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28 Fun and Creative Ideas for Kids Bathroom

By: Decorated Life Team |

If you’re redecorating your kids bathroom or trying to find new ways to entertain them during bath time, creating a kids themed bathroom is a great idea. 

It can encourage kids to spend time in the bathroom establishing a routine. The last thing you want is a boring adult bathroom that they hate stepping foot in.

The best way to excite them is with some of these creative and youthful decor ideas that reflect their interests.

Install a Second Faucet


If you don’t have the space or the budget to install a second sink, why not add a second faucet to your existing sink? For families sharing one bathroom, this is extremely helpful for mornings and evenings when everyone’s getting ready together. 

You can prevent the kids jostling for space at the single sink. This bold pink sink is quite feminine and would work perfectly as a pop of color in a kids bathroom.

Buy a Doodle Themed Wallpaper


An easy way to decorate a kids bathroom is to install a fun, unique wallpaper, like this doodle themed one. The doodles are quite light and simple, so it doesn’t overpower the room. It also has a nautical theme which is perfect for a bathroom. 

The great thing about wallpaper is that it’s not too difficult or expensive to replace when the kids get older and you want to get a more mature bathroom look.

Make it Pop with Bright Primary Colors


Kids bathrooms are a great place to be fun and creative. Bold colors are encouraged here, especially the primary colors. We see how well they work together in this bathroom, with the blue patterned wallpaper enhanced by the furniture and mirror accents. 

The blue is off-set by the yellow touches, like this funky light fixture and gallery wall art. This is a room that will make both your kids happy and your guests comfortable.

A Chalkboard Lets Them Be Creative


A chalkboard is a unique and interesting way to decorate the walls of a kids bathroom. You can limit yourself to just one wall, or the whole room like we see here. 

Leave some chalk in the corner and have fun leaving each other funny messages, uplifting quotes, or teeth brushing and hand washing reminders. Make sure you have good lighting in the room so it’s not too gloomy because of the dark chalkboard walls.

Decorate in Stencils for a Playful Touch


If you want to be unique, you can stencil some fun animal details to the walls of your kids bathroom. If you’re stenciling over a huge area, you may want to stick to only one color or it’ll look too busy. 

Stenciling is an easy and inexpensive task but you have to be quite meticulous and it takes a while. This blog has some great tips on how to get this look in your home.

Speed Up Mornings with Multiple Sinks


We already covered how important it can be to have multiple faucets. If you have the space, you could actually get multiple sinks, or even this big long sink and three faucet setup. This is perfect for bigger families with few bathrooms. 

As we see in this bathroom, each sink comes with its own mirror and lighting, so it’s great for brushing your teeth or combing your hair, everyone side by side.

Build Separate Drawers for Multiple Children


Instead of using your space to install three sinks, you could actually use it to install three rows of drawers. It depends what is most helpful for your family. 

If you have kids with a lot of knick knacks, like young girls with a ton of hair accessories or teens building their first makeup collection, this might be the better way to go. Buy some drawer organizers so you can keep the contents in order.

Get a Fun Tiled Design in the Shower


Shower walls are usually covered in tiles, so why not use yours to make an artistic or fun statement? Design a large-scale image in the shower tiles or in the whole bathroom, and choose something your kids are sure to love. 

In this example we see a video game theme with the tiles forming a Pacman scene. You’ll notice the shower accessories are in yellow to match the tiles for a nice color pop.

Minimize Clutter with a Bath Toy Holder


It’s quite simple to buy a bath toy holder, and you’ll be happy you did. Look for one with suction cups so you can hang it above the bathtub. It’ll keep all your kids’ bath toys organized, and the mesh covering will help them air dry to avoid mold issues. 

You’ll notice how much neater the room looks after, and your guests will feel much more comfortable using the bathroom once it’s cleaned up.

Decorate in an Aquatic Theme


Aquatic themes are really popular for bathrooms, especially kids bathrooms where you have more flexibility to be fun and creative. The blue color mixed with hints of water is appropriate and refreshing in a bathroom decor. 

This look is achieved quite easily in this room by painting a border at the top in a surfing wave pattern. Go beyond that with some aquatic themed towels, garbage can, and other accessories.

Ditch the Color for a Black and White Room


You don’t always have to go for bold colors in kids bathrooms, and this room is proof of that. Black and white is a good way to strike a balance in a bathroom used by kids as well as adult guests. 

Keep it fun and playful by getting an animal print shower curtain, animal artwork, and a unique tile pattern for the floors. The result is a bathroom that incorporates the best of both worlds.

Use Lockers to Separate Belongings


When designing a bathroom for kids, you want to think about what’s most important. For me, I think storage is key, and avoiding leaving toys strewn about. 

For a modern and industrial yet practical look, install some classic pool or school-style storage lockers on the wall of the bathroom. Assign a locker to each family member so they have somewhere to keep clean towels, spare supplies, and personal belongings.

Go for Modern, Playful Touches


The kids bathroom is really a place where anything goes. Play with different colors, modern furniture, and unique touches. The decor rule for kids bathrooms is that there is no rule. 

Sure, certain items are more practical than others, but why get a simple stepping stool when you can get the fun purple animal one from this picture? Why settle for a white bath mat when you can get a silly penguin one instead?

Get a Cute Whale Shower Curtain


I think it’s fair to say that a lot of kids love whales. They’re always pictured as friendly giants in kids stories, cruising along with a smile on their face and water spouting out of their backs. 

If you’re on a budget, you can keep your kids bathroom decor simple by just getting a fun whale shower curtain like this one. Paint the room white with navy touches, which would go beautifully with this curtain.

