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    Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

    Stunning bathroom light fixtures can make the difference between a standard looking bathroom and a luxury bathroom. Your bathroom needs good lighting. It is the first place you visit in the morning as your prepare for your day. You wash, you groom and your shower, bath and vanity all need quality light, for those very early mornings, late nights and preparing for special occasions.

    bathroom wall lights

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    You need lighting fixtures that are cohesive, stylish and in keeping with your bathroom design. Here are some bathroom lighting ideas.

    Layer Your Light

    Bathroom lighting is best when its distributed evenly. The first tip is to use 3 layers of lighting in your bathroom. Use a mix of light using pendant lighting, chandeliers, or flush ceiling mounts, add a second layer to use as task lighting for grooming like shaving or makeup.

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    Finally, add accent lighting to emphasize the bathroom’s decor or features. This strategy gives you a lot of light and comes close to mimicking daylight when you need it most. 

    Integrate Lighting Using Similar Finishes 

    If you are using one or more bathroom light sources, its rare that they would all have the same design. To compensate and integrate your look choose similar finishes to bring your bathroom design together.

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    The question is always chrome, nickel or brass? All of these are versatile and great to use, but mix and matching them is not always easy. Its often easier to go with one.

    Gorgeous Farmhouse Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas (38)

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    When Size Matters

    Pendant lights and chandeliers are lighting statements that can make any bathroom feel palatial, add a great layer of ambient light and support the bathroom’s design. They work well in mid-to-large sized bathrooms best but can also be used in smaller bathrooms if the other fixtures and fittings also palatial. 

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    Mirror Sconces

    Versatile and stylish, side mounted scones are an excellent option for your bathroom. Place them on both sides of a mirror, or mount directly on the mirror.

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    Whether the shade openings of your lights are focusing up or down, they should sit around eye level. This is great task lighting as well as a stylish design feature.

    mounted sconces

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    Alternative – Use Pendant Lighting

    If you are not into sconces, consider using pendant lighting. Its an elegant lighting solution for a vanity.

    hanging pendants and recessed can lighting

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    Pendants also add soft ambient or accent lighting and used with recessed can lighting you can have the best of both worlds.

    Amount and Level of Light

    The amount and level of light is important but personal. In a guest or master bathroom choose a lighting fixture that offers between 75 – 100 watts of light (or 24-watt fluorescent or 20-watt LED?

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    Natural Light

    Natural daylight is always best, and if you can increase the number of windows in your bathrooms to increase your natural light, this is a great choice.

    more natural light

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    Your bathroom design should allow sufficient natural light in the bathroom. The position and size of windows plays an important role too. You can choose the opposite or adjacent walls to increase the amount of light. Large windows over a bathtub need a certain amount of privacy, but you can always use bottom-up shades to increase your privacy level.

    In this modern bathroom there's a wooden bathroom vanity with open shelving, that has double sinks with tall rectangular mirrors above each one. A glass shower surround allows the light from the vertical windows to pass through and fill the room, while stone tile adds a soft natural touch to the space.

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    Overall Bathroom Lighting

    The trend is to use more lighting, using pendant fixtures or a chandelier to add a luxurious feel. These can be in the middle of your bathroom or tub. To avoid code issues, keep these fixtures about 3-feet high from a tub or 7-feet from the level of water.     


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