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Shiplap Accent Walls Ideas for a Contemporary Bedroom

By: Advaita Raut |

Looking to update your bedroom with a simple yet timeless design? Consider adding shiplap accent walls to your room. Shiplap accent walls are made up of long, overlapping wooden planks that are placed horizontally on the room’s wall. 

They add oomph and character to any room, whether it’s a bedroom, kids’ room, or bathroom. Their nautical-inspired design (traditionally used in shipbuilding) adds charm to any living space.

Although they work well with rustic and farmhouse-style homes, they can also be used to spruce up any home design, including modern and contemporary styles. Shiplap walls are traditionally installed with actual wooden planks and are an easy DIY project, but they’re also simple enough to execute with substitute materials such as MDF or wallpaper!

Check out these creative ways in which you can welcome shiplap accent walls into your bedroom!

Wood-inspired Shiplap Accent Wall

Invite cozy cabin vibes into your home with a wood-stained shiplap accent wall. This kind of design perfectly complements a rustic home design, especially if you love a classic farmhouse style. There are many ways to install a wood-inspired shiplap accent wall in your bedroom. 

You could choose a dark wood stain for a moody effect and carry this vibe throughout your decor, including classic wooden furniture and antiques, vintage curios, and even a four-poster bed!

If you’re not on board with the period drama look, try a more outdoorsy look with weathered or reclaimed wooden shiplap, fuzzy black-and-white linen and blankets, retro-style pendant lights, and a geometric patterned rug. This will transform your room into a rustic space, much like a cozy cabin in the woods.

You could also go with light-stained or oakwood walls, which add a bright and cheery look to your room without sacrificing the rustic feel.

Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall

Horizontal shiplap is quite common, so here’s your chance to be creative and install vertical shiplap accent walls in your bedroom for a quirky yet stylish effect. These vertical planks create an illusory effect that adds more depth to your bedroom. 

They also serve as an excellent backdrop for decorative headboards. You can further enhance this space by adding cute horizontal bookshelves (with horizontally stacked books) to create visual balance.

On the lower end, you can create visual balance by using geometric-print linen, blankets, and accent throw pillows to give your room a warm, farmhouse feel.

Dark Grey/Black Shiplap Accent Wall

Using beige or off-white shiplap planks isn’t the only way to make your bedroom feel warm and inviting. Go against the grain and invest in moody dark gray or matte black shiplap accent planks to create a unique rustic-chic look. 

This works even in smaller bedrooms if the dark accent walls are complemented with the right accessories, such as a wrought-iron bed frame with a fluffy comforter, a ton of fairy lights, and a cute and kitschy signboard suspended from the dark shiplap wall.

To achieve a cool, bohemian look that contrasts with the dark gray shiplap accent, stock up on throw pillows and macrame hangings. It is also beneficial to incorporate this style in a bedroom with a window nearby to draw both natural light and visual attention to the accent wall. 

If you can’t commit to a pitch black or dark gray shiplap in your room, go for a dark navy blue tone that looks stylish and achieves the same effect without being overly broody.

Coastal + Nautical Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap is originally a yesteryear style inspired by maritime trade, so it only makes sense to make the most of it! Choose beachy blue or navy-blue shiplap planks for the foundation of this coastal/nautical theme, and then add related accessories and patterns as desired. 

Anchor accessories, filament light fixtures, and cool blue-green bed sheets could all be used to enhance the coastal theme. Decorate as simply or as extravagantly as you like!

This theme is especially appropriate for children’s bedrooms, where you have the freedom to go with a cool, nautical theme. Put on nautical bedsheets, mount a ship’s steering wheel against a navy shiplap wall, and place shell-encased accessories around the room. The result is a light and airy space that feels like your very own ship suite!

Christmas-Inspired Shiplap Accent Wall

It’s the season to be jolly, so why not bring some cheer into your bedroom? Install a dark gray or cream-white shiplap wall that can be dressed up for Christmas and down for the rest of the year, allowing you to enjoy the best of all seasons in style.

During the holiday season, a warm shiplap wall serves as the ideal backdrop for Christmas decorations. For a pop of color, add Christmas wreaths and vibrant hollies, as well as fuzzy rugs, warm blankets, and other festive trinkets.

Shiplap Accents on Ceiling + Wall

If you want to fully embrace the shiplap accent design, go one step further and extend it to the ceiling. Many people consider the ceiling to be the fifth wall, which is often overlooked but is an excellent functional space that adds value when used properly. 

Adding a shiplap design to your bedroom space gives it a more complete look that is full of warmth and character. This design works particularly well with light-colored wooden planks and a slanted roof.

Multi-Colored Shiplap Accent Wall

Consider adding a splash of dreamy color to your bedroom. The beauty of shiplap accent walls is that they allow you to experiment with design in unexpected ways, such as adding rainbow-colored walls to your bedroom. To achieve this multi-colored effect, this design typically employs primed lattice molding.

Depending on your preferences, you can use a progressively softening gradient color on a planked wall, bathe it in rainbow colors, or give it a dreamy ombre effect. This design is a super cool way to perk up your children’s bedrooms!

Dreamy Cottage Shiplap Accent Wall

For a classy effect reminiscent of a vintage cottage, cover only 3/4 of your back wall with shiplap. You can also use vertical shiplap planks that extend partially up the wall for a wainscoting look straight out of a fairytale heritage home.

For a more neutral look, keep the rest of the wall in pastel colors like sage green, sea foam, beige, or taupe. To give the rest of the bedroom a dreamy, romantic feel straight out of modern-day Bridgerton, add thoughtfully placed accessories like an upholstered bed bench, a delicate chandelier, and a selection of fine artworks.

Rustic Bare-Bricked Shiplap Accent Wall

Exposed brick shiplap walls are an excellent way to add a raw, rustic, barn-style feel to your bedroom without actually having to bare the walls. Use shiplap accent walls with weathered wooden planks or cedar wood planks to achieve a bare, studio-vibe look while also adding a dramatic focus to your bedroom.

Faux Shiplap Accent Wall

If installing an original shiplap wall seems intimidating or too time-consuming, you can go the faux route to test it out! The best part? You can DIY it. To make an artificial shiplap accent wall behind your headboard, all you need is painter’s tape and a steady hand. 

Alternatively, you can get a wallpaper shiplap design that pretty much resembles the real deal. These days, there are also acrylic and MDF versions that are both inexpensive and simple to install.

Final Words

If you like warm, cozy, and character-filled spaces, shiplap accent walls can be a fantastic addition to your bedroom. Fortunately, you have a variety of shiplap design options to play with that you can customize to your liking. 

Whether you want a dreamy and romantic look for your bedroom or a speakeasy-style mood, shiplap accent walls are the perfect base to achieve these looks. Just make sure to choose the right accessories to complement your wall, and you’re good to go!