• Smart Decorating for Your Small Bedroom


    Clever Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Seem Bigger and Better

    Even though a small bedroom can seem like a cozy little nook, a tiny bedroom can feel a little uncomfortable.

    small bedroom decorating

    Even the tiniest bedrooms can be magically transformed into clever, functional sleeping chambers that feel larger and very comfortable to be in. Do you want seating or storage at the end of your bed? What is your main constraint to enjoying the space better? Can you remove storage off the floor and on to the walls?

    small bedroom decorating

    These simple ways will inspire you and help you make your small bedroom seem bigger and a happier place to be in. These ideas are perfect for small bedrooms, guest bedroom and apartment bedrooms.

    Minimalist bedroom

    Consider a Daybed

    Daybeds are amazing space-savers. During the day they can turn your bedroom into a seating area, while at night they are used as a bed. Great for studio apartments and guest bedrooms.

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    Unlike a pull-out couch, daybeds require you to only remove the back-cushions, making it easy to use each night.

    small bedroom daybed

    They often have storage underneath, which is perfect for a small bedroom. The style and designs range from vintage to farm house and anything in between.

    farmhouse style day bed

    Choose Smart Storage

    When it comes to storage, shallow built-in shelves can help you save floor space. Make sure the depth of these shelves doesn’t exceed 12 inches and go to the ceiling if possible. It will make your ceiling seem higher and give you more storage space.

    small master bedroom

    You can place these shelves on either side of your bed, framing it and replacing the need for a nightstand. You can also create storage that looks like part of your bedhead. 

    Built-in Wardrobes for small bedroom

    Use Paint

    Before choosing the paint color scheme for your bedroom room, consider how paint can make your room seem bigger. Don’t underestimate the power of paint. Adding curtains to the ceiling lifts the ceiling height and using storage to the ceiling and a tall bedhead stretches the room so it looks bigger.

    closets and bedheads

    One way is by simply painting the ceiling the same color chosen for your walls. The room below uses this trick plus bi-fold doors for additional light and doubling your ‘virtual’ space.

    Pull a room together with a bold area rug | Image via MyDomaine

    This creates the seamless illusion of your walls extending upwards and sideways, and your bedroom becomes an endless single tone space. By choosing one hue for both your walls and the ceiling, it will be hard for your eye to determine where the wall ends and the ceiling begins.


    Add Lighting

    In bedrooms that are short on space, you should never skimp on lighting.

    small bedroom light

    Adjustable swing arm lamps and pendants look great and conserve your nightstand space.

    For a small space, a nightstand with an open space or off the floor design frees up space underneath to make the room feel bigger and is great for storing shoes or a basket.

    Small Bedrooms lighting

    A swing arm lamp can be positioned for optimum brightness. Below is a shelving and light solution all in one. The nightstand is a step ladder that also acts book stand.

    shelving and light solution for small bedroom

    A pendant, on the other hand, mimics a classic nightstand lamp. It is also fitted to the wall but leaves room, if you have a nightstand, for other things like your book or phone. 

    pendant light

    Consider an Area Rug

    Rugs define the space in a room and a great tool to connect the various pieces of furniture in a small bedroom room; creating the illusion of a room-within-a-room.

    small guest bedroom

    Follow the rules of area rugs; making sure that at least one third of your furniture piece is placed on top of it. This is easy in a small room, but not a must. Dragging all your furniture on to your rug can make your room feel small. If you have space, place your rug at the end of the bed but not necessarily under it.

    small bedroom area rug

    You want the room to feel connected but this will also add some space. As for the shape, choose it according to the shape of your room.

    area rug for small bedroom

    Consider Bi Fold Doors

    Bi-fold doors are a great way to make your room feel much bigger. The large window doors allow more natural light in your room. 

    bi-fold doors

    Elegant glass and wood bi fold doors can open from your bedroom into the rest of your home or as a door into your garden space. This works well for small apartments.

    bi-fold doors

    While bi-folds add light, they also keep out sound and smells, and can be fitted with shutters or curtains for additional privacy, if needed.

    small bedroom divider

    Create a Mirrored Closet

    Mirrors can reflect and increase the natural light in your bedroom. That can be one or more wall mirrors, a wall of mirrors or a mirrored closet.

    Wall of mirrored closets

    A ceiling-to-floor mirrored closet can virtually double the size of your room. Dedicate one wall of your room as a closet; then convert this space into a shallow, wall-to-wall closet. The closet itself doesn’t take a lot of room, but it will give you much needed storage space and the mirrored wall as a bonus. These mirrors, will increase the amount of light that enters the bedroom; making you think you have double the space.

    mirrored closet and wardrobe

    These simple and ingenious ways can greatly improve the size perception you have of your room.

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    Remember to be smart when considering light and color, and make sure your furniture is as functional as possible. Allow these tips to guide you, and you will surely be on the road to making your small bedroom seem bigger.



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  1. Sharon Judd says:

    Where did the daybed come from with the “No Vacancy” sign on the wall in back of it?

    • Christine says:

      this one is from Miss Mustard Seed – not sure if she is selling them any more, now she is selling her milk paint.

      You can find similar ones – I’ve had a look around and found some. Here are some links, it will depend on what style you want, if you need storage, a twin bed, and so much more…

      Wayfair – here are a couple but most in white – http://shrsl.com/?im6j or http://shrsl.com/?im6k
      Totally Furniture has a good selection and prices mostly include shipping – lots of choice – http://shrsl.com/?im63
      HomeandPatioCenter has quite a few too – this one is similar to the one you were looking at – http://shrsl.com/?im67
      ShopLadder – has a good selection and it will depend on whether you want it the same color as the one in the post http://shrsl.com/?im6h
      or even at Amazon – http://amzn.to/2tZp8KC

      You can even pick one up at ebay or garage sales if you are good at hunting down items and don’t need it right away.

      Hope that helps a little.


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