Stylish Cottage Living: 14 Decorating Cottage Style Ideas

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Cottage style decor is a light, relaxed, airy look mixing styles and ages of furniture, often overlapping country decor, garden, rustic decor, French, Italian cottage looks. Sounds easy, right? Getting it right is something else!

The upside is that cottage style is very forgiving. It doesn't have to be all shabby chic and distressed furniture and it doesn't have to live in the country either.

Modern Cottage Style

There is a new cottage trend adding modern pieces but still keeps that light, airy and relaxed feel. Modern cottage style mixes modern pieces with traditional cottage style pieces for a new hybrid cottage decor that keeps the best of both worlds.

Best Cottage Style

The best country cottage style looks use inspired pieces from flea markets or borrowed family pieces and up scaled by painting, embellishing with stencils, upholstering or using slipcovers and toss pillows. Layering textures is the key to create a soft comforting mood.

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