• Radiator Covers – Great Accent Wall Feature

    Radiator covers are a clever way to disguise your radiators. Most of the time we try to ignore radiators, like the elephant in the room, we avoid decorating or trying to blend them into the rest of the room’s decor. They are what they are, right?

    But depending on the shape and size of your radiator your can make great use of your radiator. Not just to cover it in summer, a reminder, that its just not needed right now, but to make use of it as a functional piece as bench space or shelving or even a feature. Whether in your hallway, bathroom, living room or bedroom, I’ve found a great selection of radiator covers that are incredibly stylish wall accents and Youtube videos to give you practical ideas and inspiration.

    How To Turn Radiators Into Sideboards

    The first radiator cover inspiration comes from Shelterness.com in their article 15 ideas to Hide Ugly Radiators; showing radiators dressed as sideboards. It’s all show of course, your faux sideboard won’t have drawers, but visually they are part of the furniture; same color, look and design style and provide shelving for your family photos, books or lamp as an accent wall. Depending on your home decorating style, you can make it from glass, wood, or metal.

    How To Turn Radiators Into Sideboards

    Here are some ways of disguising your radiator and creating a functional radiator cover;

    1. Simply place a shelf above your radiator and use it as shelving – this works if your radiator cover is similar to the surrounding decor.
    2. Cover it with a cabinet front – you can make or buy one that fits your needs; go expensive or cheap. One of the easiest ways is to buy decorative metal sheeting like one below and place it in front of the radiator. If you are not adding sides, make the size of the metal sheet larger than your radiator so the radiator is not immediately visible.
    3. Place frosted glass in front of you radiator and above it for shelving. Use glass that can withstand heat.
    4. Integrate it with a bookcase – add the bookcase or shelving at either end of the radiator, cover and paint it all the same color.
    5. Add it to a sideboard.
    6. Place a wooden or metal grate or slats in front of your radiator as a decorative relief.
    7. Paint it like a Rockstar!

    Next is a Youtube video called Radiator Cover. It’s easy to hide your radiator once you have found a radiator cover you like. Remember an accent wall feature is also a room’s focal point.

    If making a radiator cover seems too difficult, there are many wood and metal custom made covers available; like this selection at Amazon in a grey metallic finish.

    If you want a finished product watch the video below called Fichman Radiator Covers. Sometimes custom built radiator covers are the best way to hide your radiator, especially if you want detailed workmanship.

    Fichman have a radiator covers gallery page with a great range of . You can also get a quick costing by putting dimensions of your radiator into their online calculator.

    These radiator covers are great accent wall features. Do you have any you want to share? I’d love to hear from you by leaving a comment below. You can see more radiator covers at Pinterest.. or hit like button for Facebook!





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    agree – great article – for some new designs recently launched check out http://www.couturecases.co.uk. Unleash your fun and creative side!

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