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    Bathroom Design Ideas For Rule Breakers

    Guest Post by Diana Smith

    There are two ways to approach a bathroom design (especially if you’re remodeling it or starting from scratch): the first is to choose a style or a theme and build around it.

    bathroom design ideas

    The other, much more interesting path is to forget all the rules and create your own eclectic style, based on what you personally prefer.

    You might fear this could make your bathroom look too cramped, or even a little cheap, but done tastefully with a specific look in mind – you can have the best aspects of all the design styles you decide to incorporate.

    Bathroom Design Using Artwork

    This kind of bold design will work especially well with smaller bathrooms, because it averts the attention from the room itself and focuses it on the art. The focus of the design will be the art pieces on the walls. From framed tiles to tiled floors, you can put up your own work, or replicas of the works you enjoy. Hang in a pattern.

    blue and white tile replicas

    It doesn’t have to be pictures hang on the wall – you can paint them directly on the tiles or create a monogram flower installation. Wouldn’t this look great in a bathroom?

    monogram planter

    The rest of the room will be arranged accordingly – if you’re into modern art the mirrors and the sink can be modern as well.

    art deco inspired bathroom design

    If not, the fixtures can reflect the period you’ve selected.


    Again, it’s a design based on common aesthetic theme and it can include fixtures or tubs of all kinds if they fit the overarching look. Focus on the play between textures and colors. Simple things like adding a second shower curtain can make your bathroom feel luxurious. Click image below to see varieties and prices.

    double shower hooks


    This doesn’t mean that the floor and walls should have the same pattern. It’s perfectly fine to go all the way with the randomness.

    textured tiles

    With this design, it’s good to have one piece of furniture that stands out among all the patterns.

    It could be a chair or a vanity, as long as it’s bold or bright as a contrast.

    farmhouse bathtub with antique replica dresser

    Old + New

    Vintage bathrooms are especially popular lately. Finding the right materials can take some time but experts say that getting the detached fixtures is the real key to authenticity.

    Black Tapwareblack bathroom shower












    You don’t have to use vintage replicas to get an industrial look.

    To merge old and new styles, add a contemporary piece of furniture or a modern, vibrant color to your decor and it will change the overall look of your bathroom.

    Using old porcelain tubs with modern chrome faucets is also an option.

     herringbone tiles

    It’s quirky and it’s easier to maintain. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from having a state of the art stereo system in your otherwise vintage bathroom.

    The Serene Bathroom

    It’s all about making your bathroom a place of indulgence.

    shower border ideas

    Choose a soothing color – from white, green, even light pink is also fine. Add to it some rustic tones like a wooden vanity or towel holders.

    green bathroom design idea

    Mirror frames can also be made of wood, and you can add ornaments in your wall-colour to it. If you can afford it, a fireplace would go nicely with this setup, but that’s not always easy to organize (unless you’re building a new home). In the end, find some clay decorations to give it that final charming touch.

    Chic Bathroom Design

    With this one, you can go over the top because that’s the whole point. The whole idea is that every piece of furniture or any fixture should be a bit too elegant and a bit too sophisticated.

    white and copper details

    Hardwood floors are a good place to start as well as an extravagant chandelier. Instead of a vanity, stack a couple of vintage suitcases together. But no matter what you choose, you always want good quality products for your home.

    spanish revival bathroom

    The tub should be the centerpiece of the room, so don’t be afraid of Victorian style. The best thing about this design approach is that there is no wrong answer. You can basically add whatever you want to the mix as long as it fits. Try some of these out – some aren’t going to work, but others will surprise you.

    This Guest Post was by Diana Smith. You can contact her at https://plus.google.com/u/0/116091795770131287107 or https://twitter.com/















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