• Smart Kitchen Renovation – Ways to Change Your Cabinets

    Everyone wants a knock out kitchen renovation, with the biggest impact and for a low sensible cost. A clever way to do this is by only changing your kitchen cabinets. Updated kitchen cabinets can give you an incredible transformational look without knocking walls, changing your kitchen layout, moving or updating appliances.They can be new, painted, stained or refaced but they are the best way to get a new look, fast.

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    This makes the most sense if your kitchen is still in relatively in good condition and your kitchen layout works well for you. There are lots of different ways to do this from painting kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing or using stock cabinets.

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    Stock Cabinet Kitchen Renovation

    Replacing your cabinets with ready to buy stock cabinets can save you a lot of time and money.

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    You can always choose custom designs, if your kitchen is designed in particular way and you have no alternative, but the variety and range of ready made cabinets is extensive and suitable for almost any budget (including inexpensive wholesale kitchen cabinets with pocket friendly prices.

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    That also means you can get your new kitchen cabinets with days, not weeks.Here are some tips on how to choose the best quality cabinets for your kitchen renovation

    Look for:

    • High quality solid wood and plywood cabinets. These are hard wearing and longer lasting than pressed woods.
    • Extra sturdiness by choosing cabinets that are half to one inches thick.
    • Full-extension hardware. These allow doors to open all the way which is better for easier access.
    • Dovetail joinery. Stapled joints rarely last as long.

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    Some negatives about stock cabinets

    • Limited color and finishing choices.
    • Most stock cabinets are 36 inches tall; any taller, you need a semi-custom or fully customized solution.
    • Detailing/fine finishing can be minimal or missing.

    Kitchen Renovation Cabinet Prices and Installation

    The cost of high quality stock cabinets for an average sized kitchen ranges from $7000 – $10,000. Customization always cost more; up to double of stock cabinets.

    white stock cabinetsStock Cabinets

    It is definitely possible to find low-cost alternatives in outlets like IKEA; and these work well as long as you are prepared to assemble and choose from a smaller range. Choosing a professional kitchen renovation company, that includes installation, is a full service that comes with a cost.

    Color! Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

    Cabinet refinishing is the most economical ways to give your cabinets a new lease on life. You can change the entire look by changing the color palette, texture or finish.There are many painting techniques you can use to get a unique look for minimal cost; especially if you are doing it yourself.

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    Latest kitchen cabinet colors include white, grays, navy, yellow and pale blue. Faux finishing products are improving all the time – woods, marble, stains, granite and more looks are constantly being added.

    A recent trend is to use two different hues for your workbenches, top and bottom cabinets. Adding glass doors can open up a kitchen space to look larger and less cluttered.

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    You can paint your cabinets or hire professionals. How you finish them really depends on the amount of traffic your kitchen gets on a daily basis.

    Like all things, the life of your kitchen cabinets can be extended with a regular maintenance; regular touch ups using a little paint, waxing or varnishing, all go a long way.


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