• Glamification – Painted Exposed Brick Walls

    I find exposed brick walls a bit difficult to live with. Exposed brick walls are rough, a mix of orange and red and a look from the 70’s that I never really liked. How do you add glamor to exposed brick? Well, what if you paint exposed brick? Pure glamification.

    Well, that is totally different. That changes everything. The roughness of exposed brick walls falls away – painted exposed brick transforms into texture, which everyone loves because it adds interest – especially if you have lots of flat, shiny surfaces. A blog post Painted Brick Walls by SwedishAntiques.blogspot.be has a great range of photographs on painted brick walls that you can see here.

    Source: swedishantiques.blogspot.be via Christine on Pinterest

    Seriously, it’s amazing what a little paint can do.. now if you have gorgeous exposed brick please don’t paint them. Well, not all four walls.

    But if your exposed brick is a little dull, uneven and needing repair then consider paint. Repair what you can before you paint – I’ve seen people use paint like glue and this doesn’t always work – even with exposed brick. Badly painted exposed brick is just that.

    You can use glossy paint if it suits your decor but I prefer flat or semi-gloss white paint and soft muted colors.

    Source: housebeautiful.com via Christine on Pinterest

    They create a warmer, country decor even rustic decorating looks that can work well anywhere – no matter if you live in the city or suburbs – or the country.

    Source: witanddelight.tumblr.com via Christine on Pinterest

    Painted exposed brick walls create the perfect contrast – they add surprise. And given the price of paint your painted exposed brick walls can add so much to your decor inexpensively. So – rethink exposed brick – they’re an instant feature wall using the exposed brick walls as your backdrop to instant glamor. What do you think? I read every comment.. So, stay a while – visit my blog here or Facebook page!

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