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Smart Decorating for Your Small Bedroom

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Even though a small bedroom can seem like a cozy little nook, a tiny bedroom can feel a little uncomfortable. Even the tiniest bedrooms can be magically transformed into clever, functional sleeping chambers that feel larger and very comfortable to be in.

By improving every bedroom in your house or apartment, you instantly improve the value of your home.

Each additional bedroom is like money in the bank. Making sure each one of them is not only usable and livable but feels bigger than it is, is adding to your home’s curb appeal.   

8 Bold Paint Colors You Have to Try in Your Small Bedroom
Source: Apartment Therapy

Do you want seating or storage at the end of your bed? Can you remove storage off the floor and on to the walls?

Can you use golds, silvers, warm woods or mirrors to lift the wall colors? These simple ways will help you make your small bedroom seem bigger and an easier place to sleep in.

Clever Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Seem Bigger and Better

Use these ideas for your small bedrooms, teen rooms, guest or apartment bedrooms.

Minimalist bedroom

Consider a Daybed

Daybeds are amazing space-savers and perfect for studios, spare rooms or teen bedrooms. During the day your bedroom has a beautiful seating area until the evening when your day bed is for sleeping.

day bed
Source: RachelCannonLtd

Unlike a pull-out couch, daybeds require you only remove the back-cushions, making it easy to set up and use each night.

Daybeds often come with storage underneath, which is perfect for a small bedroom. The style and designs range from vintage to farm house and anything in between. They are moderately priced and can come with guarantees and warranties.

Choose Smart Storage

When it comes to storage, shallow built-in shelves will help you save floor space. The depth of these shelves should not exceed 12 inches and if possible, build them to the ceiling.

This will make your ceiling seem higher as well as give you more storage space. You can buy this style of shelving almost anywhere and with a little adjusting it will look like custom made shelving.

shelves for small bedrooms

Place these shelves on either side of your bed, framing it and replacing the need for a nightstand.

You can also create storage that looks like part of your bedhead. You can also use the largest size bedside tables that will fit into your space and adding mirrors above will help make the room feel bigger.

small bedroom hack
Source: Instagram

Illusions by Paint Color

Before choosing the paint color scheme for your bedroom, consider how color can make your room seem bigger.

Don’t underestimate the power of color. You don’t always have to go pale or neutral. Add large bright artwork or mirrors to make the space feel bigger. Placing curtain rods close to the ceiling magically lifts the ceiling height stretches the room so it looks bigger.

statement lighting in the bedroom
Source: Pinterest

You can simply paint the ceiling the same color chosen for your walls. Using the right paint colors, mirrors and light art work creates additional light and doubles your ‘virtual’ space.

8 Paint Colors That Always Work for a Small Bedroom

Source: Apartment Therapy

This creates the seamless illusion of your walls extending upwards and sideways, and your bedroom becomes an endless single tone space.

By choosing one hue for both your walls and the ceiling, it will be hard for your eye to determine where the wall ends and the ceiling begins but be careful not to over do it.

A seaside blue effortlessly complements the rustic details of this charming cottage bedroom. Sheer white linens impart a carefree touch to the windows while the whitewashed finish of the furnishings bring in a cohesive element to the space. Smokey Azurite, Sherwin Williams.

Add Lighting

In bedrooms that are short on space, you should never skimp on lighting.

small bedroom light

Adjustable swing arm lamps and pendants look great and conserve your nightstand space.

61Yy09iUNJL. SL1000
Source: Amazon

For a small space, a nightstand with an open space or off the floor design frees up space underneath to make the room feel bigger and is great for storing shoes or a basket.

Small Bedrooms lighting

A swing arm lamp can be positioned for optimum brightness. Below is a shelving and light solution all in one. The nightstand is a step ladder that also acts book stand.

ladder night stand
Source: Apartment Therapy

A pendant, on the other hand, mimics a classic nightstand lamp. It is also fitted to the wall but leaves room, if you have a nightstand, for other things like your book or phone.

pendant light

Add an Area Rug

Rugs define the space in a room and a great tool to connect the various pieces of furniture in a small bedroom room; creating the illusion of a room-within-a-room.

small guest bedroom

Follow the rules of area rugs; making sure that at least one third of your furniture piece is placed on top of it.

This is easy in a small room, but not a must. Dragging all your furniture on to your rug can make your room feel small. If you have space, place your rug at the end of the bed but not necessarily under it.

rug for small bedroom
Source: Flickr

You want the room to feel connected but this will also add some space. As for the shape, choose it according to the shape of your room.

area rug for small bedroom

Consider Bi Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to make your bedroom feel much bigger. Its an investment but large window doors allow more natural light in your room and create great curb appeal as a feature.

bi-fold doors

Elegant glass and wood bi fold doors can open from your bedroom into the rest of your home or as a door into your garden space. While bi-folds add light, they also keep out sound and smells, and can be fitted with shutters or curtains for additional privacy, if needed.

small bedroom divider

Create a Mirrored Closet

Mirrors can reflect and increase the natural light in your bedroom. That can be one or more wall mirrors, a wall of mirrors or a mirrored closet.

Wall of mirrored closets

A ceiling-to-floor mirrored closet can virtually double the size of your room. Dedicate one wall of your room as a closet; then convert this space into a shallow, wall-to-wall closet.

The closet itself doesn’t take a lot of room, but it will give you much needed storage space and the mirrored wall as a bonus. These mirrors will increase the amount of light that enters the  bedroom; making you think you have double the space.

mirrored closet and wardrobe

These simple ways can help you make more of your small bedroom and increase the size of your room.

Fulham / London - The Heritage Wardrobe Company

Use these tips in clever and interesting ways to make your small bedroom feel like a luxurious and beautiful space.