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5 Bathroom Renovations that are Water Efficient

By: Decorated Life Team |

Bathroom renovations are always top of makeover lists. Bathroom renovations are even more important if you have low water pressure in bathroom, bathroom water leaks or have an out-of-date bathroom look. Remodeling your bathroom with a luxury hotel theme is tempting but the number one bathroom trend is saving water because its good for the environment but it can save you money, big money.

bathroom renovations

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Now that states set standards for water saving plumbing fixtures, this is the time to replace existing bathroom plumbing for water saving shower heads and bathroom faucets, and improve water pressure.

Here are 5 bathroom repair and installation options that help you save water and reduce water consumption without breaking the bank. My favorite is number 5. If you’ve ever waited for your water to get hot, you’ll know why. 

bathroom renovations

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1. Shower Head Reducer

Shower head replacements are a must when renovating a bathroom. Over time shower heads can get clogged with mineral deposits, which can reduce water pressure. There are many high pressure shower heads you can find in the market, find one that meets your needs and supports a reducer.

Bathroom tub

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Reducers give your shower head pressure options and conserves water by limiting the water flow per minute to a few gallons.

These are available in a range of materials and quality from average to excellent, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. 

2. Bathroom Renovations – Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets are a revolutionary invention. They save up to 30% of water. Bathroom renovations that include a toilet, should add dual flush toilets to the list. 

Bathroom Renovations Ideas

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Because the trap size of these toilets is twice the size of a regular toilet, it reduces the risk of future blockages. This is a win-win situation because you are saving water and reducing maintenance costs to fix your toilet. Make sure you add a dual flush toilet to your renovation list.

3. Use Water Aerators in Faucets

You don’t realize how much water you’ve been wasting until you install a water saving faucet and see the difference in your water bills. 

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

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Simply attach water aerators to your taps to control the amount of water flowing through the spout. Again, without affecting the water pressure, because it distributes one stream into several tiny streams. This maintenance tip is great if you have regular guests coming to visit. 

This saves the amount of water used considerably, while still delivery high pressure water. These tiny installations are not very expensive given the impact on your utility bill.

Glass and Shiplap Shower

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4. Repair Leaky Faucets

Out of all the things that need attention, leaky faucets are on top of the list. Not only do they give create a damp moldy feel in your bathroom, they waste more water than we can possibly imagine. They can also create mold problems in floor and behind walls by trapping stagnant water.

leaking faucet

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This makes fixing a leaking faucet a priority. Different types of faucets employ different methods for fixing leaks and unless you’re a pro, you should hire professional help for your repairs.

If you are a DIY renovator make sure that you have the correct replacement parts and tools to complete the job.

5. Thermostatic Shower Valve

Not stepping in the shower until it is the right temperature? Yes, we’ve all been there. Sadly, that wastes hundreds of gallons of water per year, which can be saved by a simple installation; the thermostatic shower valve.

farmhouse bathroom renovation

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This shower valve maintains the set temperature, without waiting for the perfect temperature. You can add this to your existing shower or replace your current shower head. This investment saves you water and money.

Now that you have bathroom saving water, you can paint and decorate your bathroom.