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15 Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

By: Sara Trimble |

Gray has long been a popular paint choice due to the color’s neutrality, ability to go with any other colors, and the huge range of selections. The best thing about gray is it has many different looks. You can find light and dark shades, green, blue, purple, or brown undertones. 

Check out these Sherwin Williams paint for cabinets, consisting of various shades of SW gray. We’ll illustrate the impressive chameleon skills of gray and help you decide which shade of Sherwin Williams paint for kitchen cabinets will look best in your space.

Repose Gray

1 SW7015 reposegray

Repose Gray is a Sherwin Williams’ best-seller, largely valued for its neutrality. The dense base with notes of green, yellow, and brown undertone pigments gives this gray a warm temperature feel that radiates a subtle, earthy nuance.

While this color has lighter pigmentation that keeps it on the paler side compared to some deep grays, it takes on awesome shadows for a richer tone without the light coming in. You may think it’s not gray but a faded green or yellow in bright lighting.

Intellectual Gray

2 SW7045 intellectual gray

Choose a heavily saturated gray with dense pigments for a darker, more dramatic modern look. Intellectual Gray gives you the perfect rich, warm-toned low-LRV shade of gray. 

Dark pigments give this gray gorgeous hints of brown and green notes for a sensational shade that can feel rustic, modern, or traditional. 

Stamped Concrete

3 SW7655 stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete is a cool-toned shade of darker gray that can pull off blue, mauve, and purple notes thanks to heavy pigmentation mixed with a light gray base.

This elegant shade will make your kitchen cabinets pop with style while blending with the use of earthy neutrals like white or off-white for the walls, glossy gray for the backsplash, and dark marbled countertops with shiny chrome appliances.

Serious Gray

4 SW6256 serious gray

Do you prefer a richly pigmented, darker shade of gray that seems almost blue or purple? Serious Gray offers major visual appeal in a versatile dark gray that can make your kitchen cabinets come to life.

This shade of gray can suit modern or traditional designs, pairing fabulously with earthy neutrals for accents. We love using this color as your one dark project to add mystery and dimension to a kitchen in light earthy colors.

Monorail Silver

5 SW7663 monorail silver

Monorail Silver is a mid-toned shade of gray with subtle lavender and blue pigments that give this shade a cool temperature and versatile use.

You can use this lighter gray in kitchens with soft neutral color palettes to add a bit of contrast due to the gray’s delicate shadowed pigments. In addition, bright lighting can make this color contrast more significant.

Lazy Gray

6 SW6254 lazy gray

Despite the name, there’s nothing lazy about how this color works for your cabinets. As a mid-toned shade of gray, lazy gray has a cool tone and a smooth traditional gray look.

You may notice faint hues of cool pigments like blue and lavender that give the gray base more impact. How the color looks on your cabinets will depend on your room’s color scheme.

Dorian Gray

7 SW7017 dorian gray

For a more earth-based gray, pick something like Dorian. This beautifully blended combo color has a lighter gray base. 

But the real magic comes from the darker pigments that add touches of drama and volume. Rich brown and mauve undernotes add mystery that gives your cabinets character.

Iron Ore

8 SW7069 iron ore

Do you prefer something bold and dramatic? If so, Iron Ore might be the perfect shade of gray to use on your kitchen cabinets.

This gray has supersaturated dark black pigments that give this color a low LRV and a dense, heavy tone. It’s a great color to use when you want a light and dark color scheme, but you’re not ready to commit to a dank shade like black.

First Star

9 SW7646 first star

First Star is so light it almost appears white. Only the faintest color pigments keep this cool shade tinted with pale brown shadows.

We love using light, bright shades of gray for the kitchen cabinets in small rooms with little to no natural lighting sources. The lighter color can make your space feel more spacious and roomy.

Worldly Gray

10 SW7043 worldly gray

Worldly Gray is a soothing brown-based gray that creates a soft, neutral shade that gives your cabinets a warm glow.

The subtle tone and dull darkness can give your cabinet dimension against a neutral=colored kitchen paint palette. 

Anew Gray

11 SW7030 anew gray

Anew Gray is a dark-based mid-tone shade of gray that looks browner in most lighting. However, this beautiful beige has warm color pigments for a neutral, earthy color that goes for any kitchen design.

Try this cocoa-tinted gray to add dimension and depth to a room filled with various uses of different neutral colors to bring everything together.


12 SW7072 online

Online can give your kitchen cabinets cool, pigmented funk in a blue-based gray. The blue pigments deepen the texture of the gray for a darker nuance that looks great in any kitchen.

Blue-grays like Online are excellent for people who love a bright pop of neutral dark color. But it may be too pigmented for those who prefer a lighter look.

Gray Screen

13 SW7071 gray screen

Gray screen is another blue-based shade of gray that may appeal to those who want a color with slight dark tinting. 

The lavender and blue undernotes give this cool gray the perfect blend of pigments for a unique, timeless cabinet color that you can use for any decor and color palette.

Homburg Gray

14 SW7622 homburg gray

Homburg Gray is a darker shade of gray with interesting green and brown undernotes. This color is superb for modern kitchens where you want a shock factor of something dark to tone down the brightness of lots of lighter materials.

Although this color is a deep dark shade, it can brighten your space and add dimension to your cabinets. The character and depth of Homburg Gray can work for all-over cabinet colors. Or, if you want more contrast, use the darker shade for one-half of your cabinets and go with a lighter color for the other part.

Crushed Ice

15 SW7647 crushed ice

Speaking of lighter colors, Crushed Ice could be the perfect gray cabinet color for your kitchen design, no matter what theme you’re hoping to achieve. 

This low-pigmented, light shade of gray has the slightest tinting from brown to make the color look tan or beige. Depending on the lighting and your color palette, you may even spot hints of yellow or pale green. 

Wrapping Up

As we’ve demonstrated, you have the creative freedom to go down a bunch of different alleys in terms of how your gray cabinets will look. Gray comes in many different tones and hues, with various color influences present for custom grays.