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Decorating Trick Using Task Lighting

By: Decorated Life Team |

A fast and simple way to improve your home decor is with new task lighting;  they make rooms look and feel larger and brighter.

Upgrading your lighting means more than adding a new light bulb or fixture. It means better the right type and amount of lighting.

recessed kitchen lights

Task Lighting

Most houses lack the right task lighting, increasing eye strain and reducing mood. Let’s do a quick drive by around your home and see if you need to upgrade your task lighting and light bulbs.

dark bedroom concealed lights     

Hall Lighting

Most hallways get very little natural light. So improve your hallway lighting with two three 50 watt bulbs using multiple fixtures, a single fixture with more than 2 bulbs or add a lamp.

panelled ceiling with recessed lights

Eye Strain and Desk Task Lighting

Eye strain is very common for people working long hours at their desk and in front of a computer. To avoid eye strain use a desk light or lamp using a light bulb with similar wattage as your computer screen. If you get a reasonable amount of natural light 60 watts should be sufficient task lighting. If your room has little or no natural light, add an ambient overhead light or change your desk lamp to 75 watts.

Nightstand Lamps and Lighting

blue wallpaper2

Most people neglect to use the right amount of light for their reading or television viewing, ruining their eyes over time from eye strain. Use 50-60 watt light bulb for nighttime task lighting and make sure the light shade covers the light bulb and protects your eyes from the direct light.


Recessed Task Lighting

To avoid making your recessed lights look like spot lights keep the wattage down to 50 – 60 watts.

Kitchen Lighting

img crowleyhouse 4

Kitchen lighting is tricky. Mood lighting in kitchens is great, but kitchens need a lot of light. That means kitchen lighting should be bright. Knives, hot stoves and ovens means it can be a dangerous place. Kitchen lighting will help you reduce the risk of accidents. If you have a dark kitchen use 100 watts in your kitchen lighting plan. If you get a lot of natural light, try use a dimmer with a 80 watt bulb. A dimmer or spot lights can be used to create mood and add to task lighting but don’t scrimp on your kitchen lighting. You can avoid accidents along with eye strain.

Dining Room Lighting – Rock Star Wow!

better homes

Dining rooms are all about drama and magic and rely on lighting to pull it off. Depending on your room size and lighting choice, keep total wattage of dining rooms between 150-450 watts depending on the room size. You can mix it up with two-three 75 watt bulbs or 3 three 100 watt bulbs. Layering wall sconces, candle lights, lamps and using a dimmer keep the magic alive without depleting your lighting. Eye strain may not be top of your list but people want to know what they are eating, no matter how pretty the table looks. Click here to read Light Design and Modern Chandeliers – Rockstar WOW!

Bathroom Lighting

more light in bathroom

Like kitchen lighting, bathrooms need a certain amount of task lighting for things like shaving, hair and makeup. Wall sconces should be kept around a total of 60-80 watts including mirror lights.

This is a very important room, so don’t rush it. Makeup looks different in different tones and amounts of light. Your make up will look different in a dark restaurant setting compared to an office setting. Take this into account when you choose your light bulb, avoid eye strain and the wrong makeup!!

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