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25 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas in 2020

By: Decorated Life Team |

While most homeowners make sure that their kitchen has plenty of storage, they often neglect their bathrooms. There is a lot of unused space in the bathroom, which can be efficiently utilized for storage.

There is a lot to store in the bathroom – towels, toiletries, bathroom tissues, and several other things. By adding more storage to your bathroom, you can make it all look organized.

Let’s discuss some over the toilet storage ideas for a more beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom Shelves


Simple and neat – just install a couple of shelves over the toilet. These shelves can hold your towels, toilet papers, extra hand soap and lotion, and art pieces as well. Why shouldn’t the bathroom look beautiful? 

It’s the room where you relax and look around (of course, if you don’t have your phone in your hand). Make sure it looks beautiful and green by placing a couple of houseplants on these shelves. Speaking of houseplants, there are several other places in the bathroom where you can keep them – for example, near the basin.

Recessed Wall Shelves


Don’t want to go for the simplest solution? Try the recessed wall shelves. They’re like simple shelves but more stylish. These wooden shelves protrude outside the recess to make the space look even more charming.

Depending on the size of the recess, you can create enough space for all your extra toiletries as well as body towels, hand towels, and loofas. These shelves are absolutely stunning and add a cozy and comfortable vibe to the bathroom.

Wine Rack


Just because the name says wine rack doesn’t mean it cannot hold anything else. A simple wine rack can be perfect over the toilet storage accessory to hold all those extra towels. Plus, it takes just a minute to install.

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of extra towels handy so your guests can shower comfortably. This wine rack is just perfect for that. Made of wrought iron, it will look great in a rustic setting as well as a modern environment.

Small Creative Shelf


If you’re not looking for a lot of storage, you can use a small shelf (or a big hook) on your wall and give it a creative shelf look. This little doggie is holding the extra toilet paper for you so when you need an extra roll, it’s right there. After all, a dog isn’t a man’s best friend for nothing.

If you’re a cat lover, you can use a cat plushie instead and show your love for your furry pet with this cute and creative bathroom storage. Big enough only for one roll of toilet paper, it might be short on storage but it’s big on style.

Noughts and Crosses Shelves


The age-old tic tac toe game – a classic time killer. Arrange those toilet rolls as noughts in the noughts and crosses game. Add some wooden crosses in the spaces that are left. As a toilet roll is used up, replace it with a cross – this way, empty slots won’t look bad either.

Plus, this arrangement creates a fun look with raw wooden shelves and painted wooden crosses. Bright colored crosses look amazing and provide accent to white paper rolls and plain wooden shelves.

Worn our Looks


A fan of antiques? Find the tattered look charming? Presenting the worn out cabinet that has plenty of space for your toilet rolls, tissues, hand soap, lotions, and a lot of other things. It can be made with a wooden base with glass or a simple screen. Either way, it will give the old school look you’re after.

Tattered items look great when everything else is absolutely perfect and looking new. They become immediate attention grabbers. This is why many people are drawn to them. You can try it not just in your bathroom but in your bedroom and living room as well.

Upcycled Storage


Have an extra fruit box that’s lying around useless? Upcycle it and change it into an over the toilet cabinet. Cut out the lid and hang it vertically above the toilet. There you have it – an upcycled above the toilet storage space.

It’s space saving, time saving, and resource saving. The downside – it won’t last long. But as long as you keep buying more fruit boxes (which you should because fruit is tasty and good for health), this shouldn’t be an issue.

7/L Shaped


Should you go for a horizontal shelf or a vertical one? Can’t decide? Mix them both and get this 7/L shaped paper holder. While it’s beautiful, it will make even more sense if it’s your house number. 

For example, if your house number is seven and you place some seven shaped items in your house at different places, it will create a unique theme. And it doesn’t have to be seven. You can use this idea for any house number. This toilet paper storage can be a part of that theme.



Use up the entire wall over the toilet for storage by building a cabinet. With a carefully planned cabinet, you’ll have hidden space for things as well as an open shelf where you can place a few magazines and a houseplant.

If you’re not the phone kind of person, you might want something to read while you’re on the loo, and magazines will be perfect for that. You can also place a newspaper here. The cabinet will keep it all organized and neat while adding to your storage space.

Barn Door


Barn doors look amazing anywhere. If you’ve been using them at different places in your home, why leave out the over the toilet cabinet?

Install a cabinet with a barn door over the toilet and it will give the setup an entirely different look. Barn doors look stylish and give a rustic appeal to the place they are installed. And some of them are very easy to install.

If you’re looking for barn door ideas for the rest of your home, here are some of them

Shelf Ladder


All beautiful projects don’t have to be difficult. Take a look at the shelf ladder. It just has to be placed over the toilet and that’s it – it’s beautiful, stylish, and adds extra storage to your bathroom.

Place anything on the steps – towels, toiletries, hand rubs, lotions, and even a few magazines. The shelf ladder has a lot of space for all extras. And its dark wooden looks are sure to catch the attention of your guests when they visit the loo.

Shelves and Baskets


This wooden shelf has wrought iron attachments. There are baskets and hooks to store just about anything.

The towels and toilet rolls can go in the baskets while the shelf can be used to hold magazines, table clocks, houseplants, art pieces, or cotton balls. These baskets can be pulled out easily and then pushed back inside.

The hooks can hold hand and face towels or just big bold wooden letters that spell “BATH.” When you have something as versatile as this, you can use it in any way you want.

