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Kitchen Lighting Trends in 2023

By: Joanne Derrick |

2023 is seeing some gorgeous trends in lighting with luxurious and sculptural looks. The theme this year is very much about triumph over adversity, cheering us all up and bringing some glamor into these uncertain times.

Your kitchen cabinets will offer the lead on the lighting style you choose, differentiated mainly in how rustic to contemporary you want to go in your design.With a whole host of lighting to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice!

Glass Globe Kitchen Lights

 Glass Globe Kitchen Lights scaled

Today’s kitchens include expensive looking gold touches in hardware and accessories so lighting should match this theme. For ceiling lights, choose glass globes with warm white light bulbs.

The less industrial the better, that look has had its day. And keep the glass pristine by using a static duster to clean the shades regularly.

Colored Glass Light Fitting

One step up from a clear or white globe is a group of colored glass lampshades. This look works well in a group, varying the heights of the lighting cables for interest. 

If you’re introducing color through lighting then make sure it suits the color of your kitchen cabinets. These colorful additions will look fantastic with natural materials like stone and this season’s earth tones.

Traditional Spotlight

 Traditional Spotlight scaled

You may well have a gorgeous traditional spotlight in your home office or as a lamp in another part of your home. But a wall mounted brass spotlight is an unexpected but delightful addition to your kitchen.

Choose the shade to match in with your hardware. A metal light will pop with a white kitchen so try it out for yourself.

Sculptural Lighting Effect

For huge designer impact, you can go all out with large sculptural painted wood light fittings. Fitted in a group of three at varying heights, this space-aged look will make you talk of the town.

These lights look fabulous in an on-trend, clean lines kitchen with fashionable earth tones and natural textures.

Creative Lighting Design

 Creative Lighting Design scaled

You can mix the kinds of fittings you have in a kitchen, particularly if you have an open floor plan layout and want to mark out specific areas. Inset lights or can lights are still popular. 

An on-trend designer light fitting will be perfect over your dining table and offer a focal point for when you have guests round to eat. 

Mixed Media Sculptural

Just a glorious addition to your kitchen or kitchen dining room is a light in two materials that is also itself a work of art.

In a wood suspended from the ceiling with white glass globes would round the frame, this is as 2023 as it gets!

Gold Lampshade

Brass and gold tones really warm up a cool kitchen and you can mix the old with new. A traditional style kitchen can be given a modern update with gold hardware and a gorgeous hammered lightshade.

This style is going to last for years to come so if you want something that’s both current and has longevity, then this could be the look you’ll choose. 

Neutral Oversized Lampshade

 Neutral Oversized Lampshade scaled

We’ve not seen lampshades so frequently in kitchens in recent years so they must be due a comeback. Their simplicity is what wins here.

An outsized taupe linen lampshade will look great in any kitchen. So forget metal spotlights and industrial lighting, and think soft and homely.

Rattan Light Fitting

 Rattan Light Fitting scaled

Rattan was making a big entrance last year and was a favorite of those who like a rustic retro look. Well, it’s not going out of style any time soon.

So if you want the easiest of updates for a plain style kitchen, fit a rattan lightshade. The bigger the better!

Under Shelf Lighting

 Under Shelf Lighting scaled

Add lights to your shelves. This lighting design is always set to impress. It just looks so great in your kitchen space when it gets dark. 

It’s also very easy to get the look yourself by buying LED strip lighting or magnetic rechargeable LED lights. So if you love this, you can simply install it in your kitchen.

Under the Cabinet

Another equally impressive lighting look is under the cabinet kitchen lighting. Again, you can install this yourself. Or if you prefer, you can hire the services of an electrician.

This is a case where a simple effect looks incredibly impressive. It can be mixed and matched with other lighting fixtures and can give the room a warm glow over evening drinks.

In Summary

Light fittings for 2023 are veering away from cool, industrial designs and are moving to warmer, more homely shapes and colors.

Glass is big news, either in white or colored globe light fittings, or as part of a mixed material sculptural light.

And how about a ceiling lampshade? As simple as that. The look has been away for so long, it’ll create impact in your own modern kitchen.