Keep it Mature for a Lasting Decor


Maybe you’re thinking long term because you don’t want an outdated kids bathroom in a few years. That’s okay too. You can decorate your kids bathroom in a mature theme that will last years without needing an upgrade. 

Simply add a few bright, playful touches like these flowery towels and shower curtain and engaging artwork. You’ll find that the room will grow along with your kids and they won’t outgrow it in a couple of years.

Add a Helpful Step Stool to the Vanity


Why not replace the bottom drawer of your vanity with a stepping stool? This is a useful solution for the shorter members of your family and a good way to avoid having a stool lying around the bathroom as a tripping hazard. 

You can even decorate the pull-out drawer like in this aquatic example. If this is something you think would be useful in your bathroom, the good news is you can do it yourself!

Install Unique Hooks for a Fun Look


Sometimes, the decor is all in the small touches, like in the room pictured here. Some deer heads make for great animal bathroom hooks, especially in the white, black, and yellow themed kids bathroom. 

Label Different Bathroom Supplies 


When a lot of people use the same bathroom, it can be a good idea to label each person’s things. That’s easily achieved with these helpful bathroom drawer dividers, where everyone’s name is spelled out. 

You can either get attachable labels, or write on white dividers in permanent marker. That way, you can make sure your special sensitive toothpaste isn’t used up by everyone, and there’s no danger of grabbing your kids toothbrush by mistake.

Create Low Shelving Solutions


There’s a lot going on in this adorable kids bathroom with a primary color decor theme. What I want to point out is the low shelving unit, which is perfect for bathrooms designed for shorter people (kids). 

When your kids are old enough to have a bath on their own, they may still need help reaching supplies if they’re too high up. Fix that issue by adding in some shelving solutions that everyone can reach.

Don’t Be Afraid to Paint the Ceiling


When you’re painting a kids bathroom, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the walls. Instead, paint on the ceiling as well for a completely immersive theme. 

In this aquatic-themed bathroom, a huge turtle from Finding Nemo covers the ceiling, creating the sense that when you’re in the room you’re deep underwater. If it’s too time-consuming to paint, you can look for some wallpaper to cover the ceiling as well as the walls.

Include Mermaid Hints in the Bathroom Decor


Sometimes, all you need are subtle hints of a decor style or theme to keep the bathroom playful yet mature. This mermaid bathroom achieves that perfectly. 

Instead of going all out and painting mermaids on the wall, a fish scale half-wall decor and shells hanging from the curtain rods are enough. The finished result is a more modest aquatic themed bathroom that works for kids, parents, and house guests.

Stick with the Same Theme


To avoid being overwhelming, you may want to choose just one theme and stick with it. Even if one of your children loves Disney and the other is all about dinosaurs, you can find common ground. 

It’s important to decorate in one theme that’s consistent and that all of your children will feel comfortable in. In this example, the theme is clearly ducks, from the yellow towels and mats to the variety of duck artwork.

Add a Non-Slip Mat for Safety


Decorating your kids bathroom isn’t only about creating a fun and playful room; it’s also about adding practical or safe touches. That’s why you should make sure that the bath mat you get is non-slip, like this fun polka dot option. 

Better yet, make sure your whole floor is built of non-slip material to avoid potentially dangerous situations when there’s been too much splish-splash in the bathtub.

Get Bright Blue Shower Tiles


Blue is one of the most common decor colors in bathrooms in general, let alone kids bathrooms. Not only is it a bold primary color but decorating in blue creates a fresh, airy feeling and calm atmosphere. 

Why not decorate your shower in tiny blue tiles of different shades for a random, unique pattern? This bathroom does it perfectly, evoking a sense of cool, fresh water.

Go All Out in a Fantasy Bathroom


You don’t need to be subtle in a kids bathroom. Some people do because they don’t want to redecorate in a few years when it’s outdated, or because guests use that room too. If you want to go all out, though, don’t hesitate! 

Do your kids love underwater creatures? Cover the walls in fish. What about dragons and knights? Sure! But will it work with a bear bathtub and vanity? Maybe not, but get it anyway!

Add Artful Reminders 


You can source your bathroom art from your kids by creating these artsy reminders. Use their little hands and feet for washing reminders immortalized in paint. Other reminders, like ‘remember to brush your teeth’ and ‘don’t forget to floss’ may be useful too! 

You can get your kids to write the messages in paint for a fun activity. When they get older, they’ll look at their works of art fondly. 

Personalize with Professional Baby Photos


You can make a personalized statement in your kids bathroom by putting up some large-scale baby photos of your children. This wall of three pictures looks professional and touching. 

When they get older, your kids shouldn’t be embarrassed by their baby pictures since they’ll be in a more private room of the house. In this example, these black and white pictures are the perfect addition to a pale blue and white nautical room.

Make Bath Time Fun with Dinosaurs


This dinosaur shower head addition is fun and playful. If your kids love animals and dinosaurs, this is an affordable and easy way to add a small touch to the bathroom. You can get one of these online on a site like Etsy in any color you want. 

With something like this, it shouldn’t be as difficult getting your kids to get in the bath—turn bath time into an exciting dinosaur-filled adventure!

Final Thoughts

When decorating your kids bathroom, the sky’s the limit. There are so many fun and practical touches that you can add without breaking the bank. You do want to be creative, though, because it’ll make it a lot easier for you down the road to convince your kids to get in the bath. 

If you think they’ll outgrow their current interests quickly, or there are some adults sharing the space, you might want to stick to more subtle touches. Whatever the case, you’ll be sure to find some inspiring and unique ideas for your home in this list of kid-friendly bathroom decor!