Open cabinet


Whether you want a completely open doorless cabinet or a transparent cabinet with glass panes, this is an option that lets you see what’s stored in the cabinet. Ideal for someone like me who keeps forgetting their stuff, this cabinet will let you quickly find what is kept where.

If you’re all set for the cabinet look but cannot darn remember where you left the car keys (oh they are in the toilet cabinet!), this one’s the perfect solution for you. Plus, it looks amazing.

Multiple Open Cabinets


Why limit your storage to one cabinet when you can have many? These wooden cabinets have a raw and rustic appeal and the best thing is that they’re upcycled.

Just take a couple of wooden crate boxes and paint them in any color you want. Install them vertically on the wall and there you have multiple open cabinets. 

Use them practically by storing towels or beautify your bathroom space by placing potted plants or art pieces – it’s your call.

Space Saver Unit


A space saver unit is like multiple shelves installed not just over the toilet but also around it. It can house towels, massage oils, toilet rolls, and even a few art pieces and potted plants.

With a few extra toilet rolls always handy, you’ll never be stuck in a difficult situation. This space saver can be placed on top of the toilet and easily removed when you need to take off the toilet lid. If you have an all-white bathroom, a space saver can be a good way to add an accent to it.

Hanging Rope Ladder Shelf


Give your bathroom a rustic look by this hanging rope ladder shelf that hangs by a hook over the toilet. No need for time consuming installation process. Just hang this accessory on the hook and your storage is ready.

You can place toilet rolls here along with a couple of funny quotes. It also has enough space for a houseplant. This ladder shelf isn’t just storage but can also become an attention grabber of a guest visiting your bathroom.

Makeup Shelves


Makeup shelves above the toilet, because let’s face it – no matter how many makeup products we have, they’re always less.

There are so many brushes and lotions and combs and what not. I won’t blame you if you cannot find enough space for them. Making extra room for them in your bathroom makes sense. After all, when you’re with a date and have to go to the bathroom to freshen up your look, you need some products there as well.

These makeup shelves solve this purpose and let you utilize the extra space to store your cosmetic goodies.

Metal Wire Shelves


If you’re worried about water droplets collecting on shelves, try the metal wire shelves. Since they’re made of wires, they won’t collect water. Depending on the size of the mesh, they can hold your lotion bottles and towels.

If you want them to hold smaller items, make sure you get a smaller sized mesh. They’re just perfect for storing extra bathroom supplies including q-tips and cotton balls. If you’re all for upcycling, you can even install metal baskets instead of installing special shelves. 

Beautiful Toilet Roll Holder


Try this beautiful toilet roll holder that is shaped like a toilet roll itself. It takes little space and can easily house over a dozen toilet rolls. And the best part is that you don’t have to stack them neatly or organize them properly. Just throw some more toilet rolls on it and it will all look symmetrical. 

This uniquely shaped shelf can make any bathroom look more beautiful. If you want your bathroom to have that extra element of glamour, this will be the right choice for you.

Box on The Toilet


No weekend project, no renovating or buying extra stuff. If you’re looking for a quick solution for over the toilet storage, simply place a wooden box on top of the toilet and voila – extra storage right here, right now.

Place some extra toilet rolls there and add a houseplant so it looks beautiful (and not all that rushed). If you thought quick solutions don’t look good, think again. This box on the toilet is quick to implement and yet very pretty.

Old Style Cabinet


When we think about over the toilet storage ideas, we generally think about modern and minimalist solutions. But what if the theme of your home décor is of your granny’s era? This finely polished dark colored cabinet gives a formal feeling – the kind of feeling that reminds you of your grandparent’s time.

To accentuate the look, make sure you put a table clock on the cabinet. It is also an ideal place for lotions and bath salts.

You can place your multivitamins and other daily medications behind the doors of the cabinet. 

Upcycled Skateboard


An upcycled skateboard can let you keep a couple of extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. Remove the wheels of the skateboard and use the toilet rolls – innovative and tasteful!

Especially great for your kids’ bathroom, this over the toilet storage doesn’t hold a lot of stuff but is big on style. And the best part is that if you want extra storage, you can also install a shelf apart from this skateboard.

Hooks and Towel Bars


An assortment of hooks and towel bars will let you hang your clothes when you step in for a shower. These extra spaces are ideal for people like me who hang their clothes there and then forget about them. Come next day, next shower and there are more clothes on the hook.

There’s never enough hook space in a bathroom. If you feel the same, you can utilize the over the toilet area to install hooks and towel bars.

Number Plate


Use your old and rusted number plate to give an antique look to you over the toilet storage compartment. Use a small wooden box to create a small compartment above the toilet. Attach the rusted ol’ number plate to it and you’ll get unique looking storage for your toilet rolls and other things.

Depending on the size of the box you use, you can build a small or big storage area. This design especially goes well in houses with a rustic theme.

Add a Little Humor


What’s a bathroom without good bathroom jokes? Make your visitors the butt of your jokes (pun intended) by adding a little humor in whatever you do.

Whether you want a funny quote written on a box or a funny bathroom quotation placed on a shelf, you’ll give your guests a chuckle as they visit the bathroom and let them know about your sense of humor.

Don’t miss out on this chance of bringing in the fun element in your life with bathroom quotations.

It’s Not Just About Adding Storage

While utilizing the over the toilet area is largely about adding storage, that’s not the only motive. The right type of storage option can make it more beautiful and give the bathroom a makeover. From single toilet roll holders to complete wall-covering cabinets, there are so many ideas you can implement in your bathroom and make it look more beautiful and comfortable.