower? There’s a lot to be said of upgrading from a bathtub shower to a walk-in, from convenience to appearance. 

If you’re not sure where to start and what it should look like, these ideas are sure to inspire you for your next walk-in shower home renovation project. 

Create a Rounded Door for an Old-Fashioned Look


Showers don’t all need to be ultra modern. You can create a rustic, rounded shower door like in this example for a more charming, comfortable look. It creates the feeling of a castle, or stepping into a warm sauna. 

Some white towels and rug create bright accents for the earthy tones of the stone doorway and the neutral marble inside in shades of brown finishes off the look. 

Install Three Showerheads for Ultimate Decadence


Have you ever considered installing multiple showerheads? Well, you’re not alone! This home owner has installed three, one from the ceiling and two from each side, for ultimate decadence. You can choose which ones you want to use or all three. 

The pressure is not affected and you’ll feel squeaky clean when you step out of this glamorous walk-in shower.

Decorate the Floor Tiles for a Complete Style


If you want your walk-in shower to have some accents that stand out, you can get some nice fixtures, or tile designs. Another option which is a bit more dramatic is decorating the floor tiles in a geometric pattern. 

We see this used perfectly here, as the black and white triangular pattern on the shower floor draws the eye. The rest of the shower fixtures complement the accent of the floor.  

Make a Splash with a Bold Marble Wall


A lot of walk-in shower walls are made of marble, but you don’t need to settle for a bland white or other pale marble if that’s not your style. 

Look for marble in shades of green and blue with swirls and definition for a true statement in your bathroom. In this example, the marble wall is surrounded by pure white features and stands out as a welcoming and fashionable centerpiece to the bathroom.

Mint Tiling is Calming and Fresh


Even though a lot of bathrooms are decorated in blue colors, there is a lot of color psychology that associates the color green with calming and stress relief.

Decorate your bathroom in mint green and create an accent in your walk-in shower by adding in a pattern of darker green tiles. It goes really well as an accent color paired with white and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Add a Plant for a Natural, Fresh Look


A good way to make your walk-in shower feel more refreshing and natural is to add some plants around it in your bathroom. 

It adds some color to the often neutral colors and stark lines of modern walk-in showers and bathrooms. The addition of a plant will also help you feel fresh and cheer you up on early mornings. 

Go Dark for a Sleek, Statement Shower


Not all showers must be in light or white colors. A black tiled bathroom is modern and chic, like this example. The glass doors let lots of light in so it doesn’t feel too dark, and the white accents break up for black tiled look.

Design your shower in modern black and almost industrial theme to stand out from the norm and expectations. 

Change Things Up with Thick Black Panes


Most glass shower walls or doors are single or double panes for one crisp look. This multi-paned shower door with thick black dividers is really nice, though. It’s different, a bit bolder, and the black accents go really well with the brass accents, black fixtures, and white walls. 

What really works in this room is that the black touches are thick and heavy but the overall effect is still delicate, not clunky.

Remove Shower Doors Completely


Another option for a walk-in shower is to get rid of the shower doors completely and instead create enough space that you can have an open shower. 

The privacy is achieved by creating a walk around wall to get to the shower area, but the rest of the room stays dry. You can either have a step down or a slope to allow water to drain in the right direction.

Use Uneven Stones for an Accent Wall


Instead of tile or marble, you can create a shower wall just from stacked, flat stones like we see in this example. The result brings to mind open air outdoor showers and feels very natural and refreshing. 

The stones work really well with the wooden paneled appearance of the rest of the shower. Also, check out the mismatched stone pebbled floor which adds to the earthy appeal of the bathroom. 

Install Brass Fixtures for a Charming Look


Brass fixtures are perfect for a minimalist or farmhouse style bathroom. They’re usually paired with white as these two colors match perfectly. In this walk-in shower, all the brass fixtures match perfectly and they’re simple and elegant, not ornate. 

The brass adds a bit of warmth to an otherwise cold decorating color. As we’ve seen, brass also goes well with black accents, which is why so many trendy walk-in showers are decorated in that style. 

