• Wall Stencils – Color Combinations, Tutorials and Guides

    Wall Stencils – Color Combinations

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    Wall stencils are all about pattern, paint colors and color combinations. These three factors can create the most amazing wall art for any home. Even simple flower stencils like this one above looks sensational. Color combinations can be two contrasting colors or two paint colors in the same family for a more muted effect. You can use metallic paint for a more luxurious Rockstar effect.

    What make stenciling so easy is you don’t have to start painting from scratch. Depending on the condition of your walls, you can just stencil right over them. Do a feature wall to begin with or a border to see if you like the pattern.

    wall stencil - pinterest

    Source: Pinterest

    Woven Home has a great tutorial on using gray and black color combinations. Tips such as how much paint you should use so it won’t bleed on to your wall, the kind of glue to use on your wall stencils and how to make your completed wall look like wallpaper. The pattern selected is four different owls. The color combinations are gray walls and black owls. These muted paint colors create a neutral effect.  You can read the  whole tutorial at this link at Woven Home.

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    Another great site is The Blooming Hydrangea for more wall stencil inspiration.

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    I love this damask wall paper look below! It’s classic – almost vintage, so clean and refreshing. It’s the best kind of wall art and so easy to create once you know your way around wall stencils and your paint colors. This simple white wall is truly transformed.

    Just The Bees Knees has a tutorial, this time using paint brushes instead of a roller to apply your paint and create your wall art.

    wall stencil - just the bees knees

    Source: justthebeesknees.com via Christine on Pinterest

    The colors selected have created a very stylish and luxurious effect. Read the full tutorial here. If you prefer a video tutorial click on the video below.

    You don’t need all the tools they suggest – it depends on how experienced you are with stencils and how confident you feel at creating your wall art using paint and stencils.

    Take time to choose your pattern, paint colors and color combinations to get the best results. You can always start with a wall stencil border to get comfortable with wall stencils. But wall stencils are such an easy way to change the look of a room within hours! You can use your wall stencils on floorboards or furniture.

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