A Small Shower Can Still Be Elegant


Walk-in showers don’t need to be massive, and you can get your own even in a smaller bathroom. Simply decorate in white and have at least two of the shower walls in glass panes and you’ll create the appearance of more space and brightness. 

Minimize your fixtures and accessories in the shower so you have as much space as possible and you’re not always knocking over the shampoo bottle with your elbows. 

Add a Window for Natural Light


If you’re worried your bathroom is looking a bit small and dark, you can add a window to bring in natural light. The window can be built right inside the shower if it’s on an outside wall. You can also use it to let out steam and keep your bathroom fresh and mold-free. 

Just be aware of what’s on the other side of the shower window and if you need to get it frosted for privacy or not!

Incorporate Different Sized Tiles for Character


If you don’t want a complicated tile design, you don’t have to be stuck with a uniform look. You can use larger tiles for the shower walls than the shower floor. It creates a visual change so your eyes don’t get bored of seeing the same thing. 

This example shows a gorgeous, mid-century modern walk-in shower with functional, sleek lighting and shower fixtures. 

Include a Bench for Comfort


If you have the space for it, consider adding a bench to your walk-in shower for comfort. It can make you feel like you’re in a sauna and it’s really helpful for shaving legs! 

You can get a full marble bench like in this example, or go for a bench that folds up or down for more space when it’s not in use. It doubles as a shelf for toiletries so you can minimize shower holders. 

A Rounded Wall Adds an Earthy Appeal


This is another example of a walk-in shower not needing a door. In this photo, the outer wall is curved around the shower space and is uneven at the top. 

This creates a more open-air shower with better air flow. It also breaks up straight lines in a bathroom with the curved wall for an earthy, comfortable appeal. These small, translucent panes are also great for added privacy and charm.

Go Simple with Glass Panels and Square Fixtures


The perfect modern walk-in shower is crisp, straight lines, and no additional details or frills. This is showcased in this photo with the simple, square fixtures, white marble, and single glass panel. Even the shower head is square, a large rain shower fixture. The bathroom window works well with the shower too by adding natural light while respecting the straight lines and minimalist look. 

Build Walls on all Sides for More Privacy


Walk-in showers typically have at least two sides that are glass doors or panes to let a lot of light in. It doesn’t always need to be like that, though. 

If you have enough light in the room, a walk-in shower with three floor to ceiling walls and one glass door has some charm also. In this bathroom, the shower is built in a recess in the wall and it makes for a cozy, private space. 

Connect with Nature with a Skylight


You can really go all natural by adding a skylight on the ceiling of your walk-in shower, if it’s on the top floor of the house. If the climate allows it where you live, leave the skylight out entirely and have a full opening to the skies. 

There’s no better feeling than having a shower with no roof above your head. Another neat touch in this shower: plants hanging in planters directly on the shower wall. 

Decorate in Bright Tiles for a Statement


All of the bathrooms and walk-in showers we’ve seen so far have been quite modest in their color scheme. Whites, pale blues or green, black, or neutral earthy tones. 

Until now. The back wall of this shower is bright orange, reminiscent of a school or sports hall shower room. It makes a bold statement in the bathroom, and works best if paired with simple touches and no other major splashes of color. 

Install an In-Wall Shelf for More Space


It’s a great idea to incorporate an in-wall shelf in your walk-in shower design. It prevents you from having to get shower caddies, drill in shelving, or putting your bottles all over the floor. 

It also keeps your items somewhat protected and you’re much less likely to knock it all over when your eyes are shut. You can have just one longer shelf or multiple built in, the choice is yours. 

Customize with a Unique Tile Design


You can add whatever design you want in different colored tiles on the wall of your shower. Here, the black rectangle is a sharp contrast to the white tiles, and adds some elegance to the wall. 

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you can actually create the tile design yourself, for just a wall or the whole shower, by following this helpful guide.


There’s a lot of different and unique ways you can spice up your walk-in shower, from ultra modern and industrial to rustic and earthy. 

Whether you’re adding an elegant marble slab and bench or you prefer pale, soothing tile patterns, you can truly personalize your shower so it’s perfect for you and the decor style of your whole bathroom. 

Some of these changes are dependent on your budget and whether your shower is on an outside wall, but other modifications are as easy and achievable as a splish and a